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Dubtron is a reliable VST plugin created for dubstep wobble bass and more obscure bass sounds. It generates dubstep baselines and abnormal synth effects. The Unison detune ability allows for slow phasing effects.







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MFB 100 Samples used with Dubtron: Please take advantage of Dubtron and support us by purchasing the SPM tunes used with this plugin. SUPPORT ○ Patreon.com o Become a patreon today and make access to this plugin and our other plugins and unkonsistent plugin free of charge. ○ Donate with Bitcoin. ○ PayPal o If you find this plugin useful and we have given you enough value, we would be delighted if you would make a donation, either by purchasing an add-on or by making a one-off donation. ○ Wallet: o If you are using Android, you can use the following wallet to make a transaction: Replays: And also you can get custom 1.0 and 2.0 versions. Just search in Google: VST2Plugin for Android Where the links appear on top will appear in your search. For VST and AU: Link will appear in top. Ads: Also you can use the following advertising: Targeting: Ads Can Be Downloaded Here: If you have any questions, please contact us via one of the following methods: SoundCloud – Twitter – Facebook – Deviant Art – Email – Bundunak@gmail.com Dubtron requires three main areas of access to work correctly. Those three areas are as follows: 1. A bank of Unison effects for detuning the Db tuning for the device you are using. 2. A bank of Dubtron samples. 3. A bank of Dubtron control values. VST AU GUI is a cross-platform VST and AU (Audio Unit) GUI that

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Dubtron Crack is a VST plugin for professional bassists and sound engineers to create basslines and synthesized bass sounds. Incorporate unpredictable low frequency effects from analog and digital sources into your own mix to create the perfect wobble. Choose from the presets included in the standard and advanced versions of the software to create your own effects. Create your own unique basslines or enhance the bassline of your current mix using the arsenal of multimode DSP effects and random presets. Dubtron Download With Full Crack capabilities: Create a wobble bass using the Dubtron effects: LOW FREQUENCY FOCUS – creates a digital low frequency sweep from the analog source oscillator. PHASE SHIFT – creates a phase inverted sweep from the analog source oscillator. LOOP HOVER – increase the oscillator waveform amplitude. ANALOG DIGITAL SOURCE (ADSR) – smooth oscillator to create a bassline. ROLL OFF – reduces the oscillator waveform amplitude. LOW FREQUENCY BEND – renders a saw wave from the analog source oscillator. LOW FREQUENCY REVERB – pitch-bend the oscillator. LOW FREQUENCY LFO – expands the frequency of the oscillator. HANDHELD RADIOGRAM – processes the stereo input. SOUND CLIP – select a sound clip from your computer. MODULATE – change the pitch of a sound clip. LOW FREQUENCY RESONANCE – randomize the oscillator waveform. MULTI-MODE – detune the oscillator. ADJUSTABLE TRIGGER – turn the oscillator off with a trigger. ADJUSTABLE AMP – adjusts the oscillator volume. LOW FREQUENCY ON / OFF – turn the oscillator on and off. ADJUSTABLE MIX – selects from the standard and advanced presets. UNISON DETUNE – extracts a low harmonic (unison) from the oscillator. SNAPSHOT – view a snapshot of the settings. Powerful Filters: WARM – adds a warm filter to the oscillator POP – to spruce up the oscillator’s frequency. RISE – increase the oscillator’s waveform pitch. PITCH BEND – create a modulation signal in the oscillator. X/Y – create a phase inversion signal from the oscillator. 02dac1b922

Dubtron Download [Updated] 2022

Dubtron is a reprogrammable VST plugin developed by AudioCubes Software to generate dubstep bass sounds. Dubtron’s main focus is dubstep wobble bass, but it can also be used to generate atypical bass sounds such as abstract bass, or to add nuances to unprocessed or raw bass. Dubtron can generate bass sounds with unlimited waveforms and a fully programmable set of settings, or a limited set of preset settings. It comes with a bank of over 80 unique presets. Dubtron features a user interface for a quick and easy manipulation of its settings and an undo/redo functionality. In addition, Dubtron has additional effects such as detunes (pitch shift), filtering, reverse, filter one, stereo spread, and saturation. Dubtron is small, quiet and has a low memory usage (less than 1 MB). Dubtron Features: * generate dubstep wobble bass (both mono and stereo) * VST/AU supported (VST3/VST2/VST/AU 3/AU 2/AU/AA 3/AA 2/AA/xAA/VST1/Mac OS/Windows) * bank of more than 80 presets * calculate pitch shift * calculate detune * filter the bass line * include reverse (reverse the notes) * include filter one * include stereo spread (cut out a part of the wave, and pan it left/right) * no clip (no pitch shift) * adjustable channel spread * preset and bank editors * undo/redo functionality * VST/AU compliant Dubtron Limitations: * autostart required * no automatic updates * no presets editor * no presets save / load dialog * no automation Dubtron Bugs: * Slow loading / sometimes freez or hang the host * some freez the host when changing frequency Dubtron Bugs/Limitations: * some’missing’ (or wrong) buttons sometimes result in crashes Version 2.2.1 Dubtron Features: * bank of more than 80 presets * calculate pitch shift * calculate detune * filter the bass line * include reverse (reverse the notes) * include filter one * include stereo spread (cut out a part of the wave, and pan it left/right) * no clip (no pitch shift)

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Dubtron is a bass plugin created specifically for dubstep. It produces dubstep wobble bass and other obscure bass sounds. Dubtron allows you to add a quantized effect to your bass line. You can apply any pitch-shifting, tone control, delay, and distortion effect to it. Dubtron is an extremely versatile plugin, and should be of great use to any musician. With a Dubtron preset, you can get all sorts of sounds to use in your music. You can now have the best of both worlds in the same plugin. Dubtron is a free plugin, and is well maintained by the creators of the plugin. Dubtron is the perfect plugin if you’re a fan of dubstep. Features: Add a quantized effect to your bass line. Any pitch-shifting, tone control, delay, and distortion effect can be applied to your bass line. 9 Dubtron presets in the package. Realistic bass sounds and scatting effects. Unison detune effect allows for slow phasing effects. Quadrophonic engine allows for large stereo spaces. Enhance your bass lines with this well-tuned plugin. The presets are carefully tweaked for maximum quality and easy use. No need to download manuals. Designed for Windows only. FAQ: 1. How do I open Dubtron? To open Dubtron, you must double-click on the.package file. This will extract the plugin files onto your desktop. 2. How do I install Dubtron? You must install the.package file on your desktop. Click the Open/Save icon located in the lower right-hand corner of your screen. This will then allow you to browse your computer for your.package file. Once the.package file is found, simply double-click on it to install the plugin on your computer. 3. What about plugins related to Dubtron? Dubtron doesn’t have any plugins related to it. 4. What is the future of Dubtron? The future of Dubtron is to be updated by the developer of the plugin. 5. I’m having problems with Dubtron, what should I do? There are several common causes of problems with the plugin. Please refer to the FAQ pages below to ensure you are using the most recent version of Dubtron. For your first time using the plugin, it


System Requirements:

1. Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and above. 2. Hard Disk Space: 1GB of free space required. 3. How to Play: Click the “LIVE” button to live-stream to your computer. In order to play the game, you need to install the software. Click the following link to install the software:


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