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The best way to build your personal model railroad!
XTrackCAD offers the easiest way for model railroaders and users to design and build their own model railroads. It provides a unique, real-time simulation that gives a complete understanding of how the track, points and structures will behave.
XTrackCAD lets you simulate live, perform real-time edits of objects, and use the full power of the Windows operating system with ease and flexibility.
XTrackCAD provides more than 70,000 settings to enhance the look and behavior of your objects. XTrackCAD can simulate live trains and signals that react to your actions!
Start designing, building, editing, and testing your projects right away.
Multiple views and tools
XTrackCAD provides views for editing and simulation that make it easy to simulate in 3D with quick and real-time results. You can edit the layout with a virtual mockup of the layout or build it on your computer right away.
Lightning-fast edit mode
View and design your track easily with XTrackCAD’s real-time tracking and editing. You can quickly shift, rotate and move objects to make the layout look and work exactly as you want.
Model your projects with animations and simulate live track and trains.
Export your projects in DXF and BMP file formats to import the design to any other CAD software or 3D modeling program.
Edit and manipulate components, lines, circles, arcs, beams, polylines and more.
Use the full power of the Windows operating system with ease.
Plug-ins for manipulation, building, simulation and more
XTrackCAD provides plenty of plug-ins for additional functionality, including tools for modeling with shape dynamics, animating and editing with a timeline, simulation with parametric modeling, and much more.
XTrackCAD’s intuitive design interface makes model railroading easy and fast.
XTrackCAD is compatible with ARCADE!, TRACE!, X-Lab and Gametrace, including Gametrace.Premier League and UEFA to fast-track England squad announcement

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XTrackCAD is a CAD application designed to help users create and design model railroad layouts. It features advanced settings and configuration parameters mainly geared toward experienced users.

Set up and manage objects, edit properties

It is possible to insert straight, curve and circle tracks, parallels, turnouts, handlaid turnouts, structures and turntables. Helix properties can be edited when it comes to the elevation difference, radius, turns, angular separation, grade, and vertical separation.

Configure settings and record macros

There are many types of configuration settings available regarding the layout, display, command, colors and others. What’s more, XTrackCAD integrates a feature that lets you record and run macros, which particularly comes in handy for repetitive tasks. The project can be saved to file and resumed at a later time, as well as exported to BMP or DXF format.


– Import of objects from AutoCAD, Microstation, and SketchUp.

– Import of objects from other formats: dxf, dxf2.

– Import of XPlorer tracks.

– Export of objects and layers as DXF and BMP image files.

– Export of objects, layers and styles as images.

– Export of objects and layers as SWG files for third-party applications.

– Export of tracks as SWG files for third-party applications.

– Export of tracks as DXF files.

– Export of layouts in BMP format.

– Export of layouts in DXF format.

– Export of layouts as SVG vector graphics for web applications, using Inkscape.

– Export of lines and curves into DXF and BMP files.

– Export of objects as DXF and BMP files.

– Import of lines and curves into projects.

– Import of objects from files.

– Import of objects from folders.

– Import of objects from libraries.

– Import of objects from DXF and BMP files.

– Import of objects from SVG files.

– Import of objects from DXF and BMP files.

– Import of objects from SWG files.

– Import of objects from assets.

– Creation of rails and rails with additional properties.

– Keyframes editor.

– Multiple background images.

– Object scaling.

– Manual

What’s New In XTrackCAD?

XTrackCAD is CAD application designed for model railroaders and hobbyists. The program is not limited to the creation of layouts, and also allows you to graphically design objects, images or other CAD data.
XTrackCAD Features:
– the ultimate in add-ons for new users
– the fastest and most convenient way to make your model railroad dreams a reality
– you’ll be able to design high-quality detail objects
– all kinds of add-ons are also available for experienced users
– extensive set of settings, lots of features and customizable configurations
– a high degree of data compatibility
– easy to use for everyone
– a robust set of drivers for compatibility with various components
– set of documentation for users with specific needs
– a simple, easy-to-use interface
– the most complete digital platform for building your model railroad

CapXView is an advanced and powerful CAD viewer. It displays all the information regarding the model you select and supports all the vector operations like rotate, flip, mirror, etc. Its intuitive user interface is meant to be easy to use. CapXView supports the major CAD formats like DXF, DWG, PLY, SKP and SVG. CapXView provides a comprehensive set of features in the form of extensive control panel, customizing options, image preview, auto-updating etc.
Download Link:

AveoTek CAD is the “Fast Track” solution for quickly building your very own model railroad!
It’s very easy and intuitive to use, and there is absolutely no learning curve involved. By installing AveoTek, you’ll be downloading a software package that will allow you to draw graphics, import images, and design in minutes.
Why are we so sure that AveoTek’s CAD is an excellent choice for model train enthusiasts? It can be one of these reasons:
– AveoTek is the only software that offers you a complete 2D Rail tracker solution, as well as a 3D layout product. AveoTek’s landscape (2D) and freight-tracking (3D) trackers are the “fast-track” solution to building your own model railroading layout from scratch. You will find it very easy to use the 2D trackers to design your layout, even if you have no knowledge of layout design. AveoT


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4GHz
Hard Disk: 3 GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 3400 series, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 series, Intel HD Graphics, or Intel HD 4000
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Processor: Intel Core i5
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 6950, NVIDIA GeForce GTX


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