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Supported Data Sources
Cracked ODBC View With Keygen supports ADO (ODBC, DAO) data sources that enable connections to a database on Microsoft Windows using Microsoft ODBC or various third-party ODBC drivers. The first version of ODBC View Crack Free Download supports data sources that are associated with Microsoft Access databases (ODBC Access driver), but since version 5.0 the program is also able to export data from other Microsoft SQL Server database providers (ODBC DSN Provider, ODBC DSN for SQL Server, ODBC DSN for SQL Azure) and from Sybase databases (ODBC driver *Sybase ASE or *Sybase ASE Anywhere). ODBC View now also supports ODBC DSN providers such as Sybase Central, Teradata and others.
Unlike many other SQL tools that rely on the ODBC standard, ODBC View doesn’t require you to create a connection to a data source, it creates a connection automatically when you launch ODBC View for the first time and no additional parameters are required.

Database Models

As of ODBC View version 5.0 the ODBC View database models support a wide variety of data sources.

ADO data sources associated with Microsoft Access (ODBC Access driver)

Microsoft SQL Server data sources (ODBC DSN Provider, ODBC DSN for SQL Server, ODBC DSN for SQL Azure)

Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft Access data sources (ODBC Access Driver and ODBC DSN Provider)

Microsoft SQL Server with Database Mirroring (ODBC DSN for SQL Server and ODBC DSN for SQL Azure)

Microsoft SQL Server with OLEDB data sources (ODBC DSN for SQL Server)

Microsoft SQL Server with IIS or IIS Express (ODBC DSN for SQL Server)

Microsoft SQL Server with Microsoft DSN data sources (ODBC DSN for SQL Server)

Microsoft SQL Server with ScriptBuddy data sources (ODBC DSN for SQL Server)

Microsoft SQL Server with Data Masking (ODBC DSN for SQL Server)

Sybase data sources (ODBC driver Sybase ASE, ODBC driver Sybase Anywhere)


Advantages of ODBC View
The program is very easy to use as it doesn’t require any additional files or data source configuration. All you need to do is to launch it and then connect to the data source to execute a SQL query or a SQL script file

ODBC View Crack + Free License Key [Latest 2022]

* Several database connection modes:
o Free mode
o ODBC Driver Manager mode: The manager requires no installation as it runs as a Windows service and takes the database connection from the ODBC connections list or the command line
o ODBC DLL Mode (aka Flat file): the data source must contain flat file only
o ODBC Informatica mode: the data source must contain xerox Informatica data source file only
* Any type of SQL statement is accepted including UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE or calls to database procedures.
* Select the SQL method in the upper section. The SQL editor is automatically opened when clicking OK.
* The SQL editor is a notepad-like text editor. It allows you to edit SQL statements, test the SQL code and preview the results. Double-clicking on a line while editing a statement will show you the SQL code of the selected statement.
* The statement text is highlighted to show the current SQL code that will be executed at the end of the statement.
* The results of the SQL statement will be displayed in a grid. The grid height can be adjusted in the view properties.
* The results can be exported to a CSV (comma-separated values) or HTML report file.
* Open an ODBC data source via the ODBC Manager. You must create a new connection to the data source before running any SQL query.
* Import your SQL file by double-clicking on the.xls file. You can select all the SQL statements by selecting their prefixes from the filters to achieve a faster import.
* You can drag and drop SQL statements inside the script editor and they will be executed in the order that they are located inside the script.
* You can edit the text inside an SQL statement and the results will automatically be updated inside the grid.
* You can run single or multiple SQL statements from a.txt file. Select the statements you want to execute and click the Run button.
* The Edit By command button allows you to execute a statement that was made by opening the SQL editor, editing a statement and run it.
* You can create and edit procedures (Windows ODBC calls) and run them.
* ODBC View Description
Additional Requirements:
* ODBC Driver Manager, ODBC DLL v. or higher
* Net Framework v.1.1 or higher
* Microsoft XML v.2

ODBC View Product Key Full Download

Statements: enter SQL statements to be executed or to open the data source from which to enter SQL statements.
Data: enter the query to be executed, or the data to be displayed on the grid.
Range: enter the range of data to be displayed on the grid.
Code: enter the code to be executed before the statement (so you can open the data source from a command line or a sql script file).
Process: run the ODBC View or run the SQL statement that is the code of the ODBC View. 
Add: Add data in the current data source.
Edit: Edit current data on the current data source.
Save: Save the data entered in the current data source to a csv or html file.

Reference and Resources:
ODBC View Documentation
Download From Github
Win32 Utility Documentation
Edit: The new OdbcView1.exe is a cleaned up version, it runs fine in Windows 7.

How do I view data via ODBC?


If you mean to view the results of a query, open Microsoft Query and attach it to a project to make it open.

Once you’ve done that, switch to View tab, click Data Grid, and then click Select Columns.


If you mean to view the query from within ms-access, use Query wizard. I had to use that many times to view complex queries when I was still using ODBC.

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What’s New In?

The program is fully Unicode oriented, allowing you to store and retrieve any western characters. It supports editing of records (Insert, Update, Delete) and the DB can be changed using the program. Data types are recognised such as dates, times,… the type of fields can also be defined if needed.


View or Export any ODBC compliant database (no ODBC adaptor required).
Data can be exported to a CSV format or HTML report
Open a data source, execute a SQL query from a SQL script file and export the results to an external CSV or HTML file
Administer any SQL or ODBC stored procedure using ODBC View.
Create complex SQL statements to execute and make the resulting output match with a CSV or HTML export
Sending an email for report or exception details
Running from the command line in any Windows environment (custom command line)
Open a data source, execute a SQL query from a sql script file and export the results to an external CSV or HTML file

Please note that the program is freeware, therefore, it should not be shared in any way (no warez, not open source).


There are a number of excellent third party ODBC tools available, however all of them are expensive. I have a friend that has a nice tool called ADODB. It allows you to login to his database and run SQL statements, loop through his tables, run reports, etc. It is fairly robust and powerful but it is also very expensive (still quite cheap compared to MS Access). It has the advantage of allowing for parametrized queries, so it is useful for dealing with dynamic data.

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System Requirements For ODBC View:

Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10: Intel Core i5, 2.66GHz (or better) or AMD Athlon II X4, 2.40GHz (or better)
Windows 7: 4 GB RAM
Intel HD graphics (2000, 3000)
Windows 8: 4 GB RAM
NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 / AMD Radeon HD 7500 or better
10 GB Free Hard Disk Space
DirectX 9.0c
1360×768 display resolution
Windows XP: Intel Core 2


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