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KeePass Password Safe Portable might look like your average password manager, but fortunately, that's not the case. Why? One good reason is the fact that it's portable, allowing the user to keep track of passwords on the go, not just when reaching one's personal machine. It's also simple, without too many unnecessary details. The interface does seem a tad outdated. It doesn't fit well with modern OS visuals. As far as this aspect is concerned, each user will have to decide if it's an issue to take into consideration or not.
Accessible interface
The most important aspect of managing software of this kind is for the interface to be easily accessible. This means functions need clear labeling, the app windows should be well arranged, and general info the user needs ought to be displayed at all times in areas that are visible. KeePass Password Safe Portable does that by the book. Whether you want to add, copy, delete, or edit an entry, you'll reach your goal within seconds.
The password manager
You'll have to create a master password before anything else happens. With that said, add as many entries as you require, keeping in mind that you'll only need the master password to access any of those entries. If the collection of passwords becomes too big, there's a search function that should help shorten the list of potential fits. All these features become even more useful when you take into account the portability perk of this program. Although there is no online connectivity, the program acts like a local carryable vault.
The program will also indicate password strength if you feel that you haven't secured your app quite well. Don't waste time finding the right combination. The intuitive colored status bar will indicate through colors how strong your password is. Naturally, green symbolizes a strong choice, while red highlights a weak one. KeePass Password Safe Portable manages to become relevant on account of its flexibility and portability.
Ease of access plays a huge role in its functionality, even if it does end up looking less versatile when compared with the competition. No cloud storage could mean a lower level of accessibility, but at the same time less privacy and security issues, since KeePass works locally only, without the need for an internet connection.







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In the same vein as eDEX-UI, this small app gives you a feel of advanced Tron: Legacy effects. If you are a fan of the movie or just want a new look for your desktop, then this is the right app for you.
View all the available tasks
This application lets you handle and manage all the tasks that run in the background on your computer. Whether it is running processes or some other operation, the user will be able to observe the process at any time and then resume it later if needed.
Once the user starts the application, they will be able to add the process they want to observe to a queue. Once the queue is full, the observer will start and then, it is possible to select one of the tasks to execute.
The app offers intuitive features, including filtering by job type and a graphical interface. One can use this app to manage processes that are currently running or working on a specific machine. If a user is away from their machine and is not at their desk, they can check the progress of a task even if the computer is powered off. All the details are maintained for a specified time and will be deleted by the application in case a user wants to resume an earlier activity.
Final words
In conclusion, Seahorse is an interesting desktop application that mainly offers a calendar access for users. It can also be used to manage with the system resources of the computer and to monitor both the network and process in action.
· Easy to use
· Use it as a calendar
· It offers multiple calendar management options
· Has advanced system information and monitoring feature
· Provides internet connectivity and plenty of online calendars
· Has multiple calendar functions
· Has Calendar Access
· Calendar Access + offline access
· Syncs with Google Calendar
· Has a calendar add-in
· Has useful system information and monitoring features
· Has easy to use
· Works as a standalone or as a Firefox add-on
· Includes add-on and addon-free versions
· Has a user-friendly interface
· Is cross-platform
· Has various calendar options
· Has a calendar add-in
· Has Calendar Access
· Syncs with Google Calendar
· Has a calendar add-in
· Allows users to sync or backup their calendars
· Has an add-on and addon-free versions
· Offers the option to synchronize and backup your calendars
· Has a calendar add-in
· Has Calendar Access

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It is a simple and easy to use software that is designed for those who can’t handle a complex interface. It only comes with two versions, one being for macOS and the other one for Windows, and both of them are pretty much similar, except for a few minor differences.
The main window consists of a toolbar, a menu bar, and the big pop-up window with the uploaded files. At the top of the main window, there is the status bar, which displays a progress bar in the form of a percentage. The options bar can be found in the lower left corner of the window, while it is here that you can find the icons that enable you to zoom in on the video, or the timeline.
The other important window is the timeline, where you can switch between the original and the converted files. The timeline looks the same as the timeline in Premiere Pro CC.
You can scroll along the timeline, via the left and right arrows, while you can also switch between the two files by pressing the next and previous buttons. In order to scrub the timeline, you have to press the space bar while you are moving the playhead, while to pause the timeline, just click on the pause button.
The timeline can be customized, but its options are very limited. There are three playlist slots, a very simple range, an edition button, a check box that enables/disables cutting, and a number of editing presets.
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Okular is an advanced PDF viewer, with over 20 years of Linux support. It is based on Qt 4, which is an excellent development platform for desktop applications. It comes with a clean and a simple interface, along with the ability to deal with documents of all different sizes and formats.
It is possible to view documents in fullscreen, on a specific window, or on a secondary monitor. You can also choose the canvas, mode and size, as well as the zoom factor. Once the file is opened, you can also adjust the margins and paper, while it is also possible to export it as an image, PDF, EPS, SVG or even ASCII.
The main window consists of a toolbar, a menu bar, and the big pop-up window with the uploaded files. At the top of the main window, there is the status bar, which displays a progress bar in the form of a percentage. The ‘’File’’ tab lists the current document, the current page, as well as the selected filename

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– An extremely easy-to-use, flat, and portable audio player.

– You can import audio files with MP1, MP2, MP3, OGG, M3U, PLS, and WAV formats.

– You can use the audio player as an audio player to listen to music, create playlists, and make use of keyboard shortcuts for fast actions.

– You can play, pause, stop the currently playing song, jump to the next or previous song in the playlist, adjust the volume, tweak the sound with the built-in equalizer, and repeat songs.

– You can import playlists from the M3U and PLS file formats.

– You can add tracks by inserting their file names, configure your favorite internet radio stations, record your favorite audio files, as well as control an equalizer.

– You can play the current playlist or a single file in a playlist.

– You can remember music playlists, automatically turn on the playing mode at startup, always play the playing song, save skins, remember the last played item, restore playlists from the last session, control the output device, as well as change the looks of the audio player by importing Winamp skins.

– You can read ID3 tags from various audio and music files.

– You can remember file types or change their default settings by modifying their filenames.

– You can view information about the current file, add a selected file to the playlist, rename a selected file, as well as edit its tags.

Great app, with a similar way of work like itunes. But I have one problem. In my Galaxy S2, when I connected it to my computer, it can’t detected my phone via USB. I need to install some tools to make it work.

15.75 MB

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The Windows Media Player (from Microsoft), is a component that is part of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Windows Media Player is mainly used for playing music and video files, as well as DVDs. Microsoft has discontinued development of the Windows Media Player following the release of Windows 10 and Windows Media Player 12.

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Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a media player developed by the Media Player Plug-in Company. It is a clone of the old Media Player Classic and was released under the GNU General Public License (GPL) on

What’s New In Highlight?

Address Bar:
Single or double-click to open or close it.
Search history.
Bookmark list.
View site:
Overview tab.
Show tab bar.
Tab positions.
Fullscreen mode.
Checking their performance, we discovered that JF Browser often freezes and may not load most web pages, despite the fact that it can be very useful when you want to look at the weather, a sports news source or a chat with your friends.
As such, we recommend not to use this application if you plan to surf multiple web sites simultaneously, either you need to find another option or install it on a computer that is not prone to freezing and crashing.
InstaDNS It is a useful application that enables you to connect your computer with a free WiFi network, which helps you save your mobile connectivity bill and gain access to the Internet on all your devices.
As a cheap alternative to wifi hotspots, InstaDNS allows your smartphone to act as a WiFi access point and access the Internet through a network already established. As such, you don’t need a router or modem, and you can use your existing WiFi network to share the Internet connection.
In order to work with InstaDNS, you will need to:
Install the software.
You will need to install the InstaDNS application onto the device you want to connect.
You will then be required to set a key that will allow the application to connect to the network.
Open the application, click ‘Add’, and select your network and the key you previously entered.
The application will then ask you to input your WiFi credentials, which will be stored as preferences to allow you to connect quickly in the future.
The app is compatible with all modern devices, including Android smartphones, iPads and iPhones.
Nevertheless, we found that the application works properly on Android 7 devices, but it did not work on iOS 11. In this last case, the applications crashed with an error:
“The operation couldn’t be completed. (INVALID_STATE_ERR)”,
even though, on the other hand, it worked perfectly on iOS 9 and iOS 10.
InstaDNS also boasts a few disadvantages. For instance, you can only save the credentials of a WiFi network once, which means that you cannot access it from a different device or application. Also, you can only connect to a single network


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3 2.66 GHz or higher
Hard Drive: 10 GB available space
System Requirements:
Processor: Intel Core i3 2


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