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Audiophiles are well aware that back in the days when sampling technology was barely emerging, samplers didn’t pack enough power in order to achieve high-quality filtering and interpolation. However, the output sound from the analog-digital converters was grittier and darker, but at the same time punchier and warmer.
It is exactly these degrading effects on the sound quality (which had an undesired outcome from a technical stand point) that are regarded as an enhancing effect from an artistic perspective.
The current trends with digital samplers are those of accurate depiction of the input sound, but some might argue that this is the best approach. Arguments are that such approaches lack a specific instrument signature or even character.
In order to compensate for such issues, Morgana was released, with the aim in mind of offering users an alternative to new digital samplers. Representing a vintage digital sampler, it was constructed in order to be more interactive, musically speaking, than technically accurate.
Having as its main prerequisite a compatible VST host application, the plug-in will provide a simpler architecture which tries to surpass the limitations of most software samplers. In doing so, it strives to achieve an experience that can carry the characteristics of a real instrument, with a specific sound signature.
Featuring 8 voice digital sampling capabilities and two part multitimbrality, the plug-in offers an 8-bit sampling rate and two APDSR envelopes for the filtering and amplitude parameters. Furthermore, users will benefit from two sampling oscillators per voice and a non-destructive input modeling with antialias filtering, microphone preamplification and gain control.







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Effect de bruit chez Audiophile

Effect of

Gorillaz – Guillotine (Maya)

The following review applies to the male vocal.
Initially released in 1992, the first of the Dadaist group, Gorillaz, gained huge popularity in recent years due to their frequent releases. And their first album, the critically acclaimed debut ‘Gorillaz’ has only strengthened this already existing hype.
Gorillaz currently consist of two rappers, Russel and Murdoc, and a Swedish artist, Silas.
‘Gorillaz’ is known for its rhythmic and chaotic vocals, a sound that fits in with the group’s creative freedom. This particular sound has been described as ‘soul-less disco’ by magazines like ‘Gramm forte’.
Bass can be heard very well throughout the whole album, due to the heavy beats and vocal changes. Middle parts are also not lacking, with an atmospheric and dominating bass line. Melodically, the voices are arranged in a way that is both tribal and rhythmic, only staying for a moment, giving way to a new sound.
Musically, the whole album has a precise and tight feel, which can be heard on most of the songs.
The song ‘Clint Eastwood’ starts slowly, where only one voice can be heard at a time, gradually increasing its volume and energy.
As mentioned previously, the songs have a chaotic vibe that leads the listener through a river of emotions and other sounds.
‘Feel Good Inc.’ sounds like a motor-roller; very rhythmic and motor-like, with a strong bass and lyrics dominated by the word ‘feel’.
‘Jazz (We’re Nojoke)’ is another creative song, where the words feel like a skit, leading to a beat that is very energetic, yet less rhythmic.
‘1000 Deaths’ is a song that features a very

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Roland’s new TAL (Time Aligned) Multi-faceted Arpeggiator allows you to play grooves in all 12 positions, with each position having a slightly different function. The TAL was created to provide musicians with a versatile and easy-to-play arpeggiator. It is designed as a synthesizer engine, offering up to 96 musical presets and 8 arpeggiator positions. Adding the TAL’s powerful arpeggiator and recording facilities in one instrument enables users to combine all of the complex features of the Roland modular synthesizer with a powerful arpeggiator from the same company. Simply arrange a number of different grooves, and use the TAL to play the entire arrangement in one, easy-to-read control surface.

The Roland V-Drums, the company’s flagship drum set, sports a three-layer design that comprises two layers of the typical Roland snare and tom & bass drum shells, and a hollow fiberglass outer body. The V-Drums offer a multitude of innovative features, ranging from a new, multifunction MIDI interface to a Master Studio CV/Gain control and Roland’s Dual Stroke Programming (DSP) technology to produce up to six unique timbres. The drum set includes one hardware snare, two hardware tom-toms, three hardware toms and a kick pedal, as well as a number of electronic accessories.

Roland’s entry-level drum set, the Roland S-Drums, sports a three-layer design that comprises two layers of the typical Roland snare and tom & bass drum shells, and a hollow fiberglass outer body. The S-Drums offer a new six-input Master Studio CV/Gain interface, two Roland DSP-based drum kits and Roland’s new Dual Stroke Programming (DSP) technology to produce up to six unique timbres. The drum set includes one hardware snare, two hardware tom-toms, two hardware toms and a kick pedal, as well as a number of electronic accessories.

The Roland M-20 is the ultimate companion for musicians who need to quickly create a range of sound. With this live-sounding semi-modular synthesizer, users can quickly and easily create various effects with the included sweep, delay, reverb, flanger, compressor and multi-effects modules. The M-20 offers five, easy-to-reach filter modes and 8 oscillator modes, and has

Morgana 1.2.9 Crack + Activation

Morgana is a high quality plug-in VST sampler which is the result of a long hard development process.

There are two parts to Morgana:

The first one is the sound engine which is based on a PCM-Multitimbral sample and hold engine. One of its main features is that it can play 16 samples simultaneously and every voice can hold 16 samples too.

The second part is the user interface which is a web-based and real time user configurable GUI with a very active community.

Main Features:

32 voices

8-bit sample resolution

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7

4 different part-sample playback orders

Sampling rate of the sound engine is 64 kHz

Independent parameter control of the 4 voice parameters

Recording from keyboards and external hardware is well possible

Multiple 16-step simultaneous recording

Non-destructive input modeling with antialias filtering, microphone preamplification and gain control

Sampling oscillators with automatic wavetable-style, sub-oscillator and ring modulation

You can use the instrument in real time and in looping mode, with intuitive graphical control

Real time feedback control of every voice

Easy to use control with standard VST controls

Broad range of MIDI Controllers with tons of dedicated controls

MIDI CV control for muting, note-on, note-off, vibrato and panning

MIDI Pitches for vibrato and pitch bend with continuously variable pitch wheel

Cv control per voice parameter

Advanced Filter Features:

8-bit input and output

ADSR envelope with 4 key modes and filter modulation

Band-Pass, Band-Stop and Band-Reflex filters

Resonance filters (EQ – Mono; Multi and Hi-Resonance)

State-based autocalculation of resonance and cutoff frequencies

Front and rear insert filters

Antialias filter

Formant curves

Loudness meter (left side)

Timer-based noise reduction

Tuneable White/Level and BPM

Enable/Disable effects per voice

Send effects to bank

Expander-like functionality

MIDI Chords

The first impression that one receives when he or she picks Morgana is that of a well balanced, well built product. That is to

What’s New in the?

Morgana was constructed from the ground up in order to provide users with an alternative to digital samplers that do not pack enough power and have a sound that is less precise and a bit less friendly in that respect.
The main objective of the plug-in is to replicate the high-quality filtering and interpolation that is offered by some of the best samplers, while at the same time getting rid of the punchier sound or less friendly character that can be offered by new samplers. This means that users should be able to enjoy the reproduction of an ideal sound that will always remain stable. This, however, does not mean that users will be treated with more professional software, but with instruments that will feel as much like actual instruments or tools as possible.
Sampling capabilities: Eight digital sampling rates are supported, ranging from 8 to 48 kHz

Dual simultaneous parts in all four voices allow for a wide array of multitimbral sound simulations
Voice selection: Audio input processing for a reliable sound
Studio compatibility: VST, AU and RTAS host compatible
Interactive user interface: With adjustable resonance and lo-cut filters and controls, the user can easily achieve a sound closer to the real thing
Dual oscillators per voice: The instrument has two oscillators per voice
Digital signal processing: Sound envelope and signal processing modeling functions
Envelope characteristics: Two APDSR envelopes per voice
Ambience characteristics: Two APDSR envelopes per voice
Control of the input signal: Input gain, microphone preamplification and antialias filtering
Dual input signals: The instrument can be used with two microphone input sources simultaneously, each with the corresponding compressor and ADSR functions
Output level meter: The instrument has an output level meter, which can be monitored from the user’s desktop
High-quality filter settings: The dual filter types on offer allow for precise sound reproduction
Expression Pedal control: One of the essential features of a sampler is the ability to gain different tones from the instrument
Includes output transformer: With the output transformer, the instrument features an output signal that has the same peak brightness as a given instrument
Simultaneous triggering: The instrument is capable of being simultaneously triggered with another instrument
If you have any problems with the installation or use of the product, please install the latest drivers first to avoid unexpected issues.
All the software we provide is FREE of charge, and only includes the basic edition for use in a single user desktop PC

System Requirements For Morgana:

-Windows 7/8/8.1/10
-Steam OS or Linux
-1.5GB of RAM (16GB of RAM recommended)
-4GB of hard drive space
-DirectX 11
Minimum System Requirements (Recommended for 4K):
-Windows 10
-8GB of RAM
-16GB of hard drive space
-1.5GB of RAM (16GB of RAM recommended

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