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db Calculations is a tiny and portable application you can use to crunch numbers for voltage in a comfortable environment that delivers results on the spot. It's capable of processing data to calculate Volts root square (Vrms), peak (Vp), peak-to-peak (Vpp) and average, as well as dBu, dBv, dB reference (dBr) and dB full scale (dBFS). Perform Voltage calculations and get results instantly The user-friendly interface is made of a square panel that encompasses all options. By entering an input and output Voltage value, you can instruct the utility to instantly calculate the dB gain that, in turn is used for figuring out the previously mentioned numerical quantities. Make adjustments and copy Voltage values Additionally, you can click on an output unit's button to use it as the static reference, replacing its current value with the input to find out the parameters of the remaining units. The 0VU reference and dB headroom levels can be adjusted. Along with the selected static reference, these are taken into account for solving the db reference and dB full scale, respectively. Plus, you can select and copy information from one field at a time, and examine instructions supplied by the software developer. Unfortunately, there are no options integrated for copying, printing or saving all displayed details to file. Doesn't require installation The downloaded package of db Calculations consists of just one executable file that you can copy to a favorite directory on the disk or USB flash drive to seamlessly launch the tool on any machine without setup. This doesn't update the system registry with new entries or create extra files on the HDD. To run an uninstall, it's only necessary to erase the .exe item. Straightforward and easy-to-use Voltage calculator To sum up, db Calculations comes wrapped in a simple-to-navigate interface with clear instructions on how to calculate Voltage values if the buttons aren't intuitive enough. Tasks were carried out instantly in our tests while system resources consumption was low.







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View and share the results The utility is a useful application with just a few features, but a great value due to the price. The only feature missing is a dynamic analysis, which would be possible if the calculation were extended to circuit simulation, panel size, number of connections, etc. Considering the sample of options available, you can be sure that the app is worth the price tag. Like it? Share with your friends! Other Windows Software of Developer «Blue Soullution»: GoodeTune GoodeTune is a live tool to test, identify and measure the frequency response of audio equipment, systems and rooms. It can measure the frequency response of both analog and digital audio, – line level or – line level, digital amplifier. The response can be distorted or harmonic signals across multiple frequencies. The results are displayed in a table so the user can save, print and… Multiman Multiman is an advanced Audio Editor that can be used to create, modify and save any number of audio files, waveforms and audio playlists. Changes can be made in the waveform editor, hear the results in real time, and then save the updated waveform to disk. Added new functionality and options: Overloaded audio files can be split into multiple.wma files. The… Lusher Audio Lusher Audio is a Windows application for processing audio. It includes standard audio features such as normalize, volume control, equalization, equalizer automation, saturation, noise gate, and compression. Lusher Audio also includes special features such as shaping, detunes, delay, soft clipping, pre-echo, reverb, and distort. Those features make it easy to apply… 8track Audio Mini Pro 8track Audio Mini Pro is a PC application for audio analysis and processing. This Audio Editor includes features such as normalize, volume control, equalization, equalizer automation, saturation, noise gate, and compression. 8track Audio Mini Pro also includes special features such as shaping, detunes, delay, soft clipping, pre-echo, reverb, and distort…. 7-D Plots Audio 7-D Plots Audio is a Windows application for processing audio. This Audio Editor includes features such as normalize, volume control, equalization, equalizer automation, saturation, noise gate, and compression. 7-D Plots Audio also includes special features such as shaping, detunes, delay, soft clipping, pre-

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The software is able to calculate and display properties such as Volts rms, peak, average and full scale. The user-friendly interface is made of a square panel that encompasses all options. The program features a file manager in which you can view selected Voltage values. Can calculate dBu, dBv, dBv reference (dBr), dBv full scale (dBFS). There is a standard headroom for dBv measurement. Can calculate Vrms, peak and average voltages. Has a built-in 5V battery. Supports portable power supplies and DC to DC adapters. Can copy selected information to another field. That’s all for now on db Calculations. Join our mailing list and stay tuned for more interesting programs.Q: Different URL Path is not working with Cordova 3 I have created project in Cordova 3. I am calling URL with different URL Path which work fine in browser, but giving “404 Not Found” on android emulator when I am calling that URL. This is my path: Click here Here is html code: Welcome to WW.WorldIndex This is a 404 not found page Actually this is index.html which is the Index page for my project. A: Add the following permission to AndroidManifest.xml. Add this in the java class. @Override protected void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { 2f7fe94e24

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The application comes with a zipped file you can unzip and double-click on the extracted db Calculations icon to launch the utility on Windows 8.1, 7, Vista and XP. Read more of the review… Last week, we published a new testing methodology in which I’ve pointed out the three distinct areas needed in each test: The device, which must be taken into account, for example, battery consumption, running temperature and RAM usage The test software, which comprises different sections and tools, including the test device, logic analyzer and programming software The hardware used to create a process around the device under test and perform the test itself Of all three components, none is more important than any other. The device is the foundation. If the chip doesn’t behave correctly, it’s useless to analyze anything else. Thus, I’ve suggested several different methods to do so and pointed out any of them that fell short of perfection. The latest firmware To ensure the most up-to-date information on each mobile device I’ve used for testing, I’ve applied the firmware version indicated in the linked articles to the devices that are shown in this article. Verdict Aha! Internet radio app shows the future of radio. What about the hardware to experience it? Its market share has grown at a hefty rate, but the software hasn’t benefited from that success, as hardware is almost always sold in packages. The mobile web radio (MWR) has a very practical purpose for consumers, as their smartphone of choice is usually always nearby, yet they don’t have the opportunity to hear the radio. Internet radio is convenient, well-designed and completely free. The small size of streaming audio sources and the easy, intuitive mode of streaming radio apps are just a few of the reasons why the trend of MWR apps is currently spreading on the mobile Web. Because mobile phone manufacturers, such as Google with its All Access service or Apple with its Wifi Music service, are long overdue to create apps that they would really be interested in. The imminent release of iOS 8.3 with new mobile Internet radio features should be seen as a first step in this direction. The latest iOS version brings some improvements to Apple’s own streaming services, such as expanded high-quality streams or more options to control the amount of audio to display in the app. On the Android side, however, the functionality of the Google Play Music app has been improved and the inclusion of

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Hi, I’m Richard Devine. I’m a freelance technical writer from northern Germany. My main subject is PC hardware, but I’m also an expert in information security and networking. Over the years, I built up quite a few blogs, websites, and online publications. It is this experience, which I want to put to your use as my main guide for your search for competent writers and experts.He was born William Thomas in Memphis, Tennessee, on May 10, 1948. He is the son of Ruth Jane Carter and William “Danny” Thomas and has two siblings – brother, Dan and sister, Mary A native of Memphis, Tom had a promising career playing Minor League Baseball in the Atlanta Braves organization, retiring as a member of the Kansas City Royals in 1979. He did minor stints in the Majors as a catcher, third base and first base. He married his wife, Barbara, at the age of 20 and lived in Atlanta with their three children, Tamara (Michael), Kerri and Ryan. He had surgery in January 2004 and returned to work as a carpenter in May 2005. Tom was a member of American Legion Post 3 in Fayetteville, where he organized a bowling league. He enjoyed his work in wood shop and woodworking, spending much time making furniture. Tom also enjoyed his work as a volunteer in his church, as well as a volunteer coach for the church’s youth football and cheerleading programs. He was an avid fly fisherman and loved to hunt, fish and target shoot. He was also an accomplished golf player and also loved to go to the casinos. Tom’s passion was to help others. His son, Michael was in Special Forces and served two tours of duty in Iraq, where he was seriously injured in a roadside bomb attack. He has been medically retired from the US Army. Our sincere condolences go out to Barbara, Tom’s family and all those who knew and loved him. At the request of Tom’s family, there will be no visitation. There will be a memorial celebration on Sunday at 2 p.m. at Mississippi Gulf Coast Chamber of Commerce, 3099 Highway 21 S, Gulfport. Memorial contributions may be made to Mississippi Gulf Coast Chorister’s School, PO Box 2209, Biloxi, MS 39531.This invention relates to a method and apparatus for mixing two gases, wherein the


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64bit Windows XP or Vista, 64bit Windows 7, or 64bit Windows 8.1. Pentium or Athlon dual core processors. 1GB of RAM. 3GB of available hard drive space. DirectX version 9.0c Windows Sound System The game requires 8 GB of free disk space. The game requires 1024×768 display resolution or higher. Recommended hardware specifications for the game are: OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) or Windows Vista Service Pack 2


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