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Keeping all your software up to date is a prerogative if you want to benefit from protection against threats as well as enjoy the advancements brought about by new versions. And while keeping track of changes your apps undergo could be quite a hassle, there are solutions to automate the entire process.
Portable SUMo is one such tool that helps you check your installed programs for updates and bring them to their latest version.
Portable updater boasting automatic detection
But let’s start by discussing the most obvious aspect related to this software utility, namely the fact that it is portable. What it means is that no entries are created in the Windows Registry, given the fact that no setup is required in order to start using the app.
Featuring automatic detection of applications installed on your system, Portable SUMo lists all found products in a list that includes their name, the company they belong to, their version, and details in regard to possible updates. Note that all this info can be exported to a text file or a spreadsheet for later use.
Comes with automatic self-update and Beta filtering
It is also worth pointing out that editing the list of monitored programs is an option, and scanning folders is possible as well. Aside from that, irrelevant updates can be ignored either individually or in bulk.
As for how Portable SUMo helps you decide which updates are worth your attention, you may want to know that a classification based on their importance can be inspected at the top of the main window.
Other notable features Portable SUMo provides users with include the possibility of authorizing Beta versions, resorting to the automatic self-update system, as well as accessing the software developer’s website directly in order to grab the update. Last but not least, it should be said that functionality dedicated to drivers updates is integrated as well.
Feature-packed tool keeping your apps and drivers in tip-top shape 
On an ending note, Portable SUMo is an update checker that should come in handy if you are in need of a tool that manages to find a balance between a powerful set of features and ease of use. The program lets you effortlessly handle all the updates issued for your installed apps and drivers while boasting some extra goodies that should make the entire interaction with the tool easy as pie.







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Portable SUMo is the next generation of the well-known CrossLoop software. With Portable SUMo, you can follow multiple links just like a web browser.
You can create shortcuts to any website and open them in your Web browser. Search inside any website to find the content you are looking for. Browse through web pages and other websites. Find information you want fast and easy.
Portable SUMo Download:
You can find Portable SUMo here:

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Wizlist.com is a free service that helps you keep your system up to date. Just like a software update utility, it checks the Internet on a regular basis for updates to your computer program.

Using Wizlist is easy. You’ll be prompted to enter your email address and chose “Subscribe Now”.

The website will check your computer and email for any updates to the programs you currently use.

Use Wizlist to keep your system up to date

1. Create an account or log in with your Facebook account

If you’re not already signed up, you’ll be prompted to sign up for a free account.

2. Setup Wizard

After setting up your profile, the website will download and install the Wizlist update wizard onto your PC.

3. Download and Install Software Updates

Your system will be scanned for outdated programs, and the Wizard will download and install any updates available.

Wizlist is an easy and free way to keep your computer up to date.

Wizlist is free. There are no adverts or restrictions, and no software to download or install.

Wizlist was developed in the USA and is hosted on servers in the USA, which makes it safe and reliable.

It may take a few minutes for Wizlist to scan and update your computer. Wizlist uses the latest technology to find the most recent updates, ensuring that you are always kept up to date.

What are updates?

An update is a computer program that is newer, and usually more efficient, than the program you already have installed.

For example, if you have an internet browser, then an update is the latest version of the internet browser available.

When you need to update your computer, then Wizlist is the program you want

Portable SUMo Activation Code With Keygen Download For Windows (Latest)

A tool letting you apply updates for all your installed programs and drivers.

System requirements:

Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, NT,

User reviews of Portable SUMo



by Myah from Bay area

” Great upgrade! ”

Getting rid of Registry and user folder updates


by Jose L from Mexico City

” Fantastic! ”

It would be useful to include an option of extending the auto-update time of the software.

It is a good tool


by Willy from Pot

” WOW ”

Fairly good tool that gets the job done

Should be simpler


by D.G. from Singapore

” Fantastic update solution. ”

There are two things I don’t like about it: it doesn’t list updates in the order of importance (which is, of course, the entire idea of a “portable” update checker), and it doesn’t work. It has been “updated” for over three years and still doesn’t work.

Crashes on startup


by BERNARD from Bromley

” Crashes on startup ”

After installing it, it crashes upon startup. No updates running.



by Arturo Castro from Oakland, CA

” This is a great tool until it doesn’t work. ”

It could take a long time to start up, but it does have a “wide selection” option. But I recommend it for checking your Windows, or whatever, Updates, not for checking apps and drivers.

Utility that works


by Eric Worrall from New Zealand

” Tried all others, but this one seems to do what I want. ”

The descriptions that come up for “not updated” have little to do with what updates are available. So if you don’t want to see the descriptions, use the “not updating” option. Don’t like the “old school” registry display, so use the “wide selection” option.

Anybody know where this data goes?


by Josh from Fresno, CA

” Better than the other tools I’ve tried. ”

I’m able to use this to my heart’s content.



by Gerard from Baltimore

Portable SUMo Crack +

Join Portable SUMo, a one-stop application for you to automate your updates. Download and run Portable SUMo for free to check all the updates to your programs, drivers, and additional apps.
1) Change the update setting via “Automatic detect & Get updates” and “Scan folders”.
2) Check programs and drivers updates with “Overview”.
3) Filtering updates by “Status” and “Company Name”
4) Download all updates to either text files or CSV files.
5) View detailed information of update, including “Company”, “Version”, “Hash”, “Downloading Status”, “Download Start Time”, etc.
6) Access developer’s website for more information about update.
Portable SUMo is a free, easy to use updater. Download and run it now to keep your programs, drivers, and additional apps up to date.
Main features:
1) Change the update setting via “Automatic detect & Get updates” and “Scan folders”.
2) Check programs and drivers updates with “Overview”.
3) Filtering updates by “Status” and “Company Name”
4) Download all updates to either text files or CSV files.
5) View detailed information of update, including “Company”, “Version”, “Hash”, “Downloading Status”, “Download Start Time”, etc.
6) Access developer’s website for more information about update.
3D Freeware Team

How to add additional languages to my app description
Tested on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS 10.7 and 10.8
Add multiple language support to your app description. 1. Install and run the app. 2. Select language from the first dropdown. 3. Select current language from the second dropdown. 4. Add additional languages to the third dropdown. 5. The app will notify you of updating through Game Center.
You can also download and find additional languages to your app description at:

Downloads (3)

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What’s New In Portable SUMo?

A program for checking updates to applications installed on Windows in portable format. It supports both Win9x and NT/2000/XP.

A program for updating games on Windows in portable format. It supports both Win9x and NT/2000/XP.

Portable Application Tracker is a smart tool you can deploy on your system in order to check the software you are currently running on your computer. With the aid of this app you can easily access the list of the most used applications, as well as the system-wide list of the most accessed files, allowing you to highlight elements that require attention from you.
Why do you need this app?
One of the essential reasons for installing this tool is its capability to alert you of problems with the software you are currently running. Apart from that, Portable Application Tracker also gives you the opportunity to get more acquainted with the file that is more frequently accessed by the system. This information is a valuable addition to your database, which eventually could help you find the solution to various problems that might occur.
Intuitive interface – no coding experience required
Another reason for opting for this app is that the configuration is quite easy and doesn’t require more than a few clicks of the mouse in order to get the job done. Everything can be performed within the program’s interface, and there are no alternatives to the set of options available, given the fact that the program comes with a couple of handy functionalities.
Portable Application Tracker Features:

Ability to check the current software version for your installed programs.

The system-wide list of most-accessed files is available as well.

Access to the list of applications installed on your system.

Supports Win9x and NT/2000/XP.

Portable application tracker is a free standalone application that is compatible with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows.
With this useful program you can easily check if your computer is running the latest version of the current program you are using. Besides that, it enables you to find out if there are software updates for the same. Apart from that, you can check if the system-wide usage of a particular file has been constant or if it has been a temporary burst that will fade away before long.
The following is a list of features that can be found on the program’s page:

System-wide list of most-accessed files – the System-wide list of most-


System Requirements For Portable SUMo:

iOS 10 Mobile Device
Display Scaling Method – Default (Hybrid)
New Dual Screen support (Lumia Tablet Portrait/Landscape)
Additional New Features
New Camera UI
Camera Slideshow
Camera timer
Custom Camera settings
Enhanced shot to shot
Use Face Recognition
Camera Features
Video Recording
Photo Editor
NFC support
Dynamic Lighting
Add a Group


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