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Scans the feed headlines and presents them in a Widget allowing you to read the full article in your web browser. It supports all standard feed formats and allows you to customize the theme, skin type, color or even hide the feed pane.
Screenshots: (requires Flash 10 plugin)
FeedGlance 1.0.0
Download FeedGlance and take a quick look at the screenshots. Like i mentioned before, it’s a Widget, i.e. basically a small thin strip appearing on your screen, containing the headlines of the feeds you’re subscribed to.

FeedGlance Version 1.1
The following screenshot shows the main Screen of the program:
FeedGlance 1.1
FeedGlance is capable of bringing the feed headlines and presenting them in a Widget which you can dock to the right-hand side of your screen. The Widget window is fully customizable, allowing you to set the skin type (normal, skinned, light, skinned light, customized), check/uncheck the custom tooltips, set the background color, resize the Widget itself and if you click the Widget you can view the full article. You can also hide the feed pane and configure the program to keep an informative notice of the number of unread headlines in the current feed. If you don’t like the default color of the Widget, you can either select a different skin type or modify the color yourself.

Nice little tool, i think you can work a little better with the 3.5 version of CSS.
FeedGlance is also capable of importing RSS URLs, if you have a list of feeds stored on your PC you can simply drag the feed list to the Window and FeedGlance will do its best to automatically create feeds for the imported URLs.
FeedGlance 1.1
The 3.5 version of CSS was released on September the 16th, and FeedGlance uses it. I couldn’t get the import feature to work correctly. If anyone does have this working and would like to share i would appreciate it.
FeedGlance is a simple to use RSS news reader, you can use it to quickly scan the feed headlines and view the full articles.

FeedGlance can easily be customized to your desire and helps you build a personal RSS news reader.
FeedGlance uses your browsers history to navigate within the sites you are most interested in. So don’t worry FeedGlance also supports bookmarks.

FeedGlance For PC

FeedGlance is an elegant, powerful and easy-to-use news and feed reader. It automatically detects the RSS feeds you want to follow and keeps you up to date. It also offers useful features such as a Timeline, a weather widget, GCal support, multiple news feeds and a customizable skin.

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Meet FeedGlance, the perfect solution for those who want to scan multiple news sources and read all of their headlines in one simple interface.
FeedGlance allows you to get more out of your RSS news feeds, it lets you scan them and select the ones you are interested in.
FeedGlance lets you choose between 5 skins to make the feed pane skinned your desired look:
– Multi-Feed
– Pixel Pipes
– FeedGlance
– RSS Squirrel
– Tabbar
You can further customize the skin of FeedGlance by dragging and dropping different colors on the skin-settings panel.
– Supports news feeds in RSS, Atom and RDF formats
– Supports multiple news sources
– Supports multiple feeds per news source
– Uses your desktop as a news panel
– Allows you to scan multiple news sources at the same time
– Lets you customize the look and feel by changing the font color
– Lets you choose between 5 skins
– Lets you hide the feed pane
– Lets you hide the Status pane
– Lets you resize and move the skin
– Lets you hide the custom tool tips
– Lets you hide the Toolbar
– Lets you delete feeds
– Allows you to run the application in the background
– Allows you to check your unread articles from different news sources on your desktop
– Lets you know right in the dock how many unread articles are available in the current news feed.
– Lets you know the number of unread articles in the current news feed.
– Allows you to check for more feeds
– Allows you to read the title of the article
– Allows you to scan and display a news feed-article in your web browser
– Lets you chose articles by Highlights, Headlines, Popularity or Preview
– Lets you hide articles
– Allows you to search for an article title
– Allows you to choose which feeds you want to show the title of the article in
– Allows you to choose which feeds you want to show the image of the article in
– Allows you to display the article in your web browser if possible
– Allows you to check for more feeds
– Allows you to find out which feeds are updated
– Allows you to customize the height of the news panel
– Allows you to customize the height of the status bar
– Allows you to view just the article header, the body or even the entire article
– Allows you to also view the feed in the

What’s New in the FeedGlance?

FeedGlance is a UI-Kit based News Aggregator and Feed Reader. It scans the

Linux News Journal is a GTK+ application to create news journals and helps you to keep track of the news from all over the internet. Read news in articles, comments, photos or YouTube videos; add your own comment.
A new entry will be displayed on each visit of the application. Linux News Journal allows you to switch between articles, comments, photos, YouTube videos and favourites by clicking on a button. Moreover, you can choose the skin that you prefer. You have many skins to choose from.

News Gone Viral is a small windows application that displays the user’s current feeds.
News Gone Viral is a small windows application that displays the user’s current feeds.
You do not have to have an account on NewsGoneViral.com to use the application. However, you will need to make an account on NewsGoneViral.com to login/register, so you can view/edit your own feeds.
After you register and login, just click on the NewsGoneViral.com symbol on the left side of the

A Web based, desktop Magazine reader using feed information from a number of different sources. The major difference from other readers is the ability to combine the content from multiple sources into a single RSS feed. For example a User can subscribe to a number of RSS feeds, then we can create a consolidated RSS feed containing all the news they have subscribed to. For more information go to

MS Word Sorter is a word processor with a wizard of a menu that helps to sort the documents in various ways (sort according to your choice, set a keyword, set a sort order) by simply clicking on the options. If you are looking for the software that best sorts MS Word documents, this is your choice.
You will find the entire list of the available sorting options in the footer of the MS Word window.

Remote Desktop Companion is a viewer (usermode) for Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), a protocol by Microsoft. In older versions of RDC, RDC Viewer was used to view Remote Desktop Sessions.Remote Desktop Companion is a viewer (usermode) for Remote Desktop Connection (RDC), a protocol by Microsoft. In older versions of RDC, RDC Viewer was used to view Remote Desktop Sessions.

RSS news aggregator and


System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor: Intel Pentium II (233 MHz)
Memory: 32 MB RAM (DirectX 7)
Video: Intel HD Graphics (DirectX 9)
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Additional Notes: The game will automatically download updates, ensuring you are always running the most current version. Game can also be updated in the future. *Try before you buy*
Requires an Intel Processor and 1 GB or more RAM
Windows 7/Vista/XP


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