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MozillaTranslator is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help localizations or translators that want to localize Mozilla or another XUL based application.







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MozillaTranslator is an open source cross-platform application that can be used to translate your XUL applications into many different languages and add multiple language support to existing applications.
– Translate your xul application in a single click.
– It’s very easy to use: You can add or remove your language with a single click.
– You can quickly generate your language pack in:
– Different languages
– Different charsets
– Different characters sets (your preferred keymap)
– Different keyboard layouts (your preferred keyboard layout)
– HTML or portable document format (PDF or HTML)
– Docbook to HTML or PDF documents: much more complex and complex documents with link, images, tables, etc.
– You can customize a language pack and implement your own sub-menu, menu items or dialogs.
– You can extract your language file to plain text using the included MOZLINGEN tool
– Translation and coverage files and a documentation is available at the project repository.


MozillaTranslator Crack For PC

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MozillaTranslator Crack


Convert selected text or an entire web page into different languages and save it
into any formats you want.
The application includes a built-in XUL editor with
a small toolbar. Now with the possibility to edit the XUL directly
via the command line, you can make modifications directly on the
machine without needing Internet connection
and with the added advantage of the possibility of displaying them
for you.

MozillaTranslator Features:

* Translate selected text into any language and save it in different formats
* Display the results in a window
* Translate entire web pages and save it in different formats
* Assign CSS classes to every word in the text
* Translate the whole browser
* Use relative URLs for source or target web pages
* Choose the target web page in a tree that you define
* Translate entire web pages and save it in different formats
* Translate HTML or XUL documents containing Javascript without
modifying the original code
* Easy to use
* Requires only the tabbrowser.js or icu.js dependencies
* Displays the results in a window (Tabs)
* Translate and display text from all sites (not only the selected ones)
* Uses your web browser’s translation service (such as Google)
* Keeps the original content when saving in a format
* Exact translations are grouped
* Translate to language file by language file (Sass/Scss/LESS/Stylus)
* Translate to or from all languages (incl. languages not installed on your computer)
* Save into UTF-8

Other features:

* Replace the selected text with the translated version of the selected language
* Save into a folder
* Search the selected text (plain text or HTML/XUL/Javascript)
* Go back to a previous location with Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow
* Translate to or from any language, even if you don’t have the necessary language installed

There are 3 different type of data:

Text (string)

Documentation (HTML)

Images (URL)

You can choose the data type for each web page and the language,
allowing you to specify the kind of data to translate.

For instance, you can translate the text from a HTML page, but not
the image tag

What’s New in the?

MozillaTranslator is a handy, easy to use application specially designed to help localizations or translators that want to localize Mozilla or another XUL based application.

MozillaTranslator 1.0.1

– New keyboard shortcuts. Previous version, the shortcuts was used with mouse. New version, using the keyboard.
– Speed bar now use buttons to active shortcut.
– Addon support support.
– Support for per-window messages.
– Add a Preferences dialog, to allow settings.
– Improved handling of translations.
– Improved handling of context-free messages.
– Add translation to.pot file for all supported languages.

MozillaTranslator 0.1.1

– Add a Preferences dialog.
– Improved handling of context-free messages.
– Improved handling of untranslatable strings.
– Improved handling of messages with “%d” in their names.
– Support for localized JS files, like back-translator.js.
– Workaround for FF3 bug with arrow key messages.
– Option to remove all files.
– Add a new message to the minified JS.

MozillaTranslator 0.1.0

– Initial release.
– Requirements:
– perl version 5.6.0 or higher.

MozillaTranslator 0.9.8

– Improved handling of non-double-click messages.
– Improved handling of %1, %2 and %3 context messages.
– Improved handling of JS messages with “%d”.
– Improved handling of untranslated strings.
– Added a large number of new custom error messages.
– Warning on update.
– Added all the messages in mozilla/xul/translator/messages.txt to the.pot file.
– “Check for updates” now works in all XUL windows.

MozillaTranslator 0.9.7

– Improved handling of messages that contain %s and %d in the context.
– Now mozilla/xul/translator/messages.txt is loaded on startup.
– Minor bug fixes.

MozillaTranslator 0.9.6

– Added support for the “FixN” command.
– Bugfix for all Mozilla windows.
– Bugfix for the “Check for updates” dialog.
– Added some new custom error messages.

System Requirements For MozillaTranslator:

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