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You are a small little orb and you wander the universe surrounded by colours. Each colour is a planet where you can orbit and each colour has a gravity which determines your speed.
It is an infinite random-colour-planet-gravitational-screensaver.
Sphere it comes with the colours to be printed in full screen mode with a delay of 1-5 seconds.
Some of the colours also come with the option of a slow rotation.

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Sphere Incl Product Key X64

Sphere Serial Key is an easy-to-use animated application intended to relax the user by merging intensely colourful patterns.
• The user can choose which patterns will be generated:
* Orbits or squares
* Orbits with different sizes
* Ornate
* Square
* Phasor 
* Spiral
* Wave 
Spheres can be exported to HTML and SVG.

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All of my products are made by me (I actually got them done by a local developer, but he was not the person who created them).
Because of that, the reliability, quality, and speed of making those products varies depending on how much time I can devote to them, and as I do not have many orders per day I can only make a small number of each project.
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Sphere {@useSphere}
Sphere – A free theme for your webpage, powered by CSS3 and JavaScript.

Please visit my page for more info:

Or read the blog post for the latest updates:

Copyright © 2011 Nafsiah Tahir

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Sphere is an easy-to-use application intended to relax the user by merging intensely coloured patterns. The full screen version can also be used as a screensaver.

The application is powered by an advanced wavelet compression algorithm, with a wide range of parameters to create a personalised wallpaper and screensaver.

Category:Screen savers
Category:Windows software
Category:Windows multimedia software
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What’s New in the Sphere?

Sphere is an easy-to-use animated application intended to relax the user by merging intensely colourful patterns. The full screen version can also be used as a screensaver.
The Sphere is a fun, relaxing and graceful puzzle game. It uses an algorithmically generated set of shapes, colors, and reflections to provide a continuous set of beautiful, sound-producing patterns. The challenge of the game is both in quickly and precisely identifying the next pattern, and in providing a coherent narrative for the game experience.
Before starting the game, you are asked to provide an onscreen initial pattern – – try to choose a pattern that is distinct enough to allow for a clean and easily identifiable finish, but is also patterning that is consistent with the sort of pattern you expect to see.
Once you click on the “Play Game” button, you have 60 seconds to choose the next pattern. After that the “Stop Game” button will become active and, in due course, you are presented with the next beautiful pattern and its beautiful narrative description.
If the game gets too hard for your taste, you can play the game without the narrative, by pressing the “No Narrative” button.
To help you judge the level of difficulty, the game also provides a set of mystery sounds as you play. Those can be turned off by using the mouse to activate the lower right “Sound Off” button.
After each round, you have the option to save a pattern to a file, or to view a summary of all previously played patterns. This is a great way to study the patterns to prepare for your next challenge.
The Sphere can be used as a versatile medium for creative expression. It is easy to draw new patterns or even to make a video of your own adventures. All you need to do is to choose a background color and enter a sequence of colors in a list.
* Simple intuitive interface;
* Light-weight application;
* Interactive description of the patterns;
* Analog clock;
* Experimental support for the Gamepad;
* Supports external screen;
* All operations are 100% CPU bound;
* Levels and hints are saved in the background and shown when necessary;
* Mysteriously generated patterns;
* Interesting puzzles and riddles to solve;
* Interactive audio feedback;
* Experimental connection to a MIDI input device;
* File saving;
* Experimental support for the Gamepad;
* Virtual or physical screen;
* Experimental support for touch;


System Requirements:

Required Video Memory:
4 GB
Minimum Graphics Card:
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 / AMD Radeon RX 550
Windows 7, 8, 10
Up to Date Antivirus:
Available Languages:
After you install the game you will have to perform


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