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This widget allows you to have a desktop companion, an ant.
This is a simple Widget of a small red ant that will crawl around on your desktop.
■ Yahoo! Widget Engine









Crawling Ant Free Download [2022]

This ant is very small, its body is about 0,5 inches long and only a bit wider.
Its body consist of two parts: a head with eyes, nose, mouth and a little antenna
Its head is round and has two spots as eyes
As its mouth it is a small red dot on the lower lip
It also has a a little antennae on top of its head
It has a body of a shiny red colour with black shorts around the waist
Its legs are about 3 inches long and about as wide as its body
This tiny ant can run, crawl, and jump in 3D space.
Head and Body Movement:
Its head and body move all in 3D space.
It’s body can move left, right, up, down, and sideways.
Its head can move 360 degrees around on its body.
Main Achievements:
You can watch your ant crawl around and notice how it reacts to certain things.
Look at the beetle on the right. It really doesn’t like the ant.
Press the three-legged black robot. The ant crawls off, shocked.
Press the very red bike. The ant goes crazy! It’s really aggressive!
Press your computer mouse. The ant flies across the desk, then off.
Watch it, and watch how it reacts to the keyboards.
This ant can also climb down walls, and can even climb down a window sill.
Hold your mouse still. It crawls around on your desktop
Press the stop button on your mouse to stop it.
Press the start button to start it again.
Press the Run button to view its physical movements.
Watch your ant in three different directions: left, right, and up.
Watch it crawl on your desktop. Notice how it reacts to different things.
You can watch it climbing down a 3D window sill!
And you can watch it crawling around on your desktop!
Watch it crawl all over the ceiling.
You can watch it fall back down!
It likes to touch things.
Notice the reaction when you press some things with your mouse.
You can see how this ant crawls over a living bug.
It crawls on a big shopping cart.
You can watch the ant crawl up a big glass window.
It can climb down to the floor.
You can watch it crawl around on a piece of the glass.
You can see how it crawls up a 3D wall.
Watch it

Crawling Ant Crack Torrent

This ant has an agenda. His daily task is to explore new places around the desktop. He uses a predefined text file for searching his next destination and updates his route continually. When visiting a destination, the ant repeats the steps it already made at the previous destinations.
If he finds a way up he will search the route for a flight plan and fly there if there is enough space on a flight plan.
This application can be extended to a variety of different ant species.
If there is a bug, just tell me about it!

“You can get very good ideas from anywhere.”

-Louis Eames

Note: the icon in the picture was created by Jamison Maples, but if you want a different one, that’s fine as well. Just let me know. 🙂

Saturday, May 29, 2009

Recently (or just yesterday) i bought this amazing tracking mouse, the Microsoft IntelliMouse. I am one of those people who can’t live without a mouse. I have that love-hate relationship with my computer, but the fact is, if i need to go online or do anything other than write this blog, i need my mouse. 🙂

The thing is, i have been using the same old mouse which is the Logitech USB Optical Mouse. I’ve been told by some people, that while it works fine, it is a very bulky mouse and that you could lose it easily. This is a small portable mouse, very easy to carry with you. It has got 8 programmable buttons, so you can use it for gaming or even as a take-away mouse. (I’ve tried that and it works very well)

The price of the IntelliMouse is great, it’s only $49.99. It’s not something a pocket mouse should replace, it’s a mouse that you carry with you. 🙂

Just today when I sat in front of the computer, I needed to stop writing this blog, open some programs, etc, etc, i was constantly having to get my mice from my computer table. The fact is, i was doing this quite a lot today. I just couldn’t stop myself. 🙂

It didn’t take me long to realize that this new mouse is what i needed. Now i don’t really need to bring it along to work in my bag, I just get it whenever i

Crawling Ant Crack+ Free Registration Code Free Download PC/Windows

This crawling ant has the main tasks
■ Find out the current working directory
■ Find out the start time in seconds since the beginning of Unix time.
■ Find out the current time in seconds since Unix time began.
■ Print the string “Let’s GO!” on the screen.
■ Set the top left corner of the screen as the current position.
■ Set the current position to move in a random direction.
■ When you move, the direction will be changed every time.
■ When the start time reached, printing the string “Let’s GO!”
■ When the end time reached, print the string “Then, where to go?” on the screen.
■ Make the ant crawl in a random direction.
■ Stop when the ant reaches a certain position.
■ Stop when the end time was reached.
■ Display the ant position on the screen.
■ When you stop, it will print the ant position.
■ When the ant touches a file or directory or unix path.
■ Save the location to disk.
■ Make the ant start moving.
■ When the end time was reached, print the ant position.
■ Give all the command lines to the ant.
■ Show the ant on the screen.
■ The ant can be controlled by using the mouse.
■ The moving distance of the ant can be viewed on the screen.
■ The working directory of the ant can be viewed on the screen.
■ You can stop the ant.
■ The ant is controlled by the cursor.
■ The ant can move around.
■ You can use the methods to move the ant.
■ When there is something on the screen, the ant will stop.
■ When the ant reaches a certain position, the ant will stop.
■ File Selector:
■ This can select files or directories.
■ You can select files or directories by using the mouse.
■ You can select files or directories that match to your filter.
■ You can enable or disable the select files.
■ This can disable or enable the select files

What’s New in the?

■ The Widget Engine has been started (with the API method start method).
The ant’s initial position is a random value from 0-255.
The goal of the ant is to crawl to the mouse cursor (inclusive).
The default color of the ant is red, but you can use a different color by specifying it in the constructor.
■ The startup namespace “ant” for the ant has been added to Widget Engine.
Red Ant’s code:
public class RedAnt extends Ant {
/** The minimum distance for the ant in pixels. */
protected int minDistance = 16;
/** The current distance of the ant in pixels. */
protected int distance = 16;
/** Get the String representation of this object. */
public String toString() {
return “Red Ant: it’s at “+getX()+”, “+getY()+”.
Crawling “+ getAntType() +” at “+ getDistance() +” pixels.
Pixels: “+getDistance()+”@”+ getX()+”, “+getY();
public void run() {
for (int i = 0; i 3) {
distance += 1;
To run the ant
The ant’s schedule is the default, and is set to a try-catch loop that will check for mouse events every 1000 milliseconds.
We’ll grab those mouse events when we are crawling and avoid collision events, so the ant will not go out of bounds.
If we catch a mouse event, we’ll apply the mouseEvent() method to the position of the mouse cursor.
We’ll get the x and y values by using the getX() and getY() methods.
The ant will move accordingly, and should continue to try and crawl to the mouse cursor.
We’ll add the ant to Widget Engine’s location namespace by adding it to the “ant” initialization namespace.
We can then create an instance of the ant as follows:
import java.awt.Color;
import java.awt.Dimension;
import java.awt.event.MouseEvent;
import java.util.Random;
* A simple ant that will crawl around a desktop.
public class CrawlingAnt
extends Widget
/** The name of this widget. */

System Requirements For Crawling Ant:

* Minimum: 1.0.3 * Minimum: CPU: Core 2 Duo 1.0.3* CPU: Core 2 Duo* GPU: NVIDIA G8600, or better * GPU: NVIDIA G8600, or better RAM: 3 GB of memory (2 GB recommended)
* Recommended: 1.0.6 or later
* Recommended: CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K or better * CPU: Intel Core i7-4790K or better* GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080 * GPU: NVIDIA GTX 1080* RAM: 6 GB

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