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Smart Install Maker Crack + PC/Windows

Smart Install Maker is a very simple program that allows you to quickly and easily create installer packages.
The program has a user friendly interface and is very easy to use. It will work for any project, whether its an executable or…

Install app on ANY surface, desktop, laptop, tablet, and more using a simple drag and drop.
Installer works from USB-drive or CD/DVD too.
Data transfer to the device is fully encrypted.
Comes with source code and is ready to go.
OnPaste: Quickly copy, paste or drag installer app on ANY surface!
OnInstall: Automatically copy the required data to the Windows device when it is plugged or connected to the PC.
Automatic USB installer – no USB device is required!
Informer: Informer will show you list of all devices and PC that the current installer was installed to.
Setup in 1 minute!
All-in-one solution to save your time!
Automatically copy & update & install all apps and games directly from the Windows Installer.
No need to run an installer or copy data to every device.
Installer runs with a Windows Installer.
Runs under Privileged Installdir account.
Input device is no longer required to use the app.
Create an installer and include every required software and data to any device.
No USB-drive or disk is required!
Installation items are encrypted!
Automatically copy, update, and install software on up to a dozen of Windows PCs or USB drives in a few clicks!
Works like a shell but only copy, paste, drag and drop apps and data. All data is encrypted and no data is transfered to the device.
Connect one USB device and install to all PCs connected to the same USB.
Installer comes with source code and only one installer file which allows you to update it whenever you want.
OnPaste is a convenient plugin which you can use from any app and it will:
* Copy App to clipboard (or make any window’s menu clickable)
* Paste App to any surface
* Drag App to any surface
* Drag App to any window
* Drop App on any surface
* Drop App on any window
OnInstall is a convenient plugin which you can use from any app and it will:
* Automatically copy data from system to connected device
* Automatically copy data from connected device to system
* Automatically update data in

Smart Install Maker Crack+ Download

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Smart Install Maker Crack [Updated] 2022

Smart Install Maker is a useful tool for those who develop desktop and mobile application software.
It enables creation of a single setup package from several applications. You can add your installed applications’ files to the installation package, set the installation parameters and the software requirements, set the installation directory, end-user license agreement, log file, uninstaller, uninstall commands, and many other parameters.
Key Features:
– Create, edit, and save the project
– Add and edit installation packages
– Add parameters, set the installation directory, software requirements, log file, and file extension
– Can be configured for silent installations (no dialogs), multiple installations (additional log files), and UNINSTALL_COMMAND (to add uninstall commands)
– Supports installation packages for various types of software: CD-ROM (ISO image, package), web server (PHP, ASP.NET, Python, Ruby), portable applications (.DLL,.BIN, EXE)
– Supports multiple installation languages
– Set shortcuts
– Edit the system registry entries (Uninstall/Recovery and Startup keys)
– Install projects for future editing
– Optionally, can have the setup project opening at startup
– Add environment variables
– Supports multiple project types: applications, images, fonts, and INI files
– Create and save project versions
– Support for multiple file systems
– Supports multiple file formats: EXE, MSI, MSI-compatible, ZIP, CAB, TAR.GZ, CPIO, UUE, BZIP, BZ2, MZ, 7Z, TAR, SIS, PDF, RTF, HTML, and many others
– Can also be used to convert an application to a Windows and/or Mac installer
– Supports ZIP compression
– No errors have been brought on during our tests
– Smart Install Maker does not freeze or crash

Thank you for your interest in Smart Install Maker.
As implied by its name, Smart Install Maker is a lightweight tool designed to help app developers seamlessly create installation packages, just by following a few steps.
The utility comes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive layout; you can get started by specifying general information, such as the product name and version, company name, web site and support link for your current project.
Output options can be configured in regard to the directory, executable filename, compression ratio and size (e.g. CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, custom).

What’s New In Smart Install Maker?

Smart Install Maker is a lightweight and straightforward tool to create installation packages in minutes. Just specify product information and customized parameters, and leave it to Smart Install Maker to create an installation package.
Smart Install Maker eliminates the need for scripting and you will not need to edit installation scripts. It does all the work for you.
Smart Install Maker includes features such as common uninstaller features like
Extended and Silent Uninstallation
Advanced Package Information File
Add-in-Tool Support
Custom Properties
Shortcut to Permissions and Uninstaller
Custom Version, Company Name, Product Name and Service Pack with Version
Uninstaller Registration File (can be registered multiple times)
Uninstaller Title, Uninstaller Icon and Uninstaller Comment
Custom Icon Registration File
Custom Icon Support
Windows Installer Version and Company Name
Windows Installer Version and Product Name
Windows Installer Version and Service Pack
Windows Installer Version and Company Name and Product Name
Windows Installer Version and Company Name and Product Name and Service Pack
License Key and Product Key
INI File Support
Font Support
File Support
EXE File Support
Custom Properties
Ini File Support
Registry Key Support
Shortcut Support
Custom Action Support
Shortcut to Uninstaller
Can be used with Visual Studio
Business and Freeware. 1.0.0.

My installer showed me using a lot of system resources and I understand that it is normal, but I wondered if there was a way to lower the memory consumption? When I uninstall the installer (rightclick uninstall) it is using some 21 mb, but when the uninstaller is finished it is still consuming some 25 mb. I just want to fix the memory consumption of my installer. Anybody with an idea?

I would also like to know what limits I may encounter if I install a silent installer on an XP box because:
1) Some of our products currently require that the machine be rebooted at the end of the installation. I know that the MSI can detect this condition, but due to security concerns, we would rather have the user reboot the machine manually
2) We currently run on XP because we need at least 32 MB shared memory to work properly. If my installer would be set up as a silent installer, would it be able to satisfy this memory restriction?

On March 15th, 2012 12:06 AM, konstantin_r wrote

System Requirements For Smart Install Maker:

– Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, or Windows Vista
– 64-bit processors (SSE2)
– 2 GB RAM
– DirectX 9.0c-compatible video card with WDDM driver (AMD cards are not supported)
– 512 MB VRAM or more
– DirectX 9.0c-compatible sound card
– Internet connection for automatic updates
– A legal copy of Minecraft
Supported Platforms:
– Microsoft Windows 10 and 8.1

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