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Launch date: July 18th
Platform: NA & EU


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Features Key:

  • Asynchronous online play allows you to discover the world while with people close to you.
  • Vast World consisting of open fields, forests, mountains, and dungeons. High-resolution visuals make it easy to explore them.
  • A Complex Three-Dimensional Map in WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) DASH game format with easy-to-read stat windows.
  • An Unparalleled Battle System with Up to 70 Attacks including Combos
    Attack and recovery-time-area (RTAT) gauges for more dynamic action.-Create a Special Move.
    Become adept at the basic attacks of the class you create and focus on special attacks that will dictate your victory in combat!

    A variety of weapons to use for attacks and defense.
    Make use of your weapons’ multiple special properties.
    You can have an unrestricted number of items equipped at once-It is easy to select your favorite item through the WP system.
  • Advanced Equipment System with a variety of armor and weapons such as STA, Shield, Armor, Special Items, and Special Weapons.
  • Focus on Individual Strength, not Strength
  • Use a variety of Symbol Attack to utilize the “nature” of statistics.
  • Create your own class and style your character with over 250 spells.
  • The Special Attack and HP of your equipment are displayed with Gauges.
  • Harder enemies with a higher damage factor will replace weaker enemies.
  • Tailor-made equipment allow players to enjoy a variety of interesting equipment.
  • A system that allows preparation of the next battle ahead of time through the use of Gems and Magic Powder.

    Set status effects, change weapons and items, eliminate card effects, and arrange magic by using Gems.

    Weapons with special status effects and equipped with Magic Powder or other equipment become stronger as you use them.
  • “Cross Class” Limit Up to 66 Cross Class Limit
    Gear and skills that can be prepared are distinguished with a <#0044FE> sign.

    Cross class limit unlocks <#0000FE> skills.
    Heal R and increase “recovery


    Elden Ring X64

    (Played from the Amstrad CPC version only)

    Amazing! An epic adventure, with a lot of variety, on a very impressive landscape. The graphics are excellent, and the sound is even better!



    (Played from the Amstrad CPC version only)

    The graphics are superb, the world setting is beautiful, and the music is unbelievable. All in all, an absolutely beautiful journey through an incredible world.



    This game is absolutely amazing! You should absolutely go out and get it!

    This is a big RPG, with a great setting and a great story. It’s awesome!

    The graphics are simply amazing, the music is terrific, and the story is just… cool. The animation is superb! The gameplay is really addictive, and the Final Fantasy-inspired gameplay is really pleasant to watch. This is a big RPG, with a great setting and a great story. It’s awesome!

    Very good, impressive and extraordinary. It’s an excellent RPG!

    It’s a small game with a very big world, with a lot of variety. The graphics are great, the music is super, and the gameplay and story are remarkable. It’s a small game with a very big world, with a lot of variety. The graphics are great, the music is super, and the gameplay and story are remarkable.

    An excellent adventure, full of variety, on a very impressive landscape. The graphics are excellent, and the sound is even better! The graphics are superb, the world setting is beautiful, and the music is unbelievable. All in all, an absolutely beautiful journey through an incredible world.

    Very good, impressive and extraordinary. It’s an excellent RPG! The graphics are simply amazing, the music is terrific, and the story is just… cool. The gameplay is really addictive, and the Final Fantasy-inspired gameplay is really pleasant to watch. This is a big RPG, with a great setting and a great story. It’s awesome!

    An excellent adventure, full of variety


    Elden Ring Download [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

    In addition, there will also be exclusive quests that you can do only in Online Mode.
    Key Features:
    • Traveling
    – The connectivity aspect of the world allows players to travel together and encounter other players.
    – As you travel across the Lands Between, and within the lands, you can participate in the battles that NPCs have against other players.
    • Future-Proof Game Mechanics
    – The game will offer a completely new experience with classic elements found in the genre, in combination with the elements of the lore of the world and new techniques.

    The game will also include a number of new elements, such as a feature called “paint-to-play.”
    The Battle System Iruka
    The battle system will have an action-RPG system that is common in traditional RPGs, in addition to having a fully-integrated drag-and-drop system.
    The View of Tarnished
    Tarnished is a beautiful young girl who wields a huge sword.
    Transcending into an Elden Lord, Tarnished’s body grew big and strong. However, since it was a result of the power of the Ring, it is unknown how long her body will last.
    The True Legend of Tarnished
    Tarnished was born before the world, but she was summoned to the world at a very young age. She was born without a name, without a family, and with the strongest bloodlust.
    Upon gathering a bond of brothers and avenge a grandfather who died in front of her, she set out to travel with the Sword-Wielding Elves.
    In the midst of a celebration in which she achieved an amazing victory, she was suddenly ambushed and devoured by a barbaric tribe.
    She went through a four-year long purification ritual, after which she came out as a wolf-demon, and has been traveling the world ever since.
    Now, she is living in the forest of the Southlands.
    The Three Guarantees
    What is the guarantee of a fantasy action RPG? It is the charm of the fantasy genre and the action element that is blended together.


    What’s new:


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    How To Crack:

  • Download the crack from one of the links and extract the ZIP file.
  • Run Setup.exe and follow the instructions to install
  • Copy crack to Programs/ETC/ and replace the EXE with the cracked version.
  • Run the game and enjoy!
  • The Key Features of Elden Ring


    To move forward, you must destroy things. To destroy things, you must get up close and personal. To get up close and personal, you must climb anything near to you. To climb anything near you, you must get on top of something.

    When walking, the graphics are aimed at preventing you from losing your balance. However, the graphics are also here so that you can take in the details of the world and its inhabitants. This means that graphics are important. If the graphics are not good, then the details will not be taken in, and you will be unable to look around the world.


    In the Settings window, there are a variety of tabs. You can adjust controls for adjusting your camera or changing to third-person view.


    Some game players like to record their gameplay. When you play the game, you can check what you did and see your performance record.


    In the Game menu, under Options, select Game Settings.

    In the Game Settings window, select Expert. This is the best performance level for the game.


    You are able to zoom into the world around you using the WASD keys, and the location of the camera can be freely adjusted using the mouse. You can also customize keybindings at the Options menu. This provides the optimal experience for playing the game.


    Access to Mounts, Dungeons, and a Special Quest is useful for saving time. Taming is particularly important when collecting



    System Requirements:

    As simple as it is, this game is pretty high-end. You should have:
    A Windows 10 or older system
    1 GB of RAM
    DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
    You will be getting the Windows 10 version which means that the PC requirements are a little more lenient.
    * Updates to this post are pending *
    The Windows version of Call of the Starseed was announced on May 8th, but we didn’t find out until now how to get it and how to install it. The first thing you need to do is


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