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HyperNet will store information about web pages in a database for future analysis and private offline searches. Detailed search results, flexible scanning options and an ability to create review websites from that data while making money with advertising spaces adds to HyperNet’s appeal.
Additional security and safety features have been added to HyperNet which include, a blacklisting system, profanity filter, URL checking with McAfee’s online site checking system, automated exclusion and quality control system, scan queue memory system, a new online help system and a vastly improved queue system.
With HyperNet you will also be able to also extract email addresses from your database for export. HyperNet is super fast, more accurate and search displays with detailed information.







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HyperNet, created by Nick Conway, is a proprietary web content filtering/search engine that indexes webpages for user searches. It includes a web content engine, blacklist checking system, a profanity filter and URL checking system based on McAfee’s online site checking system. It is easy to use, has an advanced scanning system and allows you to make money with advertising spaces on a WebCrawler directory.
HyperNet Features:
Searchable databases with URL history
Blacklist checking system
Online help & support system
Auto-tagging of all pages
Web content engine including Live Search
Unique ranking algorithm
More than 20 languages
Queuing system
Quality Control System
Support for major browsers
Website: $169.00
License: $149.00
Reseller: $169.00
Can I use hypernet on multiple computers?
Yes, you can put Hypernet on as many computers as you want. The one drawback to this is you need to enter your username and password to access it.
Does HyperNet filter all the ads and menus?
Yes, all the ads and menus will be filtered.
Does HyperNet work in browsers other than Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator?
Yes. HyperNet will work in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.
Do I need to modify the HTML code?
No, HyperNet does all the work for you. HTML tags are used for special styling and banner ads.
How are HyperNet’s results compared to other search engines?
HyperNet has been tested by many people, has been used in their home environments and been used for many years in the search industry. We have also been contacted by many people who use other engines and they have all said that HyperNet is the best.
Does HyperNet hold my search history and results?
Yes, all results are stored on your computer and can be exported and exported for safe-keeping.
With HyperNet can I make money with links to my website?
Yes. You can make money with advertising spaces on a WebCrawler directory, ask other website owners or if you have a site you can contact them or even put it up for sale.
Does HyperNet provide email addresses?
Yes, you can export all email addresses into an Excel file for private use.
What languages are available for HyperNet?
HyperNet works in 20 languages including English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Czech, Swedish,

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This software runs a search on the web.
It provides a search engine with the capability to search for text, keywords, phrases, and to check URLs.
You can search for websites containing any text you want, as well as for text within image files.
HyperNet allows the user to create web-sites based on the information found on the web.
It supports.txt and.htm files, as well as.jpg,.bmp, and.gif files. HyperNet also can search for text within these image files, as well as within the text files.
HyperNet allows you to extract keywords and URLs from the results, thus creating a text file with all of the keywords of the sites found, and a text file with all of the URLs of the sites found.
HyperNet also supports the use of a spell checker.
HyperNet is able to convert the search results into a.txt,.htm, and/or.html file.
HyperNet is secure.
It provides McAfee virus protection, an internal communication system, an access and a security system, an encryption system, a blacklist system, an anti-spam system, a blocking system, an email extractor, a resource extractor, a URL checker, a log viewer, queue manager and file viewer.

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I have more than 8 years experience in computer area.I’m pretty much knowledgeable about pc and cell phones.I want to buy a new laptop.I have no experience with HyperNet. If you want me to test HyperNet and make report please contact me.// This file was GENERATED by command:
// shakefile gen –source %s –destination=%s
// I386-NEXT_HEADERS (lower C header to link with)

#include “wasm_i386_h.h”



Indexing options:
* Full Text Search – searching through the contents of the html documents
* Advanced Full Text Search – for more powerful searching
* Text Search – searches by words and phrases
* Email Extractor – unencoded email addresses
* Proper Names Extractor – for finding people, places, organizations, companies, etc.
* Addresses Extractor – unencoded addresses
* Basic Multilingual Speller – a built-in spell checking tool for your language
* IP address extraction
* Site extractor – URL extension will select the most popular page of the site. (e.g. if most of the pages are about the airline industry, it will search for the airline industry)
A.M.I. Extractor – for extracting data from forms
* Geolocation – finding the location of an IP
* Repository – storing and retrieving your own information of the same site
* Report – generate the report of all searched IPs with the best optimized link
* For each page or url you can mark it as well known or new (I.e: new.com)
You can also categorize the URLs at the time of creating the report
Options – advanced feature manager
Customizable – user settings
JavaScript based
Database management: MySQL,
Java DB,
Oracle DB,
Version support: Firefox 2+, Opera 9+, Internet Explorer 6+, Safari, Google Chrome and most other browsers.
Weights:… Read more

Hypernet is new attempt to finally make a reliable and reliable search engine for your needs. It is not based on any specific database format, but is designed to search, download, and index information from any number of databases.
You can quickly get the desired information from your search. It finds what you are looking for, and provides the correct search information. It displays the results, the location of the relevant information, and presents the results to you in a reliable and streamlined manner.
Hypernet is made to be easier to use, more effective, and more secure than other search engines. But, unlike most other search engines, it can be built directly from your database without programming expertise.
The following is a list of some of the key features of Hypernet:
* Built-in multi-threading technology.
* Easy to add more databases.
* Cloud browsing.
* Webtop Clipping.
* Concurrent searches (lucky dog).
* Multiple

What’s New In?

HyperNet is a dynamic and automated, search engine utility that lets you search up to 20,000 websites at one time and provides you with every site’s address, title, and page rank.
HyperNet accomplishes this by using an enormous database of up to over 6 billion web addresses and looks for sites that have been indexed by popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.
HyperNet does this by scanning the web addresses to find webpages, searching through an immense database of approximately 6 billion web addresses and looking for webpages that have been indexed by popular search engines, including Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Bing.
The second type of search system, dubbed RightNow, scrapes websites to find the latest news, weather, movie reviews, etc. on the Internet. This information is extracted from millions of web pages published by websites, according to the customer’s specifications. Information is found in many different forms including web pages, news releases, blogs, podcasts, videos and documents and taken from all forms and published in a dynamic way. This results in a constantly updated set of information.
Customer Account Information:
When you register you will need to give HyperNet your email address, username, password, the URL address of your websites.
HyperNet includes an advanced search, advanced advanced search and filtering options.
HyperNet gives you the ability to look for web pages of a specific type (web pages, news, music, etc. – defined by the customer) or to search or filter to a specific website or to a specific webpage.
HyperNet searches the complete database of approximately 6 billion web addresses in any combination specified by the customer. You can sort by any of these settings:
· Title-Rank for the webpages (basic sort)
· Page Name/URL for the webpages
· URL (filtered by the customer)
· Scan Type for the webpages (eg. Weekly, Daily, Every Hour, Every 15 Minutes, etc.)
· Extra Options for the webpages
· You can sort by any of the following settings:
· Title-Rank for the webpages (basic sort)
· Page Name/URL for the webpages
· URL (filtered by the customer)
· Scan Type for the webpages (eg. Weekly, Daily, Every Hour, Every 15 Minutes, etc.)


System Requirements:

Minimum specs:
OS: Windows XP, Vista or 7 (32 or 64 bit)
Processor: 1.4 GHz (Dual Core)
Memory: 1 GB RAM
HDD: 300 GB available space
Graphics: Any compatible DirectX 9 or OpenGL capable video card (GeForce 8800 or better)
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Internet: Broadband Internet connection
Additional Notes:
Controllers supported:
(DualShock 4 and 3 not compatible)
Gamepads supported:



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