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Face a Monster and Evolve
In the world of Tales of the Elden Ring, you encounter your first enemies as you explore the world. Over time, your character will evolve and your experience will increase, heightening your will to continue and find new ways to conquer.
Want to get Involved?
Helping you accomplish your goals in Tales of the Elden Ring is a wide variety of people offering their services to make your journey easier. This includes the merchant, the calligrapher, the alchemist, the alchemic engineer, and the priest.
Want to Know More?
You can find more detailed information and play samples at eldenring.com.

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Elden Ring Features Key:

  • Seamless, full 3D graphics : Collect over 5,000 items from all over the world and create your character by combining them with several different classes of weapons and armor. Equip various items and change your combination according to your mission. Create powerful party combinations through various strategies, such as making a combo of two magic- and melee-focused characters.
  • Asynchronous online game : Enjoy various three-player online mode games and battles with friends or other players. Even though you and the other players are in different regions, you can still play together online at the same time.
  • New Monster Evolution : The Evolution of Elden Monsters: Summon Phantasmal Elden, Azura, and the Skystone, which will appear as enemies in the game. Summon them to defend the Lands Between.
  • Lively cast & voice-acting : Enjoy the most diverse voice-acting in a fantasy game.
    Voice-acting is in Japanese, with English subtitles.
  • Progressive skill and own story : Train your skills by strengthening your weapons and armor. Examine dungeons and find hidden treasures, and collect new weapons and armor that can be learned by increasing your level.
  • Replay value : Collect new items such as rare items from profane dungeons that can be obtained only by defeating powerful bosses. Find new weapons and items by opening treasure chests!
  • Loads of additional content : Episode 1 and the Tarnished God’s Rampage are included, and various other items are expected to be added in the future.
  • 3D map on the environment : Your entire surroundings are displayed by moving your character. Take a look at the battle from any position. Or perhaps you will see something that will cause you to change your mind?
  • Mystery of the story : From what kind of world the Lands Between is, to what kind of beings’ souls it is, and what it hides, you can only find it by exploring.
  • Exhilarating battle action : The three of basic action elements – Attacking, Evading, and Expanding, has been applied to the RPG elements.
  • Rewarding battles : You can receive any of the various types


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    “I really enjoyed this game. I was really scared the first time I got into the game, but I didn’t feel that way when I completed the game”

    “I like how the game stays just as difficult even if you’ve played it for a while.”

    “Another team-up RPG is always fun.”

    “I like to fight a lot. One of the other reviewers mentioned that the bosses are difficult, but I think that was just because I played through the game multiple times to increase my experience and skill at it.”

    “The battle system is fun and interesting. The story is really engaging.”

    “I like the characters a lot and how there’s something for every character.”

    “I felt really sorry for the characters when they were killed and dying. That made me laugh a lot.”

    “The story is really interesting.”

    “The combat system is really unique.”

    “I like the cutscenes a lot. The voice acting is really well done.”

    “The sound effects were really good.”

    “The difficulty is really difficult.”

    “The game is great. I really enjoyed the story, the gameplay, and the voice acting.”

    “The music is really good.”

    “I love the story. The game feels like a reality TV show. It makes you feel like you can be involved and you feel really connected to the story. It’s fun to solve the mysteries by yourself.”

    “I like the Elden Ring trope and the story. The characters are really cool.”

    “I really like the battle system.”

    “I really like the choices you can make.”

    “The voice acting is really good.”

    “The combat was really fun.”

    “The story and characters were really interesting.”

    “The voice acting was really good.”

    “I really like that the enemy’s attacks can activate even if they’re far away.”

    “I like the


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    RPG action game:

    Here, we will proceed with the details of the RPGs.

    1. Game Background


    An Elden Lord is a player who, in the Lands Between, wields the power of the Elden Ring and leads the legendary humanoids against the tyrant who once ruled over the Lands Between.

    Elden Ring

    An Elden Ring is used to activate Elden Lords, which are legendary humanoids.

    Elden Lords

    An Elden Lord is a legendary humanoid who wields the power of the Elden Ring.

    High Elzrav

    An arrogant ruler who shows no mercy to the humans.


    A brave man who hides his emotional scars.


    A man of care and compassion.


    An Elden Lord who is reckless, but has a warm heart.

    A different party, a different style—choose and create your own army.

    Enhance your party skills.


    Play anytime, anywhere. Enjoy an open world full of fun!

    • An Open World Where You Can Find Anything (a landscape that changes depending on what elements are present)
    Enjoy a vast world full of anything from open fields to lush fields to marshes, to countless dungeons.

    • The Lands Between: An Open World Full of Treasure
    Bust through the walls of the dungeons. Explore as you like and find tons of treasure!

    [Game Statistics]
    ■ Statistics on both the world and the characters are recorded as the area was opened. When you accumulate activities, dialogue will become available.

    ■ Activities are the basic actions necessary to advance your plot. They are only actions that can be performed within in-game time, such as using an item or communicating with a character.

    ■ Dialogue is a conversation with a character.

    ■ Equipment is items that can be equipped to your characters. Characters can equip up to 4 types of equipment, such as sword, shield, and armor.

    [Game System]
    ■ The Skill System
    You need to put a lot of effort to develop your skills. You can freely combine the skills that you have learned as you play. It is also possible to receive additional skills by advancing your skills.

    ■ Traits
    Attaching traits to your characters can improve your abilities. By using these traits, you


    What’s new:

    Cyon’s official site (Japanese)
    English home page


    – Cyon Co., Ltd. In the name of the Elden Ring…

    – Cyon Co., Ltd.

    – Face the fate that is fate, the end of all things, and we will all perish in a fiery storm. Let me hear the sound of your voice. I will fight with the hateful winds that blow over this land.

    The Injustice: Engineer 

    “For more videos like this check out The Injustice: Engineer “


    That’s a damn tease. What could that be?

    Mortal Kombat Trilogy

    “The Mortal Kombat Trilogy celebrates the latest Mortal Kombat fighting game and the series milestone in a console special edition with 12 new action-packed tracks “Kollection”, including title themes “Beyond the Gates of Kotal Khan”, and ”


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    package controllers.components

    import play.api.mvc.Result
    import play.api.mvc.results._

    import scala.concurrent.Future

    import models.{
    type Category
    import model.components.savePosition

    import play.api.libs.json.Json

    object ComponentShips {

    def ships = Action(parse.tuple2) {
    implicit request => {
    val ships: Future[List[Tuple2]] = Future
    .traverse(query {
    .put(“category”, Domain.Category.fromString)
    .put(“title”, Json.obj().put(“title”, ‘$TITLE’))
    .put(“subtitle”, Json.obj().put(“subtitle”, ‘$SUBSUBTITLE’))
    .put(“price”, “100”)
    .put(“price_usd”, “200”)

    val json = ships match {
    case FutureSuccess(ships) =>
    .put(“category”, ‘category’)
    .put(“title”, ‘title’)


    How To Install and Crack Elden Ring:

  • Double click on the Install icon
  • Read all the terms and conditions and click on the Next Button
  • An installation wizard will launch
  • Accept the default installation directory and proceed with the installation
  • Wait for the installation wizard to finish
  • Update the game using the Add-on & Maintenance option in the game’s PPS
  • After the update is finished, exit the game and then start it up
  • Enjoy!
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    System Requirements For Elden Ring:

    *Version 1.4.0*
    *PC version 1.4.0*
    *PS4 and Xbox One versions 1.4.0*
    *WinSteam version 1.4.0*
    *Supported Windows 10 (Version 1703 and Newer)
    *Required fields are marked with *
    Fixed issue where enemy waves spawn in a symmetrical manner.
    Fix for issue where attack helicopters did not work.
    Fixed issue where helicopters did not drop ammo upon death.



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