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JPG-Slideshow does exactly what it says – creates a slideshow of jpg-images and set the interval time in seconds. This sourcecode uses the Multi-open plugin from Salim.







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– Creates a slideshow of JPG-images. – Set intervals in seconds. – You can make use of the ‘Split’ function from Multi-open. – Examples on the commandline and a batch file. – Configuration dialog for the slideshow – When idle, the slideshow is started automatically. – And there is a log function. Here’s a small list of compatible photo-viewers: – GGallery allows you to use a batch file to create a slideshow of jpg-files, jpg-bmp files and jpeg2000 files – PcPhotoView allows you to create a slideshow of jpg-files All the sourcecode from this page can be used for free for any personal usage. Credits: – davex for the idea of a slideshow – salim for implementing the ‘Split’ function – Jan-Hendrik for the idea of a batch file 2007-06-10, distributed as sourcecode on the Storagestore forum. Now available on Google Desktop & Windows Live. 2007-05-10: JPG-Slideshow version 2.5.1 is released. 2007-03-20: JPG-Slideshow 2.4.2 is released. 2007-02-01: JPG-Slideshow 2.4.1 is released. 2006-08-18: JPG-Slideshow 2.4.0 is released. 2006-05-01: JPG-Slideshow 2.4.0 is released. 2006-04-01: JPG-Slideshow 2.3.0 is released. 2006-03-01: JPG-Slideshow 2.3.0 is released. 2005-12-22: JPG-Slideshow 2.2.0 is released. 2005-11-17: JPG-Slideshow 2.1.0 is released. 2005-08-24: JPG-Slideshow 2.0.0 is released. 2005-04-01: JPG-Slideshow 1.9.6 is released. 2005-04-01: JPG-Slideshow 1.9.5 is released. 2005-03-06: JPG-Slideshow 1.9.3 is released. 2005-02-28: JPG

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This is the JPG slideshow with an interval time of 5 seconds. The slideshow is run by Doubleclick and for Adobe JPG 1.4 and XResolution maximum resolution 2048. Download JPG-Slideshow is a slideshow with special attributes for JPG-Images. This slideshow rotates each picture once per five seconds. This slideshow is run with DoubleClick, for Adobe JPG 1.4 and XResolution maximum resolution 2048. The slideshow is an excellent tool to quickly show galleries, slideshows and special items of jpg-images. You can also use this slideshow for an automatic the display of your website and your website´s goods on the picture of your homepage or the blog. The main advantage is that visitors can control where and when they see a picture on your site. This is because the slideshow can have a dynamic start time and a dynamic stop time. Installation JPG-Slideshow is freely available for personal use and at download. If you like JPG-Slideshow, please leave a comment or email on and we’ll work with you to build a better JPG-Slideshow for you. How it works Just about anything that you can do with a slideshow, you can do with JPG-Slideshow. On the other hand you can also do much more. For example when you have a slideshow on your website, you can update the contents of a picture in less than a second. This is because JPG-Slideshow is using a plugin from Salim. There are many other features to JPG-Slideshow. One of them is that you can rotate the images without double clicking on every picture. You can select which pictures should be shown. You can show all images or only the most interesting ones. Select how many images should be shown at once. Use the image title and the date added to the image. You can set the interval time in seconds and this slideshow will automatically change the interval time after every certain amount of time. You can change the text color of the pictures. You can show even pictures behind the others in JPG-Slideshow. You can edit jpg-images which are added to the slideshow. These jpg-images can also be cached in the browser. You can create unique little slideshow shows for each picture. 2f7fe94e24

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1. Easy to use and full of new stuff for you. 2. While start slideshow, each image will be opened. 3. After slideshow end, it will close all opened images. 4. The images aren’t resize when opens and if there is no one has been opened, then jpg-slideshow will create one for you. Multi-open Description: Multi-Open plugin can free you from the burden of opening multiple images for showing in a Slideshow. This software open every image within the slideshow and close them when closed. Welcome to the ShareMe. Shareme is a dedicated internet portal bringing users the latest shareware & freeware from the world’s best Software Authors. Shareme allows Shareware & Freeware Authors to submit their latest wares, so you the user are able to download their latest software updates all the time, after they are released! Always visit Shareme for your software needs.Going to my first ‘proper’ gig, pretty nervous about it! Tomorrow is my first proper gig. I’m going to the Cowgatehead Meeting House in Glasgow, with Geek Saxon and Rabid Garlic. We’re all going to see The Temperance Prophets in the same gig! I’m really nervous, and am feeling a bit sick (but I’ll try not to show any!), so I just want to find out a bit about these kinds of things beforehand. I’m not really into the’scene’ at all, but I know about some of the stuff we’re going to see (Shining, Hallelujah, The Beaded Loom, etc), and so I wanted to know a bit more about it. So, if anyone can tell me a bit more about the scene and what’s expected of us at the gig, I’d really appreciate it! It’s a very good gig though, and one of the better ones in Scotland, so I’m hoping you enjoy it if you go! Replies to This Discussion i am a lot like you, im not into the “scene” as such, for me it was all about the music and the live performance when i was younger, but over the last few years i have embraced the whole music thing and it has been a real eye opener for me, i bought the Beathouse february edition and it is some of the best music writing i have ever read, heaps of tips on gigs to go to

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“JPG-Slideshow is a free PowerPoint PPT/PPT Slideshow containing jpg-images from a folder and a customized progressbar at the bottom. The PowerPoint-Slideshow-Creator is an add-on for the PowerPoint-Presentation-Creator (PPT-Slideshow) that enables you to create cross-platform JPG-Slideshow-Shorts with great efficiency and great compatibility with PowerPoint. Furthermore, you can crop the images, and set their format, bit-depth, antialiasing, compression, transparency, background, etc. In addition, the PowerPoint-Slideshow-Creator is also an add-on that can be used for creating cross-platform JPG-Slideshow-Shorts for PowerPoint 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and PowerPoint 2010.” On a Windows PC: 1. Install Ruby and RubyGems from: 2. Download “RubyGems-Installer-0.9.9.jar” 3. Put “RubyGems-Installer-0.9.9.jar” in the “extras/plugins” folder on your computer. 4. Copy the “JPG-Slideshow-Slideshow-Creator.jar” into the “extras/plugins” folder. 5. Open the “RubyGems-Installer-0.9.9.jar” file and look for the “gem” command. Replace the existing command (on line 15) with “ruby gem install RubyGems-Installer-0.9.9.jar”. 6. Double-click “JPG-Slideshow-Slideshow-Creator.jar” and make sure that “Ruby” is set to “Ruby 1.8.7”. 7. (Optional) You can now remove “JPG-Slideshow-Slideshow-Creator.jar” from the “extras/plugins” folder. 8. Restart PowerPoint. I found some useful information in this thread: Thanks to Zlard and Andrew Schuyt. On Linux: 1. Install Ruby and RubyGems from: 2

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