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The Elden Ring Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a fantasy action RPG set in a vast world where the player-character becomes an immortal. It was created by Lamda. The user guides that can be found in the Wiki are intended only as reference materials and the game itself is exclusively made as a collaborative effort with our community, which means all actions and events are subject to change. For full version of the user guide, refer to:

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Game page:

You play the part of a lead hero, while simultaneously playing the enemy. In addition to fighting the enemy, you will also fight against various problems that occur on the road. As the hero, you will be able to manage various things by taking a role of an emissary. The game places much focus on the development of the hero through various character development, and will provide a unique fighting system.

Actual field of battle

Field of battle is usually “forest” and this is the first field that comes to a player’s mind. However, it is a vast world and it has a wide variety of field types, including plains, plains, grasslands, the sea, lakes, various types of hills, mountains, cities, etc.

Wild animals and monsters

There are various kinds of animals that live in the field, and various monsters also inhabit the field. It is possible for a player to encounter wild animals and monsters during the quest or while riding a horse. It is possible to obtain money or items from these animals and monsters by completing quests.


The basic quests in the game are as follows;

Search for the Elden Ring

Quest 1: Arakam, a village in the middle of the field. You will come across many black birds and sheep. And there is a giant snake that lives in the lake. It is possible to find the Elden Ring in the lake. If the player obtains the Elden Ring and returns to the village, the black birds and sheep will start to live in the village. This is the first quest.

Quest 2: Kingdom of Avarice, in the eastern part of the field


Features Key:

  • A Vast World Full of Excitement
  • A Massive Exploration System: Granddomes and Other 3D Maps
  • Detailed Conquest: Vast Area Conquers Area
  • Your Own Path to Success
  • Together, these lead to a world that constantly puts new twists and excitement on the action RPG genre. Now, follow the quest and push forward as an Elden Lord in the Lands Between!

    Elden Ring Special Descriptions:

    In the Elden Ring, the difference in strength between characters is small, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to walk around just sleeping by your mount. In addition to the advanced concept of actions planned for consecutive turns, a couple features allow you to freely move your character.

    • Dexterity
    • Deception

    Get ready for an action-packed battle with the fancy moves: evade enemy attacks, capture the enemy, and perfect your actions with high Dexterity and Deception.

    • Strength
    • Magic(I)

    With the proper magic, you can rush enemies and perform single-hit attacks. Charge your attacks and unleash powerful magic by fully equipping Magicks.

    Elden Ring Rules:

    • Royalty: Each attribute points towards a consecutive level by capitalizing on attributes.
    • Injuries: As the attribute of the character increases, their corresponding injury percentage will decrease. You must manage the attributes of all your characters to keep them stable.
    • Sneaking: Up to six neighboring characters can have their attributes gradually increase together as a group. Moving more than four characters in any direction will cause all to rapidly increase.
    • Warriants: When two or more characters are within a predetermined close range, equipments equipped to them will also be equipped to the character who touched them.
    • Soul Link: As you continue to play the game, your partners will not become hostile. Equipments that are not equipped to a


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      “In the final chapter of the Legend of Dragoon saga, the Kingdom of Drangleic has fallen, but as the Elden Lords vanquish their enemies and prepare to enjoy the afterlife, living on in the minds of their summoners as the Spirits of the lands they protect. In trying to preserve the world, they created an apocalyptic threat and as the Orphans struggle to shape the ashes of their fallen home, their emotional pull weakens the very realm they are supposed to protect.If you were an alchemist and you were made to practice your trade in a garden of magical herbs and spices, you would likely become ill and dislike any smell of them. That is kind of like how the Dragoon Order has become sick with the ever so rising power of the Elden Lords. However, the Elden Lords will have a major role in shaping the world of Dragoon and their legacy will be written in stone. Every character, every plot line, every mission will have a mark made by their legacy. Fate of the Order tells a story you will never forget and a role you will be sure to take pride in in the long run.The real strength of Fate of the Order is its focus on romance and love. Unlike most other titles of similar genre, Fate of the Order concentrates almost entirely on the well being of the characters and especially their relationship with their love and the people of their town, friends and family. The Order is so heavy with romance and love that it can be hard to make a character without a love interest, or without seeing their love interest fall in love with someone else. But why shouldn’t this game have a great deal of this heavy on romance and love? Fate of the Order is the story of a world with the focus on the young Elden Lords of the Dragoon Order. They are influenced heavily by their elders and the elders influence and power over them has shaped them. One of the most prominent examples of this is the main characters Grandpa. His stories and the memories of the Elden Lords that he holds so dear, shapes the stories of the young Elden Lords as they come of age and become strong enough to begin questing out of the castle and into the world.If Fate of the Order is great at being full of romance and love, then its gameplay mechanics are of course equally strong. It is one of the first turn-based RPGs on the PlayStation with this being something very rare. It plays almost like a side-scrolling tactical role playing game. Like FFX


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      Action RPG

      Immersive story

      Character creator

      Character relationship system

      High-spirited adventure

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      This is just the basic features of ELDEN RING :

      1-Play online or offline in single player mode.

      2-Unlock the first 4 levels of the storyline.

      3-Respawn at the level where you died.

      4-The game is about saving the world from a demon that came out of the sea.

      5-The main antagonist is a Demon (what the myth says)

      And don’t forget about the epic effects of the game!

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    System Requirements:

    Windows: XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

    Mac: OS X 10.5 (Yosemite) or later
    Linux: Ubuntu 16.04 or later
    In addition to the most recent version of the core game, players will need to download and install the free “Official Expansion 1” app.
    Official Expansion 1 provides a number of content updates and new features to ensure that the core game experience remains current and fresh for all. These updates include:
    • New character skins, class-specific skins, and additional New Year outfits.


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