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Explorer PC is a graphical file manager for MS-DOS, FREEDOS, DR-DOS. This way, you will finally have a nice user interface when you need to work in DOS.
■ DR-DOS, FREEDOS, ROM-DOS or other compatible with Fat32
■ VESA Bios
■ 256Kbytes of conventional memory free
■ Long Filenames APIs installed
■ Mouse Driver installed


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Download 🆗 DOWNLOAD






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It was made by an artist, but it was not a programmer. It has been done as a hobby by a programmer who likes DOS more than any other operating system. Basically, we made it with a simple aim to be used as a file manager for MS-DOS. And we have many functions: sorting and searching in directories. Folders search, keyboard support for filenames, text files read and write, icon support… Many messages are spoken and the background is animaiton. We keep trying to make it get its native look, but keeping its capacity, of course. Actually, it is a mix of a programming language (it has many commands but those are usually used as conditions) and a painting program (it has a Brush).
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VISTA 800×600 screensavers, while they do keep the interest, just makes things look like shit.
This free screensaver, has the colorful fonts, sharp graphics, animated planets and asteroids which give it a fantasy look.

DMA=Direct Memory Access is a technique that allows the easy access to memory by the CPU, without calling the memory manager to ask for the disk to bring back the data. DMA is normally used when transferring information between the CPU and memory without RAM. The CPU will send a DMA command and data to a DMA controller that will take the information directly from the CPU to the RAM or to the disk.

It is now a set of application that works on pc’s running DR-DOS and MS-DOS. It has been written in MS-WINDOWS 95/98/ME/NT for these systems. It is no longer supported for Windows 9x/ME or WinXP.

Enabling DMA for floppy drives could be a bit risky if the BIOS is set to use CS1# (or CS0#) or CS1D# (or CS1C#) as first alternate address space. The DMA controller, if has been programmed to use the floppy’s DMA address (anywhere between 0x080h and 0x17Fh), will be able to issue read or write commands to the floppy drive even if the BIOS is set to use such second device address space instead of the first one.

The developers of pcsaved are (if they are known to me) Richard Burt, Jeremy Carpenter, Alan Copeland (who wrote the app for

Explorer PC For DOS With Product Key

Explorer PC for DOS is a graphical file manager for MS-DOS, FREEDOS.
Why should you use this application?
You often need to work in DOS under the conditions that it does not matter which application you are using as long as it is GUI and allows you to open, save, edit and close files and folders. Explorer PC for DOS is the best of its kind and it is certainly one of the GUI file managers made for DOS. You will feel the difference.
It gives you a list of files and folders, and it allows you to open, close, edit, copy and move files and folders. You can open any of the usual DOS file managers and directories. Each object has a name and you can rename them.
You can use Explorer PC for DOS as a default file manager. You can open files with all the usual programs with which you are familiar and transfer them in and out easily. Explorer PC for DOS has a nice graphical preview of the file when you want to open it.
You can move files and folders, you can search for a file with a different criteria than filenames. Explorer PC for DOS has a great menu and it has been created specifically to allow you to work with files easily. Explorer PC for DOS features a powerful taskbar.
You can create and open directories and navigate in them. Explorer PC for DOS has a step-by-step file browser.
You can edit files with an editor such as EMACS. You can preview and change file attributes. You can cut, copy and move files and folders with Explorer PC for DOS.
Explorer PC for DOS is a graphical file manager for MS-DOS, FREEDOS, DR-DOS.
What’s new in version 2.0?
• This release contains the following major features:
– Explorer PC for DOS is a graphical file manager for MS-DOS, FREEDOS.
– Explorer PC for DOS 2.0 is:
– Faster,
– Better,
– Compatibility with FAT16 and FAT32 partitions.
What’s new in version 1.0?
• This release contains the following major features:
– Explorer PC for DOS 1.0 is:
– Compatible with Windows NT.
– Easily usable.
– Robust and stable.
• Explorer PC for DOS consists of 3 parts:
– The Text Editors
– The File Browser
– The File Manager
What’s new in version 1.1?
• This

What’s New In Explorer PC For DOS?

Explorer PC for DOS is a graphical file manager for MS-DOS or
FREEDOS, using the FAT16/FAT32 file system. Explorer PC for DOS
is especially suitable for professional users who need to manipulate
data in MS-DOS. With Explorer PC for DOS, you can download,
copy, delete, rename or move files, folders or sub-folders with just a
few mouse clicks.
* FAT32 Support
Explorer PC for DOS supports the FAT32 file system. Files larger than 4GB can be supported
(the virtual FAT32).
* Simple Drag & Drop Interface
Simply drag and drop files, folders, links, or sub-folders to or from
your Explorer PC for DOS, quickly and easily. Explorer PC for DOS supports
long file names, which can be useful when working with many different
kinds of files. In addition, Explorer PC for DOS has a fast data search
facility, and you can easily navigate and edit any file or folder with
just a few mouse clicks.
* Quickly Access Different Kinds of Files
You can access different kinds of files with a single mouse click.
Explorer PC for DOS automatically recognizes the associated file type
when it opens a file and can quickly display the corresponding icons.
* High Speed
Explorer PC for DOS provides high-speed, easy access to large amounts of
data. Explorer PC for DOS completes file operations in a very short time.
* Integrated Windows 95 Menu
Explorer PC for DOS has integrated a Windows 95 File menu, so that
you can quickly access Windows 95 applications in Explorer PC for DOS
. You can access and open almost all the functions of any Windows 95
application (such as Word) from the File menu.
* Optional Filter
You can apply an optional filter to your file list. You can select
different operations, such as sorting files by name, date and size,
summarizing by grouping files by dates, or even filtering by date,
size, and filename.
* Optional Progress Bar
You can display a Progress Bar to show the state of a file operation.
* Optional Deleting of Files and Folders
You can also delete files and folders by dragging them to the Trash
icon on the right-hand side of the Explorer PC for DOS. You can display
or hide the Trash icon with a single mouse click.
* Optional Offline Mode
You can save your Explorer PC for DOS


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP Home / Windows Vista Home
CPU: Pentium III 800MHz / AMD K6-2 450MHz / Athlon 64 1800+
OS: Windows XP Professional / Windows Vista Ultimate
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.5GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 2.8GHz
CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0


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