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Embarcadero DB Optimizer 4.0 is a database performance tool that delivers rich performance tuning capabilities, helping you to analyze problems in your development environment and provide greater insight into potential performance issues.
Embarcadero DB Optimizer is meant to help you maximize database performance by allowing DBAs or developers to discover and diagnose poor-performing SQL, as well as boost their performance.
This tool can be used for streaming profiling data to a central repository or for removing performance bottlenecks within the developers’ production databases or apps.
Embarcadero DB Optimizer is actually an IDE that permits users to develop, check, profile, or tune their SQL data within the same place.
Note: Additional functions are available with the purchase of Embarcadero DB Optimizer Professional (designed for database professionals with full-scale performance tuning needs).
✉️ Key features of Embarcadero DB Optimizer:
◈ Analysis of SQL in all contexts, including SELECT statement, DML execution plan, DDL execution plan, DDL bulk execution plan, AppDev context.
◈ Run on all platform
◈ Support ANSI SQL and SQL92 standards
◈ Deployment and configuration of profilers
◈ Use all version of SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird or Oracle, and all versions of Windows or Linux
◈ Support all commonly used connection types, including ODBC, JDBC, InterBase, FireDAC, and ADO.NET
◈ Full XML report of database content and its connection settings
◈ Reporting on processing time for all types of queries, including performance of SQL, DML, DDL, bulk execution plans, ad hoc, and on-demand
◈ Support for SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, Oracle, and SQLite
◈ Automatic bulk execution plans and profiles
◈ Profiling on all stages of query execution
◈ Wizard-based profiling wizard, with drag-and-drop graphical interface and a built-in intuitive profiling template engine
✍ Embarcadero DB Optimizer is the ultimate tool for:
✍ Screen sharing
✍ SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Firebird, and Oracle Profiling
✍ Performance tuning
✍ Database performance analysis, tuning, diagnostics, and reporting
✍ SQL execution plan analysis, tuning, and reporting
✍ AppDev and server administration

Embarcadero DB Optimizer Crack + Activator Download [Mac/Win]

* Adds multithreaded streaming, summation, and aggregation to the existing data visualization and reporting abilities of Embarcadero Studio and Delphi 7.
* Allows developers to take advantage of profiling information while tuning the performance of their applications.
* Provides an object-oriented programming model for building applications that perform intensive queries.
* Considers multi-threading data profiling to offer better scalability.
* Provides data visualization abilities in which the developer can construct charts, tables, and graphs based on data that is being streamed from a remote server to a database server or app on your local machine.
* Enhances data profiling abilities of a database.
* Streams data (lots of small amounts of data) to a central repository or makes use of stream data in a local database.
* Creates summaries or aggregates the data in a database to the repository or app.
* Removes the performance burden of repetitive SQL data streaming in production or development applications.
* Allows developers to quickly and easily take advantage of the aforementioned profiling and tuning features from a single platform.
* Provides controls that help developers to avoid obtaining stuck during data profiling and tuning processes.
* Offers integrated multi-threading support for producing better-performing SQL apps.
* Supports standard database connectivity (ODBC/JDBC).
* Supports ODBC/JDBC streaming, including stream-through-stream, stream-in-stream, connectionless streaming, and streaming-in-memory.
* Adds support for summarization, aggregation, streaming, and profiling.
* Alters the SQL code and the data it references, regardless of whether it is the original table code or a proxied table that you create and optimize.
* Permits multiple scheduled streams to be performed concurrently (without causing SQL transaction integrity problems).
* Allows developers to help performance by using controls.
* Allows for optimized access to the database from the IDE.
* Streams data from a remote or local machine to a central repository or makes use of stream data from a local database.
* Creat

Embarcadero DB Optimizer Keygen

Embarcadero DB Optimizer reduces performance problems in your live, production database by presenting a web application interface to help you discover and correct the main places where your databases are suffering from performance problems.
Using the tool, you can diagnose poor-performing SQL statements, scan indexes and analyze view execution, find out what and where performance bottlenecks are, and tune your databases to be faster than ever.
Embarcadero DB Optimizer gives you:
• Real-time database monitoring and analytics for each SQL statement executed on the production databases
• Fast SQL SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL diagnostics and analytics
• Tools and utilities for tuning your SQL databases. With the tool, you can identify performance problems, find out what can be optimized, and improve the speed of your databases by making changes directly on the production servers.
Embarcadero DB Optimizer features include:
• Real-time, dynamic optimization of SQL statements
• Configurable SQL statement rules
• Database comparison between current production and future targets
• Analytical queries for measuring the health of your databases
• SQL plan graph and SQL statement graph for quick detection of leaks and improvement
• SQL snippet export for presentation or an external database administration tool
• Developer features for tuning SQL databases by scanning and analyzing index and view
The Embarcadero DB Optimizer software in this bundle includes forked versions of Embarcadero SQL Tools Business Intelligence (CASMI). SQL Trace, SQL Profiler, SQL Trace Editor, Database Monitor, and SQL Analyzer are included in this bundle.

Embarcadero SQL Server Data Tools is an add-in for both SQL Server and Oracle providing a comprehensive suite of utilities for SQL Server and Oracle database developers. Its major features include database profiling, SQL query optimization, SQL execution monitor, and SQL query execution report to help users improve performance of their database applications. It is a visual query analysis tool and execution engine that analyzes the query plan and the execution times to pinpoint the performance bottlenecks and weaknesses in the database.
Embarcadero SQL Server Data Tools is actually an IDE that permits you to query, analyze, optimize, and monitor all aspects of your SQL Server databases within the same place. The app can be used in desktop mode, as an extension to Visual Studio, or from the command line. Other features include query-trace and query-optimization capabilities, a SQL Server query editor, a database profiler, SQL execution monitor, and a

What’s New in the?

• Supports SQL syntax changes:
• Allows users to check different SELECT statements with the same code. The IDE lets users retrieve and edit parameters of the SQL statement in a single window.
• Lets users instantly make changes to a SQL query’s syntax.
• Automatically converts user-entered SQL code to the most optimal code before actually trying to run the query.
• Immediately offers correction suggestions when encountering errors within SQL query syntax.
• Automatically checks SQL queries for syntax errors using the new Enhance Query Editor. (Supported in Embarcadero® Delphi® XE3, Delphi® and RAD Studio XE2 versions).
• Permits users to perform a quick and easy performance analysis.
• Automatically retrieves information about the data that will be used in the query.
• Lets users create customized reports to identify performance issues or to troubleshoot queries within a larger context.
• Supports queries with UNION, UNION ALL, ORDER BY, LIMIT and OFFSET.
• Lets users design and develop complex SQL queries using the query diagram.
• Lets users run queries as a UNION, UNION ALL, ORDER BY, LIMIT, and OFFSET.
• Allows queries to be attached to a project.
• Allows users to import of set of optimizations as being used to generate large databases.
• Allows users to run optimizations in batches.
• Allows users to check reports and statistics after running optimizations.
• Performs different types of optimization in the same window, including query graph recalculation, DDL optimization, data loading optimization, and data sorting optimization.
• Generates comprehensive reports:
• Allows users to see the data that will be used in each query.
• Permits users to save the report as Excel, Word, HTML, PDF, and email.
• Permits users to display the most important data from the reports.
• Allows users to sort the reports by different columns.
• Allows users to filter the reports by other criteria.
• Permits users to export the queries to another IDE, to multiple files, or to a database.
• Permits users to run optimizations in batch mode.
• Permits users to limit the number of optimization suggestions to be shown.
• Permits users to copy the optimizations for later reuse.
• Permits users to convert local tables to local and remote databases without having to re-create the local tables.
• Permits users to save optimization parameters


System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows 8 (32/64-bit)
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 / AMD Athlon X2 64 3800+
Memory: 4 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with Shader Model 4.0
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband internet connection
Hard Drive: 20 GB available space
OS: Windows 7 (32/64-bit), Windows


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