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UDY-2 Voice Keyer digital voice keyer amateur radio software utility integrates many popular voice keyer features in one convenient easy to use program. If your station is set up for PSK31 or similar digital modes with an Isoterm or similar interface then your station is already set up for UDY-2 Voice Keyer. Whether you’re working a contest as multi op, single op, running a net, or just plain rag chewing the UDY-2 Voice Keyer has something to make hamming  more fun and convenient for you.







UDY-2 Voice Keyer Crack PC/Windows [2022]

UDY-2 Voice Keyer is digital voice keyer software utility that allows you to key the radio with touch screen or mouse buttons. You can now add the kind of touch and gesture control that is a breeze on a tablet or iPhone or mouse and keyboard control that is tried and true on the desktop. The UDY-2 Voice Keyer app has some of the most popular voice keyer features on this list including:
• Up to 200 hams at a time- The UDY-2 has more than twice the number of hams then any other voice keyer software utility.
• Point & Click control- Find and choose the station, key, or call using your keyboard or mouse buttons.
• Automated mode- Auto key the radio for you allowing you to send CW and other code in the background while you get other things done.
• Filled display – no more guessing what key is next! The UDY-2 Voice Keyer auto keys your station in order of frequency. Fill the display with key sequences, answers, or tones and UDY-2 Voice Keyer will randomly key your station in a seemingly never ending stream of CW key sequences. Use the “play” function to put one of your favorite keys on mute, or choose a new key. The UDY-2 Voice Keyer will keep playing while you work through the list of keys that you’ve setup.
• Tone Memory- Keep the tone stream of your favorite keys saved up on the UDY-2 Voice Keyer like your favorite music. When you choose a key or answer sequence, UDY-2 Voice Keyer will play the notes or tone you saved on the key that you chose.
• Custom Keystroke Setup- When you want to use a tone on a non standard key, you can customize how you want the UDY-2 to key the radio.
• Key Locks- Protect the key that you want to use as a signal reference or tone.
• Automated CW- Program your CW keystrokes into a “Marker CW” mode on your UDY-2 Voice Keyer. Your friend now has the ability to keep their CW markers (or dits and dahs) if they’re running the UDY-2 Voice Keyer software while you program the key on the UDY-2.
• QSO’s for your favorite & supporting operators. For the first time you have the ability to send QSO’s to other operators using the UDY-2 Voice

UDY-2 Voice Keyer Registration Code

UDY-2 Voice Keyer Cracked 2022 Latest Version is a stand alone piece of software that uses 32 voice keyer keys and now features a front panel GUI. This is not a computer program. This is the real thing. Just hook it up to your radio and use it as a handheld voice keyer.

UDY-2 Voice Keyer Features:

32 Voice Keyers

Set Up 4 Large Color Sticky Note Display Screens

User Defined High, Mid, and Low Voice Output Levels

User defined range for each voice keyer and the number of voice keys that are available


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Check out the new UDY-2 Voice Keyer. It’s a big improvement over the older UDY-2 Voice Keyer 1.0.In the past few years, the necessity for a so-called multi-chip package is increasing. In the multi-chip package, a plurality of IC chips are mounted on a semiconductor substrate, and the respective IC chips are interconnected to each other using a wiring layer on the semiconductor substrate. An example of such semiconductor substrate is a silicon substrate. A surface of the silicon substrate is processed to form a wiring layer, and each IC chip is mounted over the wiring layer. In general, since the wiring layer has relatively small wiring pitch and the multi-chip package may include a large number of IC chips, the yield of the multi-chip package decreases due to a defect or inferior portion such as a short circuit in the wiring layer. For this reason, as the wiring layer is provided over the semiconductor substrate, the semiconductor substrate is required to be processed to reduce as much as possible the number of defects in the wiring layer or an inferior portion. This process is called “pre-process”.
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UDY-2 Voice Keyer With Registration Code

UDY-2 Voice Keyer is a voice keyer digital voice keyer amateur radio utility that is extremely simple to use. Simply put in a voice to send and listen in the digital voice keyer mode. Once you’ve trained UDY-2 Voice Keyer to recognize your voice it will send and listen in the same mode it was trained for. No more remembering what you “thought” you sent. Just send your voice in and listen for it to come back to you. An analysis of your voice to determine the character of it in digital voice keyer mode. UDY-2 Voice Keyer will allow you to edit the following settings:
Sender ID: Change the name of your station to send the voice keyer reports from.
Freq. Range: Set frequency range or leave at WFM/AM.
Mode: Digital voice keyer mode (PSK31, PSK32, or PSK64)
Repetition: The number of times the voice keyer will retransmit your voice.
Delay: Delay time in milliseconds to receive reply for the retransmission.
Listening Timer: Set a listening timer to determine how long to listen for your voice keyer to retransmit your voice.
Ping: Set the distance in meters from where you send your voice keyer to be in relation to the listener. The voice keyer will retransmit until the listener replies or it receives a negative distance.
Table Tone: Set a frequency for the tone in the voice keyer to use to set and exit the voice keyer mode.
Stored Messages: Choose to save your voice keyers voice to listen for a later date, the date may be entered as either a month and day or a year.
Install a library: Set to zero (0) to not save the library.
Setting These Options: Select all the options on the General tab. It will automatically add the following options:
Sender ID:
Freq. Range:
Listening Timer:
Table Tone:
Stored Messages:
Setting This Option: Select all the options on the Listener tab. It will automatically add the following options:
Sender ID:
Freq. Range:
Listening Timer:
Table Tone:
Stored Messages:
Install a library:
To save files when opening the utility just click on the existing

What’s New in the UDY-2 Voice Keyer?

UDY-2 Voice Keyer is a digital voice keyer and transmitter programmed with links to the UHD-2 u-blox for advanced GPS satellite tracking.
UDY-2 Voice Keyer Features:
– An advanced tool for ham radio contesting
– Split-band voice keyer with a CW shield tone embedded in audio
– 7-position voice keyer with presets
– 2 modes for narrow or wide bandwidth (SSTV)
– CV44 or CV90 antenna
– Com Test, CW or TEST 25 to 29
– Test signal control for multiple transmitters
– Test signal control for CW or M4 modes
– T1 or L7/S7
– U-Lite or U-Lite Plus
– Sends GPS data on 446 or 650MHz (A-SAT)
– Transmitter power control for 5W to 500W
– History of received signals
– Voice keyer graphic display for clear transmission indicator
– Audio tones for RTTY, CW or AM/FM
– Pre-programmed audio tones
– Changeable audio tones
– Runs on Windows XP or higher

UDY-2W Voice Keyer Audacity

UDY-2 Voice Keyer was developed by A5NU for his own needs. He is an active ham radio operator and decided to build a voice keyer to give as a gift for two reasons. First, it was low cost and second it met his own needs. The software was programmed in C# and built using the Audio Processing Toolkit for.NET.
UDY-2 Voice Keyer was released in 2003 and has had frequent updates for the last ten years.
With the continual development of UDY-2 Voice Keyer the program continues to offer many features not found in any other voice keyer on the market.
Here are some of the features found in UDY-2 Voice Keyer:
Built in Split-Band Voice Keyer with embedded CW shield tone
7 position CW keyer with presets
7 position waveform that can be changed (UDY-2 will always listen for a CW signal and will automatically change the waveform when it detects a CW signal)
Two modes for narrow bandwidth (SSTV) or wide bandwidth (M4 and M44)
CAP or NO CAP modes for single, multi- or voice keyer transmit
Test or Wide Band Signal Test mode.
T1 or


System Requirements For UDY-2 Voice Keyer:

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (64-bit versions)
Intel Core i3, i5 or i7 processor
DirectX 10 video card with 512 MB of VRAM
Windows 10 (64-bit versions)
Intel Core i5-6600 processor
128 MB NVIDIA or AMD graphics card
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