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Convenient live chat software that can be embedded to your website.
Embed live chat to your website to streamline workflow and enhance customer engagement.
Provide visitors with a convenient way to chat and build trust with your audience.
Live chat software offers features such as auto-reconnect, auto-accept visitors, queue management, email notifications, reports, and much more.
It is a cloud-based chat software so there is no need to download or install any software to your computer.
Essential features of My Live Chat
10+ Components
You can manage your live chats from different screens, such as your dashboard, view the conversations, and add/remove agents.
Flexible Schedules
Up to 400 possible meeting times can be selected at once and can be configured to change time zones without extra cost.
User management
Generate custom names for your agents, assign them to specific departments, invite them to your chats, create departments and add/remove agents.
Extensions support
Connect chat rooms, instant messaging clients, team chat and many more extensions.
Thousand+ Features
The software is packed with features such as:
A queue list for live chat agents so you can easily manage them
Chat room management
Automatically create and assign chat rooms
Setting the number of rooms at once
Allow or block users
Track chats and remove/postpone logs
Embed chat rooms on your website
Compatible with ASP.NET, Java, and PHP
Graphical view of log table and chat room
Instant messaging clients
Built-in chat room file viewer
Convenient saving of logs in Excel and CSV format
Create/edit chats
Create/edit chats for your free user
Add/reorder agents/departments
Annotate chats
Sort chats by agent
View customers who did not attend
Distribute chats to agents
Support Unicode, HTML, XML, and HTML5
Optimized for mobile devices
Synchronize times with IP address
Automatic message accepting
Disable/enable recipients
Automatic report sending
Powerful API (web service)
Registration (included)
Pay with a credit card or Paypal
Web-based user interface in different browsers
How to Integrate My Live Chat to Your Website?
Step 1: Log in to your account and go to Tools & Settings page and then to Live Chat Subscriptions.
Step 2: Click ‘Add a subscription’ button and choose your ‘

MyLiveChat With License Code X64

With MyLiveChat you can easily set up live chats on your websites. Get unlimited web hosted chats. Your users can chat directly to you from your website with our fully hosted chat solution.

MyLiveChat Functionality:

Chat Server Integration

Real-time Chat Monitoring

Social Chats

Quality Assurance


Automatic Chat Invitations

Private Chat Invites

Customizable Chat Templates

Chat Button – Call To Action

Responsive Chat Design

Chat Button with Scrolling Chat

Chat Bot for Facebook

Integrated Analytics

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MyLiveChat Crack + Free Registration Code

MyLiveChat is a professional software application that helps you embed live chats on your website, keep an eye on site traffic, analyze visitors’ activities, handle any number of chat sessions at the same time, and invite visitors to chat. You need to set up an account in order to make use of the program’s capabilities. Upon a successful registration, the tool automatically generates a live chat code that can be attached to your websites. MyLiveChat gives you the possibility to work with a web-based interface that can be accessed via your preferred web browser, be it Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE, or Opera. The Dashboard provides at-a-glance panel containing information about the account details, deployment of the agent console, subscriptions, graphical representations of the chat sessions for the last 7 days, as well as alerts and announcements. Agent management options You are given the power to add new agents, delete existing ones, and activate or deactivate them. You can assign agents to user-defined ‘departments’ (categories) in order to easily manage them and route incoming chats to these departments based on a series of rules. Agents can control the number of chats using the queue list and manually selecting the target user to start a chat with. Aside from manual adjustments, an automatic chat distribution mode can be used for automatically passing incoming chat requests to agents. Various chat utilities Inline chats can be added to your websites in order to keep a chat session on the same webpage instead of a separate browser window and allow scrolling up and down the page. A chat widget is responsible for delivering an image chat button that floats at a specified position and repositions itself when visitors scroll up or down the page. Other chat tools that can be integrated within websites deal with buttons, text links that initiate a chat, and boxes for entering quick questions. In addition, you can hide the chat button, monitor visitors and invite them to chat, use a chat button that does not contain JavaScript, and test the chat tools in a dedicated panel to see how they look like and behave. Configuration settings General settings enable you to tweak the operating hours so agents are automatically prompted to go offline/online at a given time, automatically lock the agent console after a certain time, define canned responses (predefined phrases that can be used by agent to save time), and block/allow a range of IP addresses. You can turn on or off sound notifications, automatically detect a user’s language or pick the preferred one, export chart transcripts to

What’s New In?

Live Chat software program with a focus on web-based chat without the need to install additional software on the web servers. A maximum of 3 simultaneous chat sessions is possible and at the same time you can handle as many chat visitors as you want.
With MyLiveChat you can:
• Build a live chat on your website from a few minutes to weeks;
• Activate a chat link on your website and get a live chat for a visitor;
• View and manage chat visitors;
• Set chat agents working on your website (including leave/treat them with a specific message when online/offline);
• Monitor visit statistics and create reports;
• Open a chat window at a certain time, date, according to the working hours of your agents;
• Include an image chat button that floats on your website when scrolling up and down the page.
MyLiveChat Key features:
• No need to install additional software
• A maximum of 3 simultaneous chat sessions is possible
• Unlimited number of agents to work on your website
• Can be switched from online to offline mode
• Over 1.3 million free visitors are known to visit websites daily
• Gets visit statistics from the visited websites
• Build a live chat window on a new webpage in few seconds
• Supports both Windows and Mac OS
• Graphical representation of the sessions for the last 7 days
• Integrates popular chat services such as Google Chat, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, etc.
• Manage your chat agents.
• Send emails
• Can be switched from standard image chat to inline chat
• Can be switched from a standard live chat window to embedded chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to image chat
• Can be switched from Skype chat to image chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to inline chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Skype chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to inline chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Viber chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to WhatsApp chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Skype chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to inline chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Viber chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Skype chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to inline chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to WhatsApp chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Viber chat
• Can be switched from standard chat to Skype chat
• Can

System Requirements For MyLiveChat:

Single core CPU, no more than 3.2 GHz Core2Duo, Core i5, Core i3, Pentium4, PentiumM
256 MB video RAM
DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with a minimum of 64 MB VRAM
Internet connection required
Game Installation:
Download and install the patch
Download and install the MOD
Download and install the Tiberian Sun client
Download and install the game
Exit to desktop
Click on the Tiberium Collection

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