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Adobe Ovation was designed to turn the lifeless PowerPoint slides that you have created into a stunning visual experience in seconds. Sensational themes called PowerLooks add subtle motion, high-resolution text, and dynamic TV-style transitions to plain PowerPoint slides. Ovation also offers built-in presentation tools that help you deliver a superior message. Ovation works like a player for PowerPoint files and automatically enhances presentations as you give them. Simply create your presentation in PowerPoint. Then drop your file onto Ovation’s desktop icon. Here are some key features of Ovation:
Create & edit in PowerPoint:
■ Create your presentation in PowerPoint as usual, then drag and drop your PowerPoint file onto Ovation’s desktop icon or export directly into Ovation. Ovation will instantly turn PowerPoint slides into a visually-stunning presentation. PowerLooks more than themes or a plug-in for PowerPoint, PowerLooks add vibrant color, subtle motion, and high-resolution text to plain, lifeless slides. High-readable text:
■ Transform low-resolution fonts into text that ranges from tastefully subtle to sparkling brilliance. Smooth motion:
■ Ovation’s exclusive PowerLooks add smooth motion to your message. From subtle to eye-catching, Ovation brings presentations to life. Emphasize new content:
■ Keep audiences focused. As each new bullet is revealed, the previous bullet steps back from the spotlight and becomes transparent or defocused. Customize for your audience:
■ Provide presenter contact information and showcase the presentation name in a unique way. Brand reinforcement:
■ Add your organization’s logo, brand elements and even an entire background image to turn Ovation’s PowerLooks into your own brand-building look. Prompt presentation changes:
■ Provide a variety of ways to filter through more than 100 PowerLooks allowing users to choose by color or by style. High-quality audio:
■ Add high-quality audio to presentations through Ovation. Include background music, jingles, or sound effects. Invite questions:
■ Add a question prompt slide before you introduce your presentation to gather feedback from your audience. Track time with timekeepers:
■ Track the time of day or minute of an event. Monitor presentation length:
■ Change the length of a presentation to fit your audience. Track audience size and interest:
■ View presenters’ names on their slides or monitor audience size. High-quality image backgrounds

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Create stunning visuals using PowerPoint.
Move as if you are viewing a projected image.
Ovation transforms PowerPoint presentations into visual spectacles.
Bring PowerPoint to life with Ovation’s unique power.
Ovation works like a player for PowerPoint files. Simply create your presentation, drop it on Ovation’s icon, and watch as Ovation instantly makes your PowerPoint slides stunning.
Ovation uses the PowerPoint file you created for its look, color, text, transitions, animations, and bullets.
All you do is create your presentations, drop the file on Ovation, and watch Ovation take your PowerPoint presentations to a new level.
Ovation uses the PowerPoint file you created for its look, color, text, transitions, animations, and bullets.
Ovation works like a PowerPoint player. Place a PowerPoint file on Ovation’s desktop icon and enjoy stunning visuals, full motion, and great transitions in seconds.
Ovation is a completely new experience for both you and the recipients of your presentations. Your audience is sure to be impressed by Ovation’s unique ability to turn PowerPoint into a stunning visual experience.
Ovation comes with a set of high-resolution presentation themes: PowerLooks. Use these gorgeous looks as your default or per-slide basis. Or use one of more than 100 PowerLooks included to enhance and personalize your presentations.
Ovation runs on Windows Vista, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 95 or Windows 98.
Some key features:
Create & edit in PowerPoint
Use Ovation to instantly turn PowerPoint slides into eye-catching visual effects without using PowerPoint itself. To use, drop an Ovation-created PowerPoint file onto Ovation’s icon. Then, Ovation will instantly turn your PowerPoint slides into a stunning presentation.
Create stunning visuals using PowerPoint. Ovation power-makes PowerPoint presentations into a stunning visual experience.
Highly-readable text
Change the text in your PowerPoint presentations into vibrant color. All text will stay high-resolution while retaining PowerPoint’s high-quality font and style.
Smooth motion
Add motion to your presentations to keep your audience interested. With Ovation, you can add eye-catching motion to your PowerPoint presentations.
Bullet emphasis
Keep your audience focused on the main points you’re trying to make. When a new bullet is revealed, the previous bullet steps back into the background and becomes transparent or defocused.
Message reinforcement
Use Ovation to add thought-provoking words to your PowerPoint presentations. As each new

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PowerOvation is a powerful design and communication tool that can be easily integrated with PowerPoint. It lets you create stunning multimedia presentations in just a few clicks. Its unique text and image enhancement features can help you present your ideas with style. You can easily insert movie, sound and image-related media that compliment your presentation, and the built-in animation tools (including Pose, SlidePlay and PowerPlay) offer unlimited ways to spice up your work.
PowerOvation is also the perfect presentation tool for busy professionals and students who need to provide presentations to large groups. With its built-in PDF export feature, you can also easily create slide packages and make professional-quality slides for printouts.
Overview and Features
■ Create presentations in PowerPoint by dragging and dropping.
■ Includes 60 professional PowerPoint themes.
■ Integrated live text, so no matter how fast your audience is reading, the text is always readable.
■ Apply effects to each slide or to a selected slide or audience.
■ Includes many presentation and business related PowerPoint themes.
■ Supports both 30-slide, multi-slide layouts.
■ Includes a slide transition animation tool for precise control.
■ Includes two View tools for fast, easy navigation.
■ Supports animations, animations in slides, and animations in the transitions.
■ Works with all Windows operating systems.
■ Uses a simple interface.
■ 45-day trial version.
PowerOvation Requirements:
■ Processor: 1.6 GHz or faster processor, 128 MB of RAM
■ Graphics Card: Any type, 128 MB of graphics RAM (256 MB recommended)
■ CD-ROM drive
■ 100 MB of hard disk space
■ Microsoft PowerPoint XP or 2003
How to Install:
■ Download and install PowerOvation (or you can view online)
■ Add PowerOvation to your Windows Start menu
■ While PowerOvation is running, click the Start button to add PowerOvation to your Windows Start menu and let you launch it, even when you are running a different PowerPoint application
General User Instructions (English):
■ In order to use PowerOvation you must download and install PowerOvation.
■ PowerOvation can also be added to your Windows Start menu.
■ Drag and Drop. Create

What’s New in the?

Powerful After Effects presets for creating a stunning image-based presentation with motion graphics. Create and animate your presentations with motion graphics, special effects, and great presentations within seconds. Ovation can be installed on any version of After Effects CS5 and later.
Adobe Ovation Features:
Learn more about Ovation with the following videos:

Can I use Ovation with other plug-ins such as Font, 3D, Clips, and Text options?
Yes. You can use Ovation with any of these plug-ins as long as you are using After Effects CS5.5 or later.
Do I need to download Ovation’s plug-in separately?
Yes. You will need to download file manually. However, if you do not, you may experience problems with Ovation not appearing on your desktop.
Do I need an Adobe account to install Ovation?
Yes. Although you can use Ovation without an Adobe account, you will not be able to download any updates, new content or additional features.
Can I install Ovation on a Mac?
Yes. Although Ovation is not available on a Mac, you can still use the PowerLooks that Ovation comes with on Macs. PowerLooks will allow you to use Ovation’s motion graphics and special effects on a Mac.
How do I install Ovation?
Follow the provided instructions on the Adobe Ovation website.
How do I uninstall Ovation?
Open the Adobe Ovation application. If you have a My Adobe account, you can download the uninstaller. If you do not have a My Adobe account, please contact Adobe customer care.

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