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Welcome to the world of the Elden Ring! The Elden Ring Game is a fantasy RPG in which war has broken out, and the lands between the light and darkness are coming to an end. As a faithful servant of the great Elden Ring (order of the Heroes and Valkyries), you have the honor of fighting in the name of your Lord, Erden Gaius.

You are a Tarnished Knight who has been cast down in the future, and in order to return to the light, you fight a long lonely war between the civil war and chaos. You are invited to the world of the Elden Ring to become an elder Lord of the Guard, and to fight your way through the chaos of the Lands Between.

In the Elden Ring, there is a variety of items that allows you to freely combine weapons, armor, and magic, and develop your character to suit your play style. When you first start, you will not be able to use the most powerful items and weapons, but with practice, you will gradually grow stronger.

For now, welcome to the Elden Ring!

▼Items of Note
▼Game Overview
▼Character Creation
▼Map Explanation
▼Character Development



Gagaga cat

Release date



English (English)

Available languages

English (English)

Pre-order bonus

All bonuses will be available through the “Elden Ring Store” (TL8)






Yasuhiro Sasaki

Available songs

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Features Key:

  • Innovative New Elements
    • Dynamic Battle System
      Unraveled Hearts requires the player to fight against enemies by using different weapons, while improving their cards at the same time. Up to three characters can be fought at the same time, and their load can be allotted among them. And when a character is defeated by an enemy, there is an effect that scales the challenge difficulty!

    • The Achievement of Achievement System
      You will want to aim for the Highest Dexterity Index all of your life. When you achieve an index of 100, you will obtain new methods, traits, spells, items, and more.

    • Climb the Tower of Wisdom
      The Tower of Wisdom is an online ranking system where all players who have played the game can compete for the top position. The higher your position, the more achievements you can obtain!

    • Evolved Role System
      The role system is an additional mode which targets new players. You will not only be able to fight a powerful enemy, but also create a comfortable and safe atmosphere to play.

    Elden Ring official website:

    Please note that this is an unofficial website. This game and or any product and service names, logos and other trademarks and emblems or illustrations appearing on the website are property of their respective owners. We do not purchase nor sell any of the products or services appearing on this website. Copyright © Japan No Game No Life, All rights reserved.

    230936 Rachel the Witch from the Lands Between Hands-on preview MEGA & SET

    Progress 100% complete TagsQ:

    Devise: Error Starting up the server: NameError in Devise::SessionsController#new

    I’ve been running into a NameError on this line of code (this error starts when I try to load a certain page in my application: Spent a whole day debugging the problem, no luck. So I read to use “rails console” to get the error message and sure enough, it directs me to this


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    [Story: 8]

    ※ The game world is vast, so it is not necessary to read everything thoroughly if you intend to enjoy it thoroughly.
    [MAPS: 8]
    ※ It is recommended to play with a mouse to see the layout of the map.
    ※ Areas which do not appear on the map may also exist.
    [ATTACKS: 5]
    The combat system allows you to interact with an enemy without the enemy noticing. The skill tree allows you to create your own play style. The elements of the game are connected in an interconnected and dynamic manner, so if you wish to play continuously, it is necessary to play the game more than once.
    [STORY: 7]
    ※ The story is not monotonous and has a variety of interactions with the main character.
    ※ The combat system is easy to grasp.
    ※ Although the story might sometimes seem strange, it will make you emotional.
    Story Replayability: Compared to the previous game, the player will experience the story again.
    Structure Replayability: Compared to the previous game, the player will know the structure of the story before they proceed.
    The places of contact with the main character are not the same in every game. Sometimes the player can encounter them unexpectedly or the story will get twisted unexpectedly. There may be many unexpected events during the game.
    [COSMETIC: 10]
    An incredible attention to detail and comprehensive color design were paid to create the beautiful game world of the Lands Between.
    [GRAPHICS: 8]
    The vastness of the world and the detailed picture are wonderful.
    The ways of attack are all realistic.
    Characters with a wide variety of expressions have been created with great care.
    [GAMEPLAY: 7]
    The system is easy to understand.
    There are many different ways of using the game.
    ※ In “Lands Between: Tales of the Elden Ring Free Download, the player can grow a plant in the farm. While the growth process proceeds, you can carry out special actions. If the player continues the game, the character will be able to increase the effects of the special actions.
    ※ The growth process of the plant is not limited to the item. If you need to make progress, it is advisable to complete the whole of the game.
    ※ A player with the maximum Strength and Magic can start the game from the


    Elden Ring Crack + Activation Code

    Control (L / R)
    → USE
    → ATTACK
    → ACTION
    → DEFEND
    → ATTACK.

    ◆ 1 未超過 19 パターンまで


    With The New Fantasy Action RPG, we have realized our desire to create a FANTASY RPG of new ambitions and a dramatically different visual appeal. We will appeal to fans of the genre by not only creating a world with a rich and deep story that shows the world’s depth, but also allowing fans of the genre to easily play with their friends by eliminating any boundaries to online play.
    We hope you will enjoy playing with your friends, and we are looking forward to your feedback!
    Please enjoy the game.
    Thank you.
    Tarnished Games, Inc.

    Tarnished Games, Inc.


    ( Tarnished Games, Inc.

    Tarnished Games, Inc. is a Japanese developer of games. We developed the FATE™ interactive movie that tied up in Narita station, and Aincrad, and you can see the work in theaters. We also developed the sci-fi online game FE.The engine we use is developed by NGAGE with a team that includes many passionate young creators. We are also operating in the field of VR and AR to provide more interesting content. We have two offices in Tokyo, Kashiwa, and Kobe and are looking for talented employees and partners for various fields.If you are interested in our company, please visit

    Livestream(World of Chaos)Q:

    Calculating results of each loop in a for loop

    I’m relatively new to python, so this might be a very simple


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    Thank you to the development team at Grisalia for this review! (
    If you haven’t checked this game out yet, check out the official Steam Page for Tarnished Realms: >

    Want more news, reviews, videos and more? Check out Capy Games on Steam: CapyGamesPage





    Tarnished Realms Coming to Steam Windows and Mac Early Access TrailerCapy Games2018-09-17T16:16:32+00:002018-09-17T16:16:32+00:00CapyGames Little Pony: Equestria Girls Rainbow Rocks released in the U.S. in Windows, Mac and Linux!
    I’m back from PAX! I’ll be heading back home tomorrow, but I wanted to post a quick update about my game and the release of the Equestria Girls soundtrack!
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    Free Download Elden Ring Crack

    1. Install and play
    2. Patch/crack Files.rar
    3. Extract the /steamapps/common/elden ring/mods.001 folder
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    5. Play.

    The parts with a * are the patches needed.

    Installation file:

    * Fool of Dawn : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * Himut no Fury : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * His Dark Shadow : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * His Memory : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * In Bane of Flame : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * In Flames of War : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * Old Lady Home : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe
    * Tome of Protection : Silvershield.exe or Silvershield_64.exe

    Have fun!!!

    To install ELDEN RING

    *** Installing ***

    1. Run the installer.
    2. Press “next.”
    3. Choose “Install ELDEN RING to folder.”
    4. Enter a folder on your computer to install ELDEN RING.
    5. Press “next.”
    6. Choose “I accept the risk of this installation.”
    7. The installation will begin, let it finish.
    8. When the installation is finished, your computer will restart. You can open the game from your start menu.

    *** Installing requires… ***

    1. A Windows OS (Windows 7 or higher).
    2. A web browser (Internet Explorer 10 or higher).
    3. An account on Steam (Steam Account required).
    4. A Steam client.
    5. A decent internet connection (minimum 1Mbits).
    6. A 4MB free disk space available on the hard drive.

    *** If you are installing for the first time… ***

    1. Close your current client and start a new one


    How To Crack Elden Ring:

  • Whdb
  • Crack Elden Ring
  • Sourceforge
  • Barbarian Online
  • GameTap
  • XLMMo
  • Download and extract the setup file. (Just unzip the package)

    Aurora, Barbarian Online, GameTap, xLMMo, and Whdb might be known.
    Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge and Safari are supported languages. Setup is same with TLIn2 and Hememotion.

    Enjoy farming with friends in order to save the Resistance

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    Operating System : Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista
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    System Requirements:

    General Requirements
    Mac OS X (10.9 and later)
    512 MB RAM
    Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger compatible
    For the installation to go smoothly, you should have:
    A USB keyboard and mouse for the installation
    A external monitor to monitor progress while in installation
    USB port required to install/ files. The USB port used must be USB 2.0 capable. Many older machines do not have this capability.
    VGA adapter required for the final display output. The adapter must be able to


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