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In today’s increasingly competitive business environment, Agile Commander Serial Key promises to help teams deliver business value faster, by improving collaboration and managing more work.
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rails 4 nested resources and rake routes

I have the following routes defined in routes.rb
resources :places do
resources :languages

resources :languages do
resources :forms

resources :forms do
resources :questions

Now when i run rake routes.
I see that the routes for the place controller is getting appended to the others. Is there a way to use nested resources and still have my routes managed in routes.rb?


Create a new route file for place:
match ‘/places/:place_id/languages’ => ‘places#languages’, :as => :places_languages

And use that in the places controller with resources:
resources :places do
resources :languages
resources :places_languages

Don’t forget to include the singularized attribute in place_languages.rb:
has_many :place_languages, through: :places, source: :language

And now if you visit localhost:3000/places/1/languages/1 you’ll see something like this (for params[:id] == 1):
GET /places/:place_id/languages(.:format)

Agile Commander

* Manage, monitor, and collaborate on multiple projects
* Collaborate on projects with the right tools
* Automatically generate a detailed report of project performance
* Collaborate on projects with the right tools

In recent years, several methodologies have been proposed as a set of guidelines to organize a software project. Each methodology has its own benefits and drawbacks that make it easier to manage specific projects. They tend to have very similar features, but they differ in the areas they target. Agile development, for instance, is focused on providing the highest quality of software and the lowest cost of development. Waterfall, on the other hand, focuses more on maintaining a set schedule and compromising quality.
This package includes these methods that are used in this category:
Scrum is a methodology that is used to manage a project. It is a highly flexible one and can be used in most types of projects. Scrum was developed by Jeff Sutherland who is one of the co-founders of Extreme Programming (XP). The key principles of the methodology are:
• Software development is organized in a short cycle of events (sprints).
• The results of a sprint are presented at the end of the cycle.
• The software is developed in small teams of less than five people.
• The entire team participates in the release of a product (aka sprint).
• The process should be used in most of the project phases, from the planning and design to the testing and release.
• The team members should use specific tools to support the process.
The benefits of using Scrum are:
• The agile methodology is great because it allows the team to make the product as soon as possible.
• The methodology is very flexible and can be applied to most types of projects.
• The software development process is constantly evolving, providing a better product.
• The team gets involved in the development process early on.
• The project team can gain experience as they go along.
• Scrum provides a very structured process.
• The whole process is well documented.
• The user interface can be very intuitive and straightforward.
• There are a lot of resources that can be used by the team.
• The velocity metric measures the progress of the team.
• The cost of using Scrum is low.
• If you’re using scrum then you’re doing it right.
• Scrum is a suitable methodology to use with any type of project.
• You can

Agile Commander Crack+

An agile project requires strong organizational skills and a good deal of discipline to stay on track. Agile Commander can help you manage your workflow and keep up with all of the project’s objectives, features and features requests, progress, deliverables, and bugs.
Agile Commander Features:
· Date-based Activities
· Easy filtering through a variety of projects
· Complete visual reports
· and more!
Agile Commander Reviews:
· “I used Agile Commander and loved it! All the jobs are kept neat and tidy! This is a perfect app!”
· “This app is super intuitive, it’s just what I was looking for”
· “Speed of development, price and what to watch out for! Excellent value for money!”
· “I use this app daily and only had one issue. I emailed support and they resolved it in 2 minutes. I’ll be using it for a very long time.”
Agile Commander Premium Features:
· Send/receive & sync tasks to other applications, like Google calendar, Trello, JIRA, Redmine etc.
· More visible status fields
· Customizable color schemes
· Drag & drop tasks into different projects
· More activity statistics
· Send status and comments directly from within Agile Commander.
· More flexible priority management
Agile Commander is a cross-platform, Mac / Windows application that allows you to plan, track, and manage your work tasks using agile or scrum methods, and supported by Kanban boards and Trello (my personal favourite). It also includes a CRM, so you can convert and manage customer support tickets automatically. Once you choose to work with Agile Commander, you simply tick off tasks to complete, and the app will automate most of the repetitive, mundane tasks, so you can spend more time on your work and less on the management.
More than a task management software, Agile Commander is a robust, modular software that can be used in a variety of ways. Get it for free on the App Store or Google Play.
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published:13 Jan 2016

PHP Bible, PHP-FIG and OOP in PHP – Second Edition

What’s New In?

Agile Commander is a project management application made for distributed teams, where each user can have a single set of workspaces and tasks and modify them individually. The interface combines useful features like a task planning and tracking application, a feature tracker, bug tracker, along with a priority system and graphical representation of sprints and stories.

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® 10 IoT Core
Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10, Windows® 10 IoT Core Processor: 1.0 GHz dual core or faster
1.0 GHz dual core or faster Memory (RAM): 2 GB
2 GB Video card: 2 GB
2 GB Display: 1280 x 800 display or higher
10 Key Switch, Keyboard and Mouse
Connectivity: Wifi

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