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This Widget is a modified version from PowerXP done by Shu Shen, to fill my own needs. PowerEx is a fee widget that includes :
■ Vertical or horizontal positioning of buttons
■ Optional background transparency
■ Logoff button
■ Modifications to use the system’s EXE instead of a private one
■ Yahoo Widget Engine









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PowerEx is a simple fast customizable Window Manager Widget for use in Yahoo! Widgets. It is written in Javascript, and also requires
YAHOO! widgets for the user to use.
PowerEx is a simple fast customizable Window Manager Widget for use in Yahoo! Widgets. It is written in Javascript, and also requires
YAHOO! widgets for the user to use.
PowerEx Features:
PowerEx has been working and tested, but can look limited, I did it this way to have some more features in it…
There is a difference betweent PowerEx and PowerXP, PowerEx is based on the latest Javascript YAHOO! Widget Engine (any version), and PowerXP
is based on the Power XP Engine 3.0 which is a port of PowerXP done to have all features of PowerXP, and is based in Power XP engine 3.0.
PowerEx’s source code and binaries can be freely distributed, no matter what license is used, but please give credit to PowerXP for the source code, and
the version of PowerXP you are using.
If you have not tried PowerXP, you can download PowerXP at www.powershield.org in the link “PowerXP Demos”
If you have not tested it, the window created by PowerXP can look very limited, I did it this way to have some more features in it, I will try to include
in the source code all the features of PowerXP…
If you have problems, send me an email or post in the forums, I will reply within the same hour!
You can not choose the width of the Widget, you can only choose its height, width and positioning, so if you want to change these to another value,
just change the tag in the CSS file and reload the page.
If you are using PowerEx on a site, just load the CSS file with the name of the domain, and the file will apply itself to the site…
When you are editing the CSS file, it is not recommended to change the width of the Widget, you can only change its height, width and

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This Widget is very similar to PowerXP in appearance, but it has many useful features such as 5 buttons and a log off button. The main characteristic of it is that it uses the system’s EXE for any communication with the server, and so you don’t have to worry about your credentials being exposed on a site’s page. It comes with 2 versions: the site wide version and the version that will be shown only on the personalization page.
A Widget can be used as many times as you want! (I.E.
You can use the same Widget as many times as you want)
This Widget will not interfere with any other Widget’s appearance.
PowerEx Features:
Log off button: Allows you to skip the step of going back to the login screen
Second log in button: Allows you to sign in using a different credentials than the ones used to sign in the last time
Save & Exit button: Allows you to save and exit current session
(I.E. You can skip the step of saving your open tabs to the session if you want)
The user Interface:
I wanted to have a visualized Widget, so I decided to develop it with Photoshop, which has become a very useful tool for Widget and skinning designers. Check the tutorials if you want to learn how to Photoshop.
PowerEx is made only for Windows and I will not sell this product for anything.
This Widget is still in testing, so it may have bugs in it. I ask for help, because I’m giving a free product. In case I don’t answer to all the questions I will update the FAQ and contact you for help.
Give feedback:
If you want to contact me, please do so using my email, add me as a friend on Facebook, or follow me on twitter:

You can find me here in case you want to report a bug, or have questions for me.
(If you have any questions about the source, or you want to inform me about a bug, you can use the contact form on my web page).
Contact Form:
If you want to contact me, you can do so using my email address:
If you want me to take down or take out a part of the Widget, you can use this form to contact me:

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PowerEx is a fee widget that helps manage all your logins. You can have multiple logins:
■ Enter a name for your account (add a description if you wish).
■ Enter a homepage if you wish.
■ For each login that is enabled, a logoff button is given.
■ For each login that is enabled, a logoff button is given.
■ For each login that is enabled, a logoff button is given.
■ You can change the appearance of the logoff button. This can be a color, a gradient, or even a transparency.
Included Addon:
Logoff Button
I’ve made a ToolBar which is included in the addon. The ToolBar helps use PowerEx:
■ You can view the logins currently enabled.
■ You can enable or disable a login.
■ You can change the appearance of the logoff button.
■ All the visuals are completely optional and can be disabled.
■ Settings will be kept in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\yahoo_widget\ini file.
■ Format of the ini file can be changed. See the Readme.txt for more details.
■ There is no global shortcut that can shutdown all accounts. Use Ctrl+Alt+Del for that.
■ Translations are welcome.
■ All screenshots are done with the WPF version of PowerEx.
■ The setup is quite simple. It just takes a couple of seconds (the ini file is included).
2015-08-04 – Added the ToolBar functionality.
2015-08-03 – Added the uninstall functionality.
2015-08-02 – All is working.[Functional state of microcirculation and endothelial cells in hypertensive patients at the restoration period after endarterectomy of the extracranial parts of the carotid arteries].
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What’s New in the?

1. Create a Firewall script that can be run when the user logs on, to close the network ports.
2. Create a second script for the

The theory behind this plugin is to temporarily ban a user from accessing forums and all their data until they answer one of our attention questions.
Banned users cannot even register a new account until they answer a short attention question.
We have written this script to help people get back into the forums without missing out on years worth of data and posts they may have created.

Automatically resets the Form, Address, and Phone fields in case the user has changed their mailing address or phone number.
Exception: If the user’s Form, Address, or Phone fields have been cleared by a prior RequestReset() call, the fields will not be cleared by this call.

Validates that every field in the message has a value before sending it.

Registered Functions

FormReset() – Resets Form fields, and disables the submit button.
Note that the submit button may remain enabled because some browsers do not refresh the page before processing the submit.

AddressReset() – Resets the Address fields, and disables the submit button.

PhoneReset() – Resets the Phone fields and disables the submit button.

Possible Uses
This plugin has several uses, depending on the context of the users request.

Populate the Form, Address, and Phone fields with preset values.

Fill in a postal code form.

Check the previous email address so they don’t accidentally click the link in an email message.

Email an activation link.

Email a reset link.

Email a reset link and set some login variables.

Reset Form, Address, and Phone fields.

Clear the Form, Address, or Phone fields.

Exception: If the user’s Form, Address, or Phone fields have been cleared by a prior RequestReset() call, the fields will not be cleared by this call.

Populate Address, Phone, and Form fields with preset values.

Sends a message to the user with two URL links.

The user selects a link (without clicking on the button).



System Requirements:

– Windows Vista or newer
– 2GB RAM recommended
– 2GB Hard Disk Space recommended
– Internet connection required to install/update
– Facebook access required to install/update
– For discussion/support, please join our Discord channel
– We will never compromise the quality of the experience in order to get more players
– We are not responsible for any personal information or computer damage that occurs as a result of downloading this game
– The game contains three full single-player missions. Complete each of them to unlock the two additional campaign


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