Ext4Explore Crack Free Download (2022)

Ext4Explore was created as a small and useful application that allows you to view Linux partitions directly from Windows.
You can now use this, accessible and reliable piece of software to quickly view all your available Linux partitions.







Ext4Explore Crack+ Free

To use this program you must first mount the Linux partition. If you use NTFS in Windows you can open the windows explorer windows and click Computer and select your partitions. In Linux the partitions must be mounted to be seen in Nautilus.
Ext4Explore Desktop Screenshot
Ext4Explore Features:
Ext4Explore works with the Linux kernel 2.6.31 and above and on other kernels like 2.6.22.
It has a simple and attractive user interface.
You can specify which files you want to see by drag-and-dropping them into the browser window.
You can also use a seperator for files that you want to show in a special way.
You can view the files for each partition in a table or list view.
Support of extended attributes.
Various HTML, XML, text, image and other formats.
Supports Truecrypt volumes.
FTP and localhost
Support for hard links for directories and files.
Live update of your partition information on resume
Free and independent software development
Support for Linux Journal.
Why use Ext4Explore:
Ext4Explore is a fast, reliable and useful application that allows you to view your Linux partitions.
This useful tool allows you to quickly check all your available Linux partitions.
You can view your Linux filesystem partitions in a very convenient way.
This tool is a must for every Linux user.
Ext4Explore Free and Open Source Software:
Ext4Explore is a free and open source software that is available under the GNU GPL v2 license.
What is Ext4Explore about:
ExploreFree is free software that allows you to explore your Linux partition from Windows Explorer.
ExploreFree was written in bash, GTK+, Python, QT4, SQLite, XML, C++ and PHP.
ExploreFree is based on Qt 4 and EXT4.
GNU GPLv2 License
(You can find the source code at
Get Ext4Explore here:

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Check your hidden partitions with Ext4Explore Torrent Download using your Linux Virtualbox
If you own a Virtualbox with Linux installed, you can take advantage of it. For you do not need to copy the ISO of linux os, you can just create a virtual machine of Linux. You can now take advantage of the Linux partitions with Ext4Explore
You can use it to view the hidden system Linux partitions (sys, root, boot, var…) and also to restore the hidden system partitions.


Easily access all the hidden Linux system partitions with a single click
Quickly visualise partition contents and check the partition information
All the partition information is now displayed in the way you want to see, also it can be configured in the way you want
Check the system partitions on your hard disk or SSD
Access to the hidden Linux system partition through Windows with easy access and no installation or download
Check the hidden Linux system partitions easily without being confused by other hidden partitions, i.e. Windows system partitions.
It is possible to select each partition, check the partition information with “Browse” button and download.
Access to the hidden Linux partitions without installation or download
It is possible to view the content of the hidden system partitions


It is possible to view the content of the hidden partitions even if the file-sharing program is disabled
Invisible partitions are not visualised

May be dangerous and dangerous to your computer if:

You are using it with hidden partitions and do not know if they contain dangerous files
You do not know whether they are accessible
A hacker can use it to access your important files


The latest version of Windows and Linux


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Ext4Explore Crack + Free [Latest]

Ext4Explore is a simple and easy to use application that allows you to browse the ext4 Linux partitions on your hard disk. You can view and launch any partition or directory on any available ext4 Linux partition, under Windows.
It was originally developed to help me in creating USB disks for trying Linux distributions. I’m a Windows 8 user and since I started experimenting with Ubuntu, I needed to create many bootable USB disks for it, which required me to check all my partitions. This became really frustrating since the only Windows partition showing up on my system was a dynamically allocated one.
Ext4Explore allows you to access all your Linux partitions and their directories, just like a Windows explorer. It does not automatically mount partitions, it’s simply a tool to browse the available ext4 partitions.

It includes three basic modes (explorer, table and directory tree) which can be controlled using simple “hot keys”, if you wish. You can toggle between them with just a single key click and view your partitions and files with a single key press.

Ext4Explore is a free application that can be easily installed on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10/Vista computer.
Here are some of its main features:
– Browse all ext4 partitions from a single window.
– Toggle between explorer, table and directory tree modes.
– List all ext4 partitions on the system.
– List available ext4 partitions, mount points and existing files.
– List all mounted partitions on the system.
– Create new NTFS/FAT32 partitions on external drives without mounting them.
– Create a read-only bootable ext4 partition.
– View all files and folders of the selected ext4 partition.

– Create new NTFS/FAT32 partitions on external drives without mounting them.
– List the number of ext4 partitions on the system.
– Create a copy of a partition on another drive.
– List and view all the files and folders of the selected partition.
– Restore a partition from backup files.
– Create a read-only bootable ext4 partition.
– List all mounted partitions on the system.
– Create a backup of a partition.
– Change the path of the partition or mount point.
– Delete a selected partition and revert its content to normal.

– Simple and easy to use interface.
– A simple search field.
– Live filtering.
– Open file dialog.

What’s New in the Ext4Explore?

Mount all your available Linux partitions in Windows Explorer with a single click!
You don’t need any Linux rescue CD, Linues rescue disk or booting Linux in virtual machine to access your Linux partitions!
Simply start the Ext4Explore application from your Windows context menu (when you right click your Hard disk) to view all the partitions which are mounted in your system. You can even unmount them.
You can list all the available Linux partitions in the “Root directory” or you can view a list of the currently mounted partitions with their file system type and device name.
Ext4Explore requires only a network connection to work and it does not require any Linux installation.
Supported Linux Distributions:
– Ubuntu (8.10, 8.04, 7.10, 7.04, 6.10,…)
– Mint (8.04, 6.10,…)
– Debian (6.0, 5.0,…)
– Fedora (7.3, 6.3,…)
– CentOS (5.0, 4.0,…)
– Mandrake (10.0, 10.1,…)
– Lenny (2.6,…)
– SuSE (10.2, 10.1,…)
– Slackware (9.0, 8.0,…)
– Red Hat (6.2, 6.1,…)
– Xandros (5.1, 5.0,…)
– VirtualBox (2.0.2, 2.0.1,…)
– I3 (3.14, 3.13,…)
– OpenSuse (11.1, 11.0,…)
– Trisquel (0.7, 0.6,…)
– Simply copy ext4explore-install.zip file to your hard disk and unzip it.
– To use it, simply run the ‘Ext4Explore.exe’ application.
Ext4Explore is created for educational purpose only. We are not encouraging any illegal use of Linux partitions on your computers.
You should read legal terms and conditions of use.

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45 GB Graphics: NVIDIA Geforce GTX 675M or AMD Radeon HD 7870
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