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mtfem was specially designed as an accessible and Open Source piece of software that is able to compute displacements and stresses for 2D models, assuming plane strain conditions.
The input data must be provided in the form of a text file.







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mtran is a Matlab toolbox for studying the dynamic behavior of spatial structures. The toolbox can operate directly in Matlab or as a stand-alone Java application.
In the following we will describe the basics of the working principle of the toolbox. The users may

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Plasticity is the phenomenon that for some materials, when stress approaches a certain limit, they begin to deform permanently and exhibit a permanent deformation. For example, when a sheet of paper that is folded and compressed beyond a certain limit, its fibres bend permanently, resulting in wrinkling of the sheet. So, plasticity is

The vstemplate features add special functionality to AEM, specifically to the data setup process. It is basically a set of components that makes the life of a developer easier. It provides many core features like datasource, data store, workflow, etc.

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Import displacements and stresses data and produce the corresponding results
Displacements are specified in the form of discrete points and displacement grids
The user must indicate the number of displacement grids that must be applied

I did set up the subversion/git environment. Now I want to set up the workspace to work on this project.
I have first installed git-svn on my machine and I’m now creating a new workspace with the following command:
git svn clone myworkspace

Now I would like to check out this project into my workspace but I don’t know how to make a checkout (not using the command line since I do not know how to use it). When I do the command
git svn clone myworkspace

I get the following message
(Each line describes a file or directory to be added to the repository.)
Adding my workspaces
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
– adding subdirectory myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace/myworkspace
(skipping over the fact that there are 1.5 million files)

Can somebody help me? Is there anyway that I can tell git to check out a subversion version of a web project, then create a workspace on my machine where I can begin coding?


I found the solution. If you want to work on a subversion repository with git you need to install git-svn:
gem install git-svn
After this you will need to create a svn repository:

Mtfem Torrent (Activation Code)

The behavior of a material in any deformation situation is described by a strain-stress relation or constitutive law. In this paragraph, we show how the mechanical behavior of a material in the two-dimensional case can be easily understood through the definition of the yield function. The constitutive law is represented in the form of a constitutive equation. This type of equation is generally used in finite element software.
mtfem has a different approach. This software does not use a tensorial equation. A constitutive equation is defined as a non-linear function that relates the applied stress to the resolved shear strain; an affine material law is a non-linear function to relate the shear strain to the resolved normal strain. A strain-rate dependent constitutive law can also be considered.
File conversion:
You need to transfer the following files in the form of.txt:
– input.txt file
– output.txt file
– hysteresis.txt
-… (let me know if you need more)
In the output.txt file, you must write the results that you want to be displayed in output.txt. In the input file, you must indicate the deformed mesh nodes, as well as the output and input files.

In the.txt file you must indicate the nodes on the domain, their order (they must be numbered from 1 to M), the coordinates of each node (in a simple way you can think that nodes are represented by a letter and their corresponding coordinates by an alphabetical number), the node masses (if they are defined, otherwise they must be given by \alpha, where 0 Q:

Mapbox add circle markers on geojson polygon markers?

I have been trying to add circle markers on a mapbox map. I have found this tutorial but with no success.
I have added :

What’s New in the Mtfem?

The first line of the file must have the following information:

set n times x,y,z where n is the number of nodes of the mesh

set n times c,e,d where n is the number of vertices, edges, faces
> where the order of the nodes of the mesh is determined by the
> `atom_x`, `atom_y`, `atom_z` values.
> The nodes of the mesh are sorted in this order because if there is an
> undefined node, say:
> ———————————————–
> node 1 c,4.500e0,1.2450e0 node 2 c,4.600e0,1.2050e0
> ———————————————–
> and c is the value of the node1, when it will be read in the file, it
> will be assigned to both nodes, since they are in the same order.
> Note that the names of the nodes can be also different, for example:
> c,1.4e0 c,2.2e0 c,2.9e0 c,3.5e0 c,3.0e0 c,3.9e0 c,2.4e0
> c,4.2e0 c,1.7e0 c,4.1e0 c,1.8e0 c,4.5e0 c,4.2e0
> In this case c will be interpreted as the first node, and the other
> nodes as the second.

> The next lines determine the different types of nodes:
> `atom_type`
> `type`
> `tag`
> `n/a`
> `

System Requirements For Mtfem:

OS: Windows XP SP3 (Win7 is not supported), Windows Vista SP2 (Win8 is not supported)
Processor: Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or greater (Windows XP – 1GHz, Windows Vista – 1.6GHz, Windows 7 – 1.7GHz or greater, Windows 8 – 1.8GHz or greater)
Memory: 512MB RAM
Disc space: 4.0 GB free space
Video Card: Nvidia GeForce 7300 with 128MB or ATI Radeon HD 2600 series with 32MB or 64MB

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