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Taken from their website:
“Tarnished Heroes is an action role-playing game developed by Evermotion based on the hugely popular mobile game Blossom Tales: A Secret of Seasons.
The game Tarnished Heroes is set in the vast world of the Lands Between, where the entire world has been divided into nine regions by the famous Elden Ring. In the game, you will be able to command your own heroes, build a great kingdom, and fight against the numerous monsters in fierce encounters. You can also improve your characters and equip them with skills and weapons of different types.”

I agree with the “loosely connected”… it’s more like the social aspects of MapleStory… there’s not really a “real world.” You can do everything in the game… but you’re playing with people who are “real” and in “the real world.” There’s a reason mobile games have been growing so big lately.

On September 18 2011 03:26 Nelogix wrote:

Actually, I like it and I actually use it in MapleStory. I just dislike how it only acts as a connection option for the Maple Events.

On September 18 2011 05:02 Omeros wrote:

This game is coming out on the 18th. I believe.

I agree with the “loosely connected”… it’s more like the social aspects of MapleStory… there’s not really a “real world.” You can do everything in the game… but you’re playing with people who are “real” and in “the real world.” There’s a reason mobile games have been growing so big lately.

On September 18 2011 05:07 smokealot wrote:

Actually, there will be an offline version of the game. The online part will be free to download, while the offline part will probably be paid.

On September 18 2011 04:37 Skyen wrote:

This is easily going to be my best game of the year, seeing as how it’s an action game and I haven’t played that many of them recently, especially since I got hooked on the Taint mobile games.

So, I gotta say I’m really hyped for this game. The combat is so fun that it doesn’t feel like an MMORPG (For me at least) and I’m so glad that the leveling is so speedy that I can try out new abilities without having to waste a ton of


Features Key:

  • The Elder Scrolls: Legends.
  • An Epic Adventure for the Elder Scrolls fans.
  • A Sandbox RPG that will draw you to new sections where new events will unfold.
  • A Campaign you can Experience in Four Sections.
  • Two Time Gates of Eternity that unify the various sections and connect them.
  • A Card Auction House that allows you to manage your cards easily.
  • An Open Combination of Archetypes.
  • Support for the new patch.
  • Preparations for Adjustment of Patch 5.0

    Elden Ring is currently only compatible with Windows 7 and later. Information on the compatibility of older Windows OSes and the Media Creation Tool will be provided at a later date. In addition, the Media Creation Tool may currently only be launched on Windows 7. A compatibility check can be performed on Windows OSes before attempting to launch the Media Creation Tool.

    Elden Ring also uses the DirectX 11 API version 1.6. Graphics and sound are updated with this patch


    Media Creation Tool (Beta) – November 12, 2019 (Details in a later date)

    Details on the release of the media creation tool can be found below


    To learn more about Elder Scrolls Legends and adjust settings, see the official site >

    Settings and information


    The cards displayed in your Inventory have been optimized to reduce your workload during gameplay. Additionally, the amount of top-down images when displaying your cards in a sidebar has been decreased.



    Improved the render of some objects, such as weapons and spell books.

    The influence of shadows cast from objects has been improved.

    The entire UI has been unified.


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    《羅漢世紀之革命》 《羅磯蟹》城堡洞《羅漢世紀之革命》一九四七年月二十七日





    Elden Ring For Windows

    • Create your own character
    • An epic drama born from a myth
    • A Vast World Full of ExcitementThe final countdown to a decision on BAE Systems’ bid for the controversial F-35 Joint Strike Fighter’s production partnership with Lockheed Martin has begun, the Pentagon’s Office of the Secretary of Defense has told USNI News.

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    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    * Stability: The game is very stable and should work well on any of the mobile or tablet versions of the game. But your mileage may vary, depending on the devices you play it on.

    * Difficulty: The game is meant to be played by everyone, especially those that are new to the game. It is a “fun game” with much story.

    * Store: You can use Nexon Credits you purchase from the GREE App Store to purchase in-game content!

    1.7.0 Features:

    • Community
      • Downloading the game will automatically register it on our servers. When you enter the world, your information will be sent to other players, making it easier for the world to properly flow and register.
      • To better reflect the original online experience, it is no longer possible to join friends.
    • Fixed a bug where login could not be made using the hotline if it had not been used before the worlds spread out.
    • Dapp Studio
      • You can change the background color of the text of a game after it is saved.
      • You can set each of the three backgrounds in a game as the default background of the game.
      • You can set the text types of each card in the game as the standard of the game.
      • You can set each of the four backgrounds in a game as an optional background of the game.
      • You can set the text types of each card in the game as an optional text of the game.
    • Fixed a bug


      Download Elden Ring

      1. Download the program.x64 from the link below and save it to your desktop.
      2. Download the official ELDEN RING game from the link below and save it to your desktop.3. Double click on the game icon and install the game.4. Run the game and enjoy!Liquid-solid phase transitions in network polymers.
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      How To Crack:

    • Please go to Start>All Programs>Right-Click on the result from the Manufacture Directory and select Properties
    • Choose the compatibility tab and choose “Run As Administrator”
    • Uncheck the tickbox that says “Show This Program Again”. Now right click on the hold icon and select “Run as Administrator”.

    Now take Note of all the data that was saved on the installation media. Again right-click and select “Run As Administrator”

  • On the screen that says, “Select Installation Location”
  • click Next
  • You will be prompted for a location to install “The New Fantasy Action RPG” to.

    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with SSE2 CPU
    OS/Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 CPU @ 2.80GHz / AMD Phenom X4 945 Black Edition CPU @ 2.40GHz
    RAM: 2GB
    Windows 7/8/8.1/10 with SSE4 CPU
    OS/Processor: Intel Core i3 – 3.0GHz / AMD Phenom X4 965 BE CPU @ 3.20GHz


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