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SimpleWebServer is a tiny application completely written in Java that enables you to distribute your files in the simplest manner.
All you have to do is put the JAR file in the folder containing the files you want to share and as soon as you start SimpleWebServer, everything in that directory will become available and accessible via any web browser.
To run SimpleWebServer, simply type in the command-line console: java -jar SimpleWebServer.jar Alternately, you can double-click the JAR file and the server should start on the spot.









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SimpleWebServer is a small application that allows you to publish a site without the need to install anything on the users’ machines.
Just install SimpleWebServer on your web server and put your files in the same folder. When you start SimpleWebServer, it will serve the files inside the folder and will add a standard webpage with the address of the server.
SimpleWebServer basically replaces Apache Webserver on the Internet.
Here is an example of how the web page looks like:
In the left column of the page, you will see a number of icons, the ones on the top are the files, and those in the left are the images. You can click on them to access the files.
If you click on the anchor “Home”, you will go to the root page of the site that has a menu bar on the top and a couple of input boxes on the bottom.
Tested on:
Windows XP SP2
Mac OS X Leopard
Mac OS X Snow Leopard
Tested Java V1.6.0_24
Does not require Root Access
SimpleWebServer Tests:
Here are some tests that I had taken on the server to check the server stability and performance:
The administration pages of the server: The administration page of the server is accessed by typing in the address:
From the administration page, you can do all the common administrative tasks, such as clearing the cache, clear all the directories, install plugins, etc.
As an example, I installed the Facebook plugin and from the administration page, I can access the Facebook plugin admin page to change the parameters of the plugin.
Server Stability: The server runs at no less than 70 MB of RAM.
Server Performance: Sending a 200K file to the server took only 0.007 seconds, which is what one would expect.
Here are some examples of the files on the server:
The following are the files that are added to the site for each file on the server:
# Directory that will contain all the files and images of the site. You can define where you want to put the files and images from the server on your site.
# Directory that will contain all the files and images that are added by the server when you add your files to the site.
# This defines the path where the files will be written to in the data storage directory.
# This defines the path where the files will be written to in the image cache directory

SimpleWebServer Torrent Free Download

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SimpleWebServer Cracked Accounts is a simple server for the web.
It is extremely simple and easy to use.
It can be used to share files, webservices, images, etc.
It runs in the JVM in a JAR file.
It is very portable, as it just needs the JAR file and a PATH variable (or Java installation path) to be available to execute the JAR file.
You can execute the JAR file using the command-line or double-clicking on the JAR file.
The thing about SimpleWebServer is that it can really be used as a server for your own needs.
You can run it using no user interaction at all, letting it run in the background and periodically delete files that have not been accessed for the last 30 days.
It also supports the WebDAV protocol.
At one point, SimpleWebServer could also have been distributed through a Java WebStart application, but that functionality is no longer available in this release.
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The JRE version 1.6 or later is required to execute SimpleWebServer.
This is a very small JAR file (12.7 kB) so you can run it on the smallest resources.
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Copy the SimpleWebServer.jar file to some place on your hard drive and edit the PATH variable, if necessary, so that you don’t have to do anything to use SimpleWebServer.
To edit the PATH variable, you can use Windows (Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Environment Variables) or Linux (generally in /etc/environment) and add a PATH variable with the value of the JAR file.
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Using SimpleWebServer:
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Example 1:
To share an image:
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SimpleWebServer Crack

The purpose of SimpleWebServer is to make it easy to distribute digital content (documents, images, sounds, and Java files) via the Internet. With SimpleWebServer, you can publish one or more directories into which you can place all your content (via FTP or HTTP protocol).
It works like this :
You just have to make copies of the JAR in the following folders :
SimpleWebServer expects to find all the content of the folder webContent.
Put the files you want to share there.
In the example below, we are going to put the files “info.txt”, “ball.jpg”, “link.html”, “”, “html.html”, “news.html” and “simple.html” in this folder : webContent.
Start SimpleWebServer by typing in a console : java -jar SimpleWebServer.jar webContent and you should see your content in the web browser.
SimpleWebServer features:
SimpleWebServer supports :
* FTP and HTTP access to any directory of webContent
* Simple URL for direct access to files in webContent
* Editing files with Java programs via Java Web Start
* HttpProxy to help you load the content of a remote server with SimpleWebServer.
You can even use SimpleWebServer to share dynamic pages (JSP, Servlet) with simple HTML!
Because of the JSP and Servlet integration, you can have any Java server (Weblogic, Tomcat, WebSphere…) with dynamic content (HTML, Javascript…) as if it were an ordinary directory in SimpleWebServer.
Installation :
To install SimpleWebServer, you first need to run the JAR file with the same arguments as you would use in the console (eg. java -jar SimpleWebServer.jar webContent)
Then, unzip the SimpleWebServer JAR in the webContent folder and start the server with the following command : java -jar SimpleWebServer.jar webContent
You can find the documentation and the source code of SimpleWebServer on the following pages:
* Source :
* Documentation :
SimpleWebServer is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE.

What’s New in the SimpleWebServer?

Using a browser, you can browse a simple directory that contains the files that you want to share. All other clients will be able to access these files directly over the internet.
By default, this directory only contains one file:
simpleweb.txt. This file contains the message you want to send to the clients.

SimpleWebServer Features:

Execute arbitrary code in a server-side context.
Get a response from the server to a specific URL.
Create and modify files in an arbitrary directory.
Post XML or HTML to an URL.
Post m3u playlists to URLs.
Simple HTTP server made with the JAR Files Component.


1. Downloading and installing

If you want to test SimpleWebServer, just download the appropriate JAR file from the download page and run it. You should not install it in a production environment. Simply copy the JAR file to the directory where your desired files are located. Make sure that the JAR file has the correct extension, and run it from the console. You should immediately see that the files in the directory are now accessible via the web browser.

If you want to use the protocol over HTTP, you will need to specify a different URL. For example, if you want to share a directory in the file system, you should create a web page that points to the URL /WEB_PATH (the path is relative to the SimpleWebServer installation directory).

2. Support for ZIP files

SimpleWebServer is currently able to handle Zip files. The only place that the Zip file is supported is in the ZIP file manager of a web browser. By default, the ZIP file manager will allow you to open and view files contained in Zip files. You can also add the ZIP file manager to your web browser, which will allow you to open any files contained in the Zip files directly through the web browser.

2.1 Viewing and opening ZIP files in your web browser

To add the ZIP file manager to your web browser, simply extract the ZIP file on your local computer and click on the resulting file. This will allow you to open the files contained in the ZIP files through your web browser. If you are opening a ZIP file for the first time, you will be asked if you want to save it in the default location. You can choose the path of your choice. The ZIP file manager will show you the files contained in the ZIP file. You can also–sr

System Requirements:

Windows XP or newer
4GB of available hard disk space
DirectX9 compatible video card
We have made various small updates to the game including:
– New Tier 5 tower graphics
– New Tier 6 tower graphics
– Tree and Fence graphics updated
– Increased view distance
– More tree and grass textures
– Increased in-game font size
– More player-to-player messaging
– More user-interface options
– Various miscellaneous bug fixes

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