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Displays current download speed (to the left) and upload speed (to the right) in Kilobits. Automatically detects WiFi connection.







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Rebel WiFi is the fastest WiFi driver that fits into a 15.4″ display with brilliant full-color graphics. It takes up less than 150 KB of space and comes with an E-Z Install bootloader. You can also be connected to the internet after installation (no internet connection required).

Leads the crowd with power in every aspect. The new and improved LA8465HV VGA driver (version 5.07) performs well, so most of the features found in the older driver (4.70) are still there, like 1920×1200 or 1360×768. The LA8465HV hardware can emulate any resolution with any refresh rate in the supported range (up to 165 Hz) and is capable of displaying at over 200 Hz in many circumstances, but the driver supports only 60 Hz, 60 Hz Interlaced (interlaced at 60 Hz), 75 Hz Interlaced (interlaced at 75 Hz) and 75 Hz Progressive (progressive at 75 Hz), both in VGA and HDMI mode. The driver supports 1920×1200, 2048×1536 and 2560×1600 resolutions as well as the different modes for the VGA standard (GS or GX) and the HDTV standard (YPBPR,YPbPr). Allowing the full range of supported 1280×720 resolutions, pixel doubling (up to 2560×1600) and pixel or frame doubling are possible. The graphics core can also be enabled for pixel or frame doubling at 1920×1200 and lower resolutions (up to 2048×1536). In addition, the driver is capable of providing a range of power saving features.

USB Storage In Windows 7: Freely enables or disables USB storage (device drivers) to match the current Windows state. This includes USB 3.0.

HDMI 1.4a: Allows drivers to disable HDMI 1.4a (based on the HDMI 1.4a specification, which is quite different from HDMI 1.3), so that you can operate the display and the audio/video source via HDMI 1.3. It supports the latest HDMI audio and video enhancements:

Improved HDCP implementation for HDMI 1.4a: It supports various formats for the output encryption used by HDMI 1.4a and the new digital interfaces. The current situation for HDMI 1.4a support is that you can operate it without encryption on a specific source, or with AES/EBU (Encrypted Audio-Video) on certain products. This driver

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By using a bidirectional widget, you can update current download speed (to the left) and upload speed (to the right) in Kilobits.


Traffic Monitor – Internet Traffic Monitor
Traffic Monitor application uses internet counters that save bandwidth and allow you to have a simple and intuitive interface for watching the bandwidth consumption. You can configure various filtering functions which allowed to have a longer refresh rate and to include more bandwidth usage counters.


System Monitor – System Monitor
System Monitor is a free tool that monitors the resources used by your operating system.


Flux – Flux Free
Flux is a simple time tracking and work management software for freelancers.


Tunnelville – Tor & VPN Tunnel Monitor
Tunnelville monitors all of the virtual private networks and the Tor network, providing to you total visibility into connections made. This free VPN monitor tool will help you to determine if your Internet access is being blocked, and give you detailed logging information.


ZoneMinder – Access, Video, Web & PC Camera Monitor
ZoneMinder is a Free, open-source Network Monitoring Software. Uses all available sensors in the network to monitor all available computers and devices.


Easy Admin – Web Hosting Monitor
Easy Admin is a powerful & free network monitoring solution.


Zbot – Web & PC Scanner
Zbot is a free, easy to use network scanner that can be used to scan computers and websites on your local network. Automatically scans for new computers and new websites.


Rspamd – Rspamd is a free and open source spam filter and gateway.


Robbonet – Robbonet is a feature-rich system information, monitoring and system management tool for systems running Microsoft Windows NT or later.


PortSWede – PortSWede is a free/open source application that provides a way of checking network and system related information on remote computers. Provides network scanning tools, system information and other useful features.


Xnee – Zero-configuration network monitoring for Windows based computers and devices.


Unyte – Simple web file manager and activity monitor.


Wireless Protected Access Manager – WPA / WPA2

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WiFi Freedom is a robust wireless router which can transfer data at higher speeds. It has built-in Ad-hoc and Infrastructure modes. In the Ad-Hoc mode, you can directly connect two devices with each other. In the Infrastructure mode, you can connect your devices to the router to access internet via the wired port.

When you connect your laptop and any other devices to the router using a LAN cable, you can instantly establish a secure connection between your laptop and the router. All the devices connect through the wireless connection. You can secure your wireless network by connecting your computers and other devices to the router wirelessly.

Having a wireless router in your home will enable you to have a much faster connection to the Internet and will also ensure that your home devices will have a good Internet connection.

The WiFi Freedom will automatically establish a secure connection when you connect the WiFi Freedom router to your LAN port. When you use the WiFi Freedom as an access point, you can share the Internet connection and make the connection safe using this WiFi router.

You will be able to setup your network and setup your devices using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

WiFi Freedom will have several wired connections so that you will have the option to connect the router to multiple ports and have the access to network from multiple directions. The router will have an easy-to-use control panel which will allow you to make changes to your router’s settings easily.

The WiFi Freedom will have a power saving mode for energy conservation. You will be able to enable or disable the power saving mode. You can also manage your devices remotely and perform actions using the WiFi Freedom smartphone app.

Now, the time has come to do a detailed review of the WiFi Freedom.

Design and Appearance

The WiFi Freedom is equipped with a powerful and stylish look and feel. WiFi Freedom has an LED display to show status and your network connection. WiFi Freedom is a beautiful and innovative feature-rich router. This WiFi router will look great at your home.

The WiFi Freedom also has a stylish green globe on the back of the router and the USB ports to connect the devices.

The WiFi Freedom has a beautiful green color look. The glow emitting from the globe will look amazing. The globe and the LED display will provide information regarding your Internet connection in a very impressive way.

The WiFi Freedom has two powerful antennas at the top for fast and powerful wireless performance. The WiFi Freedom will have a

What’s New in the Rebel WiFi?

Rebel WiFi is an application for multiple networks which allows you to have total control of your WiFi connection. It helps to learn which channels your access point uses and which others are a strong interference. By combining signal statistics and access point information you can learn where the best coverage is and where to place your router. You can then use that information to control your WiFi connection. On the other hand, it can be used as a backup if your connection is over-performing. You can also use it to find out where the most interference is coming from.

Embedded in the application, is a collection of information on the internal and external specs of your mobile device, together with information on your device’s current battery and signal level.

My Settings:
Offers a list of all of the user’s network settings and a button to change them.

The application presents a list of all of the wireless networks in your vicinity. The user can choose between seeing the type of signal, signal strength, channel number, interference level and other details, or can change the UI presentation using the application settings.

This application provides a number of features such as:
– Show the list of available networks in the vicinity (incl. neighboring BSSs).
– Hide BSSs you are not currently associated with.
– Hide networks you are currently associated with.
– Show the network name.
– Show the access point/AP name, SSID, encryption and authentication method.
– Filter results (if enabled).
– Change settings using the ‘My Settings’ button.
– Show the channel of available networks and change it.
– Show the router IP address.
– Provide other information about the router that you are using.
– Show an RSSI graph for available networks.
– Show signal levels for all available networks.
– Optionally list only one BSS, one AP and one RSSI graph for a selected network.
– Switch back to landscape.

Please note the following:
– This application will not work properly if you remove your SIM card or if the SIM card of the mobile device is configured to allow for ‘roaming’ (due to the device not getting its GPS coordinates).
– This application is not intended to work from an SD card as the WiFi connection is tied to the currently connected SIM card.
– This application has been designed to work when connected

System Requirements For Rebel WiFi:

-Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP 32-bit/64-bit and Apple Mac OS X 10.7
-8 GB of system memory (RAM)
-1 GB of system disk space
-Dual-core CPU with SSE2 support
-DirectX 11 video card with latest drivers
-1280×1024 resolution
-High Definition (HD) or True HD (1920×1080) for Windows and Mac
-Stereo speakers with 7.1 or higher channel output

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