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If your work requires you to handle multiple MP3s, you might need a tool that can help you simultaneously organize and process them without too much difficulty.
Therefore you can use specialized software, such as Taggin' MP3, that can help you edit your file names and metadata in a convenient manner.
Plain user interface
This application comes with a plain and rather outdated design, yet it does not pack complicated functions. You can easily access and familiarize yourself with all it has to offer, while having little or no need for the integrated help manual.
The main window allows you to add MP3s by either importing individual files or entire directories that the program can scan for supported items. In addition, this utility supports dragging and dropping, thus providing you with easier handling.
Useful tag editing functions
After populating the list, you can view your content and small status icons next to each entry. An “x” means that the file does not come with supported tags, “1” is for ID3v1, “2” stands for ID3v2 and a checkmark signals that the file supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2.
You can rely on Taggin' MP3 to rename your files and also modify various MP3 tags or metadata, such as artist name, album, year, copyright and encoding information. Each item can be edited by typing the desired data in the designated fields and hitting the Save button.
In addition, if you have a batch of MP3s that you want to customize, you can just select multiple files and press the ATA (Apply To All) button after every modification.
Handy filter tool
Furthermore, it is possible to adjust certain filter settings and set them each time you process your content. For instance, if you want to replace certain characters in a tag description or filename, you just need to define a filter rule and apply it.
To sum it up, Taggin' MP3 can help you modify your filename and metadata in a convenient manner, but you should keep in mind that it comes with an unattractive user interface.







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