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File sharing can be done in various ways, either via the Internet, or by using memory drives. Either way, it is good to be on the safe side and protect your files anyway you can. SmartRM can help you protect your files, and share them with other people.
Keep transfers simple and safe
After running the application, you might find yourself scratching the back of your head and asking what to do next. The lack of a big main window that you would expect after the login screen, might get you confused. That is because it will automatically start in your system tray, and remain there until used. There is certainly no need for it to occupy your desktop unless, you really need to share or protect files.
Choose visibility, and duration of access
This can simply be done by either right clicking on the desired file and choosing “Protect with SmartRM”, which will immediately start the application. You will go through the process of creating a virtual license for one or more users who you want to have access to the specified file you want to share. Several options can be made available, such as printing, or making visibility available even if the host is offline.
Furthermore, you may chose to allow users that don't have access to the specific file to ask for a license, in case you forgot to mention someone. There are also options regarding the duration of the file availability, and how many times it can be accessed.
To end with
All in all, SmartRM tries to make file sharing a little bit more safe. It does not require much time to be spent learning how to use it, and certainly does not bother you with any unnecessary options, keeping things straight to the point.







SmartRM Crack + License Key Full Free Download [Updated]

Quickly and safely protect documents, photos, videos or pretty much any file and folder, and share them with friends or colleagues. Protect any one or multiple files with Virtual License.

To do:

Animated icons, background and gloss in header
Ability to upload multiple files at once
Fix crash in tray icon
Add options for specific folder and/or specific file
Ability to add options to set specific folder and specific file
Use of database engine for background processing

Animated logo
The SmartRM Crack Free Download logo is a animated cute logo that pops up after you log in for the first time and starts the application, every time you use it. The logo and file protection is quite cute and makes SmartRM Cracked Accounts feel like it’s a true tool to use.

Background process
The background process is handled by SmartRM Crack Mac every time you use it. It takes care of sharing/protecting files on your system. Whenever a file is shared/protected, the files are written to the different locations:

SmartRM For Windows 10 Crack System Tray
SmartRM has its own system tray icon, so it doesn’t bother you or your computer, and can remain in the system tray until you need to use it.
Trash Bin
If you want to share a file, but didn’t make it available, it is simply placed in the trash bin.
If you attempt to share a file, that you didn’t have permission to share/protect in the first place, the file is immediately written to the trash bin.
SmartRM Process
Once the background process is done with, you may return back to the operating system and continue using your computer normally.

** All action in SmartRM system tray is fully optional. You can continue using the computer normally, without ever touching SmartRM application.

Choose visibility, and duration of access

Other icons

Android app
For Google Android users, there is the option to download the app, and sync files with it. It is powered by the same background process, and will behave similar to the system tray.

And finally, I have two screenshots that have the SmartRM logo and icon.

File sharing can be done in various ways, either via the Internet, or by using memory drives. Either way, it is good to be on the safe side and protect your files anyway you can. SmartRM can help you protect your files, and share them with other people.

SmartRM Free Download

The program helps you manage the access to protected files and folders
It allows you to protect the file(s), folder(s) or program(s) and make
them not accessible to anyone.

It is packed with various options to control the level of access you’d like to offer. All are pretty straight forward.

Don’t open the folder that holds the protected file.
If the guest user does not have rights to the document, it will ask for the virtual license.

It will also ask you if you’d like to share a license with the guest user.
SmartRM Features:

Protected files and folders
Virtual Licenses
Virus scanner
Sharing Licenses
Users at your PC
Date and time settings

For a list of options, please check this page.
Program Features:

Safe and secure
Uses no local resources
No installation required
Protects many files, and can
Batch create and remove virtual

This would be a video that would explain the application a little bit better:


Me Action is a portable software that offers a simple, efficient, intuitive and friendly way to keep track of files shared and access control.

What’s Me Action?
Me Action is an easy to use, point-and-click file sharing manager. It helps you to keep track of files that you share and access control. You can use it to share files and folders with friends, family, colleagues and anyone else you want.
When sharing a file, you can grant permission to other people. In this way, you will not need to worry about who has access to your files and where they keep. And this convenient application has so many features, you can even use it to organize your data. So you can create folders as you wish and keep your data always in one place.

How to Share Files?
To share a file or folder, open the file you want to share, right click it and select ‘Share’ from the context menu.
When you share a file, you can set permissions so that:

No one is allowed to open it
No one is allowed to modify it
No one is allowed to copy or delete it
Anyone who received permission can open it

To manage permissions for a group of files, click on the blue folder on the menu bar at the top of the window.

SmartRM Crack


For Windows 3.x/95/98/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Simple file sharing, with adequate safety and reliability

Share your files by copying a license to a memory stick.

Never share by sending files directly from your memory stick.

No installation

Available for free

Protect your files with a virtual license

Simple file sharing, with adequate safety and reliability

Make your memory stick available to any number of users

Protect your files with a virtual license

Never share by sending files directly from your memory stick.

No installation

Available for free


Use a good alternative to WinZip which is much more powerful

Use a good alternative to WinZip which is much more powerful

Easy to use and secure

Easy to use and secure

Simple to use, easy to learn

Simple to use, easy to learn

Average User Rating

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What’s New In?

File Sharing made easy!
SmartRM provides you a safe way to share large files, in a less than 15 minutes.
You can select the type of files you want to share and with whom; share only the files you need or share everything.
You also have total control over the process: you decide the duration of access, get to choose the type of access you want to grant others (print, e-mail, etc)
You can set a custom name for the license, and add a comment, so that everyone will know it is a shared file.
You can also choose to make this license invisible or not, so it will not appear on the target PC desktop.
You also have a built-in Windows restore point system to make sure the license will stay valid, even in case you have to restore your PC.
Finally, SmartRM can be installed on a USB drive, and put on a CD/DVD.

SmartRM User Guide:


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System Requirements For SmartRM:

Unreal Engine 4.0.3
Windows OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Mac OS: 10.5 or later
PS3: PlayStation 4 system software 7.21 or later
Mac OS: Intel Dual-core 3.2GHz
Windows OS: Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz or faster
PS3: Intel Athlon X2 2.4GHz or faster
Mac OS: 4GB or better
Windows OS: 4GB or better

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