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Registry editor to make registry manipulation much easier

RegLogFix: Fix registry problems and other minor problems that aren’t even worth a post to Windows forum

Regment: For tweaking and changing system settings, also provides support for 64-bit Windows

S2ware Utilities Programs with many different programs that provide auto-updates for your operating system

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Internet Explorer Repair
“In just 3 clicks you can fix the Internet Explorer problem with ScanForInternetExplorerServices.exe, the virus in the Internet Explorer.”
I was installing some adware in my computer and as soon as the software started, I noticed that the Mozilla Firefox was slowing down.
So I wanted to uninstall it, but it didn’t show up in the list of installed programs.
If you get a “Launch Internet Explorer from command line” in a Windows 10, as I did, try to execute some Microsoft commands with a Windows command prompt. For example, I used:
cd \Users\pantagore\AppData\Local\Mozilla Firefox\

How to kill an email attachment virus The simplest way to stop email viruses from attacking and other potentially dangerous malware is to scan the attachment, if possible. There are many ways to do this and different methods can have different benefits and drawbacks.
This chapter describes some popular methods to stop a virus (or other malware), which are usually based on scanning attachments or a file with a VirusTotal scan.
If the attachment has a high-confidence rating, it usually is safe.
I am posting here an easy way to scan attachments, also for other methods I will suggest.
Download VirusTotal:
Enter the email address of the account you wish to trust.
Here I am adding another email address which will receive the results:
Enter the email address you wish to trust:
Scan the attachment or file you want to scan. Press “Scan”
Select the test that you want to perform, you can chose “Total”, but usually you only need the “Scan for Viruses”, also this takes few minutes, so it is better to have some coffee before doing it.
If the attachment virus appears on the result: It is the fastest way to check the attachment. But also you can see the name of the program that performs the virus scanning, for example “Microsoft Defender Nod32” and also the version of the application, so you can check it

HDD Guardian 16.42 With License Code [2022-Latest]

– Saves data at a standard file level.
– Captures every operation that takes place on the disk (including opening, closing, writing, reading,…)
– Diagnoses existing problems.
– Shows the latest information about the hard disk.
– Detects impending hard disk failures.
– Monitors temperature, storage space and writes information to log files.
– Shows the current health level of the disk.
– Allows monitoring of S.M.A.R.T. attributes.
– Estimates which percentage of the data stored on a disk is unrecoverable.
– Examines your hard disk regularly (in intervals of default seconds).
– Analyzes all bad blocks and saves a visual report.
– Diagnoses the current status and gives the estimated time remaining before the disk will fail.
– Provides an overview and shows the sectors with potential hard disk problems.

File version:

Software Firewall Firewall Builder is a cross-platform, general-purpose application firewall builder. It can build a self-contained firewall, or it can be integrated into a larger networking solution, such as a router or a personal firewall.


310.63 KB


File version:

File size: 313.95 MB

Windows Antivirus Antivirus by Microsoft Corporation is designed to detect viruses, spyware, and other Internet threats. Windows Antivirus provides a comprehensive solution for both home and business users. It can be used as an on-premise antivirus or by extending the existing home and small business AV by using enterprise-level firewall capabilities.


113.97 MB


File version: 5.2.340.0

File size: 128.34 MB

Firewall Firewall Builder by the FreeBSD Foundation is a cross-platform firewall builder. It can build a self-contained firewall, or it can be integrated into a larger networking solution, such as a router or a personal firewall.


61.36 MB


File version: 7.3

File size: 83.05 MB

Http Http analyzer. Take a look at all the parameters of a web site. HTTP analyzer is a software that attempts to collect (and create) statistics about the contents of the various web pages.

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Generate Disk and Partition Bootable CD/DVD Discs
Build, create and burn bootable CD/DVD discs from your favorite ISO files and programs. The easiest way to start a new computer in BIOS/UEFI mode and booting the main OS.

Keeps track of system changes and re-boot windows automatically when you want to reboot from a saved state.
BootGuard Description:

Is your PC Losing its Real-time Record of PC SUSPEND and HALT?
Do you want to have a real-time record of each and every action performed on your PC including program and system shutdowns? Have you ever wondered why your PC sometimes freezes?
When your PC freezes, are you able to wake it from suspend to wake?
The problem of your PC freezing may arise from many factors. Usually when the computer freezes it is from memory issues and they can be easily solved by doing a memory fix.
We have noticed that many people have been encountering freezes in the early morning or at night when their PC is probably under the most stress because many programs are keeping the CPU busy.
Do you wake up to a frozen PC that you cannot shut down or restart?
Frequent Outages
Is your PC frequently crashing, freezing and shutting down? If you have checked and cleaned all your program data and Registry items, you must check all the hard drive’s sectors.
Have you checked your PC’s case for any dust or dirt? Computer parts are getting exposed to dust and getting dust clogs your fan vents or heatsinks that are overheating and causing your PC to overheat.
Are you going to buy a new computer? What are your plans?

This is a suitable replacement for the program ‘Itimer’ ( Itimer is a very small utility that can keep a note on your PC of the times when it was suspended, shutdowns, hibernates, VT-Switch, etc. This program works very fast and accurately, so it is only necessary to install the program once to use it.
This program will be a handy tool to remind you about that event even after the application window is closed.

Your favorite office applications need your attention from time to time – you’ve got MS Office, your everyday browsers and your media/music toolbox in the corner. But do you ever think �

What’s New In?

Although the Db1Test utility has the potential of growing into a good backup utility for the entire system, especially if you are a frequent user of DD and DD Lite imaging, it isn’t a full fledged backup utility. It’s generally not known by many users.

Db1Test is a utility that can backup / copy your database to a file or directly to the harddisk partition where SQL Server is installed.
With Db1Test you can:

Backup a single database

Backup multiple databases

Backup with drag and drop support

Backup within a specified area on the harddisk

Create a compressed file or a textfile with a schema and data including properties.

Compress / Uncompress files

Convert SQLite DB to SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005

Db1Test allows you to use a DDL script to create and maintain the database backup / restore.
Db1Test can be controlled through a easy to use user interface.
Db1Test is a small utility with a simple interface.
Db1Test is a bit “raw” compared to other tools.

Db1Test is a program designed to backup / copy your database. Db1Test is one of the very few tools that is able to “copy” a SQL server 2000 database over to SQL Server 2005.

It will allow you to do the following:

Backup a single database or maybe a whole server, that you can backup / restore in a later time.

Terrabytes of space to store the database on the harddrive!

Dump of the database via drag and drop to SQL Server or to a folder.

Make backups of sql server databases!

Db1Test is available in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Db1Test Description:

SkySQL is a SQL backup / restore and SQL update tool for SQL Server 2000 / 2005.
It supports restoration of databases to a SQL Server 2000 or SQL Server 2005 instance.

SkySQL is a GUI based SQL Server utility. It is not like any of the commercial products. SkySQL does not have any SQL query language.

The data returned by SkySQL is SQL Server Management objects (SQLSM) which is similar to TSQL and OLEDB.
SkySQL will even show you all the tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, etc. in the database that you are


System Requirements:

1.Windows 7,8,8.1,10,32-bit or 64-bit operation system (recommended)
2.512 MB RAM
3.500 MB available HDD Space
4.DirectX® 9.0c
5.1 GB available HDD Space
This application is only intended for basic use. It is only recommended for users of intermediate skill level.
You may disable the subtitles function at any time.
System Requirements:
1.Windows 7,8,8


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