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——————————————————————————————————————————————————————- The course is different from other trackers such as GoodMouse. It is specifically for teaching computer users with disabilities how to use a computer mouse as a alternative to using a joystick. The training helps the user focus his eye on the cursor in the middle of the screen, or move the cursor to press the left mouse button and move the cursor to press the right button. The user is taught how to use the mouse within the “Mouse Enabled Region” and how to use different mouse cursors as a visual reminder of what function the mouse can perform. The course also teaches the user to ignore the use of mouse wheel, scroll bar and Alt key on the keyboard. The first step in the course is to select the “Mouse Enabled Region”. By clicking on the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen (where the cursor should appear), the user sees a circle representing the Mouse Enabled Region. There are two modes of operation in this region. The mouse pointer moves and clicks within the circle of the “Mouse Enabled Region”, and the user presses the left or right mouse button to select the function within the region. The user should remember that only the functions of the mouse within the “Mouse Enabled Region” are available. The regions can be set to big or small circles that are on the left or right side of the screen. In the big circle mode, the mouse pointer moves and clicks across the circle of the “Mouse Enabled Region” and the left mouse button must be pressed to select the function. The small circle mode of operation has the mouse pointer move from side to side of the circle of the “Mouse Enabled Region” and the left mouse button must be pressed to select the function. In this mode, the user has to make sure to move the mouse cursor in the circle of the “Mouse Enabled Region” so that the mouse pointer (cursor) is always within the region. The second step is to assign a special mouse cursor that will remind the user what functions the mouse can perform. This step can be done in one of two ways. The first method requires that the user have an understanding of the different mouse cursors. The user selects the mouse cursor that is most appropriate for the type of mouse function he is performing. The second method does not require an understanding of mouse cursors. In this method, the user clicks on the mouse pointer (cursor) in the middle of the screen. The mouse cursor changes and is assigned a special mouse cursor associated with the type of function he is performing

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MouseTrainer Product Key is a free screen-recording program. It is a great tool to record your screen activity and captures visual information like mouse movement, clicks, hotspots, status bar etc.. The software recorded your screen using the standard Windows API and a few user interface-specific calls. So the software doesn’t require any additional hardware. Pressing a hotkey allows you to select a region of the screen. You can select a few different regions by specifying: – Mouse click position: a region which is described by a system mouse pointer. – Mouse position: a region which is described by the mouse pointer. – Mouse hotspot: a region which is described by some part of the mouse pointer and by the associated mouse button. – Mouse status bar: a region which is described by a line of the status bar. – Mouse cursor: a region which is described by a mouse cursor. – Mouse touchpad: a region which is described by a touchpad. – Mouse move: a region which is described by the mouse movement. – Mouse scrolling: a region which is described by the mouse scrolling. – Mouse/keyboard activity: a region which is described by any mouse/keyboard activity (click, scroll, move,…). Additionally you can start the software with the hotkey Ctrl+3 and select a region using the trackpad: Go to the start position, move left/right/up/down. This is basically a Screencast software with a user interface. This program may detect mouse clicks, mouse hovering, mouse scrolling, mouse move, mouse touchpad, mouse/keyboard activity and mouse scrolling. This free program works without plugins or activation. This version is freeware with a non-exclusive commercial license. It is able to run on Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, 2003, Xp, Vista, 7 and 8. mouseXlator is a free program that allows to translate mouse movements to selected letters of the english alphabet. It is possible to define hotkeys for changing letters. You can use them to type a message/text, type a message to someone, type a message in the mail,… The user interface of the program works like one of the windows mouse control programs. So you can enter your mouse movements by tapping keys on the keyboard. 5-Mouse Copy — 5-Mouse Copy is a free screen recorder. It allows you to copy your screen screen to your 2f7fe94e24

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MouseTrainer is a simple and powerful application that allows you to select and train a specific mouse region (click,movement,scroll) of your users. You can choose the function that needs training (a single click, double click, middle button click), select a mouse region (a rectangular area) and a scrolling area (a rectangle that scrolls when the mouse cursor is over it). When you click a “trainer” button, the mouse function selected is automatically blocked or not blocked and the cursor used for this function is the selected one. You can easily choose another mouse region to perform another function or you can unblock the mouse function again. This could be used for instance to train your child to avoid clicking in dangerous regions of the screen or to teach them to use only the “safe” areas. You could also use this tool to train your friend that moves his or her mouse a lot while is texting on a cellphone. After this training, you can monitor what did the user actually do and if necessary, modify the training with the “training” button. You can also create a monitor training on how many times the user did a “wrong” function during a session. Then you could use it as a score chart for his progress. You can change the cursor selected during a session with the right click of the mouse. You can select if you want the cursor to always stay at the center of the selected region or not. You can select if you want the selected region to be completely visible in the program or not. For iOS: 1. Download the MouseTrainer.ipa file. 2. Run the executable (Application) file in your iOS mobile device. 3. It will show you the training options. 4. Tap on “Sign Up” to allow MouseTrainer to access the Camera. 5. Click on “Trainer Sign-Up” and choose a mouse function (single click, double click, middle button, scroll), a Mouse Enabled Region (x,y) and a Mouse Enabled area (rectangular or scolling area). 6. Wait for the MouseTrainer to finish the sign-up procedure. You can use the “Training” button to modify all the settings of the training or to unblock or block the mouse function. After the training is finished, you can start the monitoring of the training session and you can choose what you want to show in the Monitor (list of functions, a score chart

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It is an application for the trainee who is not able to use a computer mouse. It simulates the use of the mouse. No special mouse is required, it can be a simple button mouse or a “Trackball”. If you want to allow the user to use the mouse, you have to assign a mouse cursor, it will be used in the Mouse Enabled Region. If you want to block the mouse use, you can simply setup the Mouse Enabled Region. Additionally, you can block or allow the click and the scroll function for a Mouse Enabled Region. Details There are 10 mouse buttons on your mouse. The left mouse button is the default button. Sometimes, there is no button assigned to the function of “left click”. The button can be assigned to the function “left click” on the “Assign button to function” tab. To assign a function to a mouse button, you can activate the button on the “Assign button to function” tab. The middle mouse button is the middle button. To assign a function to a mouse button, you can activate the button on the “Assign button to function” tab. The right mouse button is the right button. To assign a function to a mouse button, you can activate the button on the “Assign button to function” tab. MouseTheater is a software for language training. This application consists of two parts: MouseTheater Main part: it’s the one you already know. with MouseTheater Text function. You can either save the entire program, or save the entire program and the text area with its own folder. This makes it easier to go back to the Text area and edit as you wish. MouseTheater MouseTheater Text Details:MouseTheater is the main program with the ability to make choices and write them down. The program is divided into two parts: the program you already know, and a text function. It is the text function that allows you to write things down. MouseTheater Main program: Sometimes you have to deal with the fact that your learner is mentally limited. If you don’t know what to do with him when he starts using the computer, you can start him out with MouseTheater and when he is making mistakes you can explain to him how to use the computer. For languages,

System Requirements:

Minimum Requirements: OS: Windows XP (SP3) Processor: 2 GHz dual-core or better Memory: 1 GB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8600 GT 512 MB or ATI Radeon HD 2600 DirectX: Version 10 Hard Drive: 16 GB available space Minimum: Recommended Requirements: Processor: 2 GHz quad-core or better Video: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 or ATI Radeon HD 67

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