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The Virtual Earth Map Control is a Microsoft Silverlight-based control that enables a user to produce a map from the live data of the Virtual Earth server. This control is used in a number of various Silverlight 2 applications that run on a web page. Users can embed a map produced by the map control in an app which renders on the Silverlight-enabled Web Browser. In addition, the map is imported into Silverlight Toolkit Map Demo applications, so the map can be viewed inside a Silverlight/Map Demo application.
This SDK is designed to cover the functionality of the entire API. It provides the hooks to render the layer, supports the loading of WMS data, supports the exporting of customized data, supports the importing of imagery and data from other services (such as Google Earth), and supports styling.
This SDK does not attempt to deliver complete solutions for all possible scenarios, but rather serves as a reference for all levels of application development. It is assumed that users will have a solid foundation of knowledge in Microsoft.NET, Web-based technologies, and Silverlight. This SDK provides a series of sample applications to help with initial development, but no samples are included. This SDK includes references to run-time controls and a reference implementation for Silverlight’s app map component.
This is the only SDK that provides an implementation of the map control.
This SDK is intended as a reference for a developer who wants to support a web page with map of one of the Virtual Earth layers, such as Streets, Transportation, or Landmarks. For more complicated scenarios, developers may find it necessary to design their own custom control to match their exact requirements. The Silverlight SDK Toolkit provides a base control template, but is not intended to be a complete alternative to a custom control.
The Map Control SDK should be used in conjunction with the Silverlight Map Demo application to test how well the control and map work together.
Map control items
The map control is comprised of items which are all stored in a collection called the MapItemsControl. The MapItemsControl itself is the root control of the map control. Items in the MapItemsControl are called MapItems. The MapItems control contains two sub-controls:
* An ItemTemplateSelector, used to interpret the style of the item.
* A MapElement, which contains the data for the item.
The MapItems control uses an ItemTemplateSelector to create the actual item. The selected item template will be used as the basis for the rendering of that

Virtual Earth Map Control SDK Crack+ Free Download

This SDK provides access to the Map Control for Microsoft Virtual Earth Web Service. It provides programming interfaces and examples for those programmers that want to make their own maps based on the map control. The SDK is provided as a free service to the online community.
Visual Basic 6.0 or higher
Visual C#.NET 4
Visual Basic.NET 2008
Microsoft’s original development kit can be found at

Public Class VM_MapControl

Private Shared Function set_themes(ByVal mapcontrol As Object, ByVal theme As Object) As Boolean
End Function

Private Shared Function set_mapType(ByVal mapcontrol As Object, ByVal mapType As Object) As Boolean
End Function

Private Shared Function set_themes(ByVal mapcontrol As Object, ByVal theme As Object) As Boolean
End Function

Private Shared Function Get_customFilter(ByVal mapControl As Object, ByVal filter As Int32) As Int16
End Function

Private Shared Function Get_mapType(ByVal mapcontrol As Object) As Int16
End Function

Private Shared Function Get_theme(ByVal mapControl As Object, ByVal themeNum As Int16) As Object
End Function

Virtual Earth Map Control SDK Crack Free

The Virtual Earth Map Control contains a set of objects and classes that can be used in your own ASP.NET applications. In addition, this SDK includes items such as the Virtual Earth map control, map rendering, map container, map images and map icons.
Learn how to use the SDK to add interactive online maps of your customers to your Web site.
Web Development With Virtual Earth is a series of books that demonstrate how to integrate Virtual Earth into your ASP.NET 2.0 application or Web site.
Each book in the series is a step-by-step tutorial that demonstrates and explains each of the major components of the SDK, such as how to programmatically interact with the globe, information windows and how to change the map style of a map control.
Each title in the Web Development With Virtual Earth series includes tutorials, samples, animations, interactive quizzes and complete solutions to make creating, integrating and deploying interactive map-based Web sites simple.
Each book in this series is dedicated to a specific ASP.NET control. This first book in the series will show you how to use the map control.
How to use this SDK:
The SDK provides a set of easy-to-use classes.


Maps are one of the most important features on a Web site. A map can tell the customer where the goods are located. It can also make a Web site visually interesting. The right map can also help the site rank higher on search engines. This book will show you how to create a map control and add it to your web pages.


Create a map control to be used in your Web pages

Demonstrate how to add interactive online maps of your customers to your Web site

Create a map control that is ready to be used on your Web site

Programmatically add the map control to your pages

Provide tips for creating a successful online map-based Web site

Programmatically configure the control and how to use the configuration information to customize the map control

Programmatically specify which shape files to use

How to use the SDK:
The SDK provides a set of easy-to-use classes.

Helpful Resources

Sample Codes

Helpful Articles

Creating an Interactive Web Map : The Virtual Earth map control allows you to display a dynamic map that is generated on the fly based on live data. By using the Virtual Earth map control, you can create a map that looks amazing and is as interactive as

What’s New in the?

Visual Studio support an “SDK” build of the Virtual Earth Map Control. When using the Virtual Earth Map Control, you can develop applications that enable Web sites to display maps that are delivered via Virtual Earth. This SDK provides programmatic references and instructions for programming the map control. This includes topics such as the supported data types, background threads, and the Map Control object.
Programming Notes and Tips
Users should know that the Map Control is not implemented as a Silverlight control and does not require Silverlight-based code. While you can use a Web browser to access the map control, the SDK is designed for making the map control accessible as part of an.aspx Web page. The SDK does not provide a Silverlight control, but a set of pages and JavaScript files to accomplish its development and use.
When developing applications for the map control, you can use the.NET Framework to handle the many different types of map data supported by Virtual Earth. The map control can be customized by encapsulating the data returned from the servers. Data encapsulation is a complex topic, and you should have strong web development experience to understand this topic. You also may consider using the JavaScript libraries provided by Virtual Earth in order to bypass the need to understand encapsulation and the related topics.
Sample Silverlight Applications
This SDK includes sample code for the basic techniques used to display a map of a location. The sample map applications are in the MapControlDemo/ folder in the SDK. The MapControlDemo/*.cs files show how to access the map control, display a map, and calculate and respond to the map zoomed in or out.
Extending Virtual Earth
The Virtual Earth Web Services are a set of Web services that provide a REST-based interface to the features of Virtual Earth. For information about creating and using Virtual Earth Web services, see the following topics:
Programming Credentials for Virtual Earth
This component is updated and distributed to the VS SDK and released by Microsoft. The component is tested using a Windows Vista Release Candidate (RC) operating system. For any issues, including compatibility, please refer to the following Web site:

This SDK provides support for the Map Control for Virtual Earth (MVEControl). Users can provide an interface for the map control and use it to display their own maps. The map control can be used with Virtual Earth data types (roads, addresses, imagery), as well as the global and regional, web, and places data types. The Map Control

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