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Foldover distortion is a type of distortion that is most useful in the audio art. It can resemble many things. A foldover is sometimes referred to as a “whoosh” or a “popping” sound. You can hear a foldover in any band that you hear the sound of a ringing hand bell or plastic drinking cup when it is shook. The higher the harmonic content, the more likely you’ll hear a foldover. It’s useful in creating an angry sound and a “driving” sound.
A foldover of course can be reverse-clipped; it can take a range of frequencies and can even be composed from just one harmonic or note. It has many uses and is good in digital audio work, because it is easy to control and is very good at simulating an analog effect.
Generally, folds are used to simulate an element of a recording that someone has done poorly. The examples I have in mind are the sound of people cleaning a telecaster, or someone switching to an amp on stage. Imagine those types of sounds, they are a foldover.
A foldover can be greater than three octaves wide or it can be as narrow as a single note.
From our favorite website, “Top Mixing Tips”:
Algorithms that are useful for this type of foldover distortion are sine, sawtooth, and square waves. These algorithms can be very simple, making it much easier to get as many foldovers into a mix as possible without investing a lot of time.
When I do this sort of thing, it is almost always best to simulate an analog effect before the digital domain. The best method of doing this is to simulate the foldover distortion digitally before the effects.
Most people seem to like to use one of those four algorithms. They are all cool, and they all give a similar type of foldover distortion. People generally gravitate to either a square wave, a sawtooth, a sine wave, or a piece-wise linear.
This plugin does all of these, and we’re going to use all of them. We’re going to start with the square wave. From the perspective of digital, we’re going to simulate the original wave in order to make our foldover signal.
We’re also going to use the proper phase and gain controls. The proper phase control will cause the distortion to start at a certain frequency or

Foldover Distortion [32|64bit]

This plugin is purely for adding valve style distortion to vocals. It can be used as a synth effect or for other applications, but it’s no substitute for the real thing. In addition to imparting a thick, vintage-like sound, the foldover effect offers many more advantages such as the creation of all sorts of cool waveforms. The foldover effect is based on a historical mathematical formula that simulates a valve, hence the name. The plug-in’s foldover parameter controls the degree of the effect – the amount of the foldover distortion. The width of the waveform is also controlled by the skew parameter. The foldover filter is a lowpass filter, and the effect is a chorus. The audio sample rate has a huge effect on the response curve of the filter, so I recommend testing at different sample rates.
Vendor: Phase Sound
Version: 5.5.9
Change log:
* Fixed a bug in the waveform with the Foldover effect: the waveform would be flat.
* Fixed a bug in the foldover effect: the waveform would be flat.
* Fixed an issue when using the foldover effect on a test track of more than 10 seconds.
* Fixed a bug with the DC offset. Sometimes, the DC offset got cut off.
* Fixed a bug with some of the synths that use the foldover effect.
* Fixed a bug with the foldover effect when several notes were played at the same time.
* Fixed a bug that came from a MIDI file that had a beat in only one channel.
* Fixed a bug with the foldover effect.
* Fixed a bug in the foldover effect that caused the DC offset to be cut off.
* Fixed a bug in the foldover effect. A few notes would be cut off.
* Fixed a bug in the foldover effect. There were some issues with some presets.
* Fixed a bug in the foldover effect. When using this effect with an effect plugin such as Delay, it was removed.
* Fixed a bug in the foldover effect. It was not possible to

Foldover Distortion With License Code Free

The Foldover distortion is based on the folding over of positive and negative peaks of an envelope.

Incoming signal

Outgoing signal

The sinwave waveform can be viewed as a series of envelope voltage pulses that are “folded over” and interfere. It’s possible to see that the waves are folded over using the following formula:

where A is the amplitude, t is time, and ω is the frequency.

This process produces the foldover that is evident in the “Valve-Style” waveform. Also, if you examine the uneven spacing of the peaks, then you can see that the peaks need to interfere with their “mirror” peaks on either side of them.

Fig. 1: Sinwave form

Normalization can be done on the output from this effect. You may need to adjust the “Foldover” controls in order to get the correct amount of distortion, but it will be significantly less than the classic Sallen-Key distortion.

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What’s New in the?

Applies the foldover.
Applies any remapping plug-in’s affine transform or other user specified transforms (this should be most useful for flipping).
Controls the min/max levels of the waveform.


This blog post has been written by me which briefly goes over the effect you’ve mentioned.
There is another plugin (like the one in your video) which also simulates this type of distortion in the same way in which you’re talking about. It is called Foldover Distortion Tool. The name is pretty self explanatory and it can be downloaded from this GitHub link and this page also briefly explains what it does.
It is an old legacy plugin which is no longer developed.


I have the same desire to simulate foldover, and decided that the best solution was to place the effect directly after the compressor. With my compressor set to linear mode, that would allow me to effectively subtract the foldover effect. Additionally, a custom warping plugin can simulate foldover, if your compressor allows for such an effect.
An alternative to making a custom warping plugin would be to use the freeware plugin Aperture Shutter:
Aperture Shutter is an extremely powerful plugin which handles both motion and interlaced video. If you have any Audio-Visual students on your team, they will love this plugin.
Aperture Shutter comes with a free version of the plugin.

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def close(self) -> None:
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def update(self) -> Optional[UpdateClient]:

System Requirements For Foldover Distortion:

Before starting, make sure your controller is unlocked and connected to the console (this is usually handled by the controller manufacturer).
1. Select “PS4 on PS Vita” from the main menu
2. Use your PlayStation Network ID (login ID) to connect your PS4 to your PS Vita
3. Select “Sign in” and follow the instructions
Main Menu
The Main Menu looks like this:
Video Playback
To begin the movie playback, tap the “X” button on the controller

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