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Architect and Contractor will allow you to order the information on projects, filter entered data by room name or room number, duplicate similar rooms or change properties of any group of marked rooms.
When using Architect and Contractor you achieve some implicit results during interior projects development and you do it hands down:
· you maintain electronic illustrated catalog of finishing materials, which contains items you usually use in your projects adding new positions little by little as needed;
· you automatically record electronic archive of your interior finishing projects that contains project titles, customers, locations etc. (it provides an opportunity to analyze your activity during reporting period for example);
· you fill up interior finishing data repository according to unified data system, that allows you automatic analysis of project decisions for further optimization.
Architect and Contractor gets maximum results if create the project of “cell” structure building, where each function has its own closed room.
If there are a lot of rooms in the project combining certain functions, i.e. areas divided by furniture and facilities or partitions not of full room height, then the program is less productive.
Examples of “cell” structure buildings:
· dwelling buildings (individual and standard various storeys high, cottages);
· public buildings: hotels, hostels, living tourist center or camping blocks, hospitals, administration blocks, schools or colleges blocks etc.
Examples of “hall” structure buildings: – covered markets;
· industrial buildings, warehouses;
· free planning offices (single office area without partitions of full room height);
· garages and multistorey parking lots;
· covered sport constructions.
Single area buildings frequently have “cell” structure blocks. There are infrastructure objects in the “cell” structure blocks.







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– You can:
– own all functions and areas in one project
– configure the project according to user preferences
– arrange process items in any order
– mark the project for work and its locations for the chosen process items
– duplicate existing projects (rooms, rooms, functions or area divisions).
– Rename, rename, duplicate and rename projects, functions, areas and objects.
– order items to insert into layouts,
– and save layouts to create new projects.
– Customize forms of project, functions, objects and areas.
– Create a project based on the Open Catalog.
– Do the project plan and estimate, see the project report.
– Provide instant feedback on each operation performed.
– Set favorite projects.
– Set favorites rooms, functions or area divisions, objects.
– Unlimited number of projects.
– Unlimited number of rooms, functions and objects.
– Unlimited number of sequences in the projects.
– The possibility to take a snapshot of the project.
– Pressing the ‘file’ button on the toolbar brings the snapshot to the file.
– Pressing the’save’ button on the toolbar brings a snapshot of the project to the project file.
– Undo and redo actions.
– Multiple pages can be opened simultaneously.
– Multiple layouts are opened simultaneously.
– The project may be included as a link in other projects.
– The project may be included in a link in other projects and can be created inside.
– The project may be included in a link in other projects and can be exported in a.PDF file format.
– The project may be included in a link in other projects and can be imported in a.PDF file format.
– The project may be included in a link in other projects and can be printed in Microsoft Word format.
– There is an opportunity to change the coloring of the project.
– The project can be printed in a.PDF file.
– The project can be exported to a.PDF file.
– There is an opportunity to change the printing font, line and size.
– Pressing the ‘Print’ button on the toolbar bring the project to the print screen.
– There is an opportunity to print the project in an infinite number of ways.
– Fill in the print screen with a camera, and a snapshot of the project is printed with the order of the order of the items, which you entered on the home page of the project.

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Architect and Contractor Cracked 2022 Latest Version saves your cost of building interior and facilities projects of a wide variety of constructions, using a fairly small amount of staff resources and allowing for an error free of the same order of magnitude of your budget.
Architect and Contractor uses the necessary resources, i.e. a staff of the chosen type, given the cost of the project, and therefore does not spend unnecessary money.
You can order project of any architecture and cell structure type, depending on the company size.
After viewing the customer’s project, Architects and Contractor allows you to determine and draw the entire project within the given span of time, in accordance with the contract and requiring a minimal cost of the project management.
To prepare the project, Architect and Contractor automatically fills in the organization’s completion process: – numbering the project in its “cell” structure, which provides an opportunity to synchronize the order of project steps and to identify the circumstances associated with the completed projects; – generating the project’s schedule, which allows you to continue the project at any time or to add new works; – creating the project’s schematic illustration, which helps you visually plan the project and take the most appropriate decisions for a given project; – visualizing of the project activities, which gives you an opportunity to identify the project risks and significantly reduces their probability.
Architect and Contractor is the most comprehensive, modern and efficient building design software program that allows you to solve any difficulty in the building design process. Using Architect and Contractor in your projects, you will have a wide range of options to choose from, including your desired functions of the project.

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– works in several projects simultaneously, each of which you can resume in a few days;
– has a possibility to modify all data, including pictures, in any projects in any form;
– has a possibility to restore all projects in the database after any data corruption.

Few words about the usability of the Architect and Contractor application:
Here are two personal comments:
programming is not for everyone. You must be very much interested in interior finishing. You should already know these matters and also be ready to spend time on them, i.e. enough patience, reading, study and practice. You must not be afraid of working with numbers.
The application of this kind of companies is completely new for many of us. Architect and Contractor will be really helpful, but it will not save you all your work.
All the suggestions and comments are welcome.

Architect and Contractor has as an advantage that works in any case of the project, including the interior finishing one, and it is not limited to strictly interior finishing.
When working with this program, from my experience, you are not limited by the data categories as long as you work with interior finish data. In the list, you can create many kinds of plans.
If you open a project plan and see, for example, that you need one line of wood or three lines of plywood for a finishing of a reception hall – you just enter the amount. And in the list of products you just enter the price.
Let’s give a few examples of what you can do with Architect and Contractor:
you open a project plan and change materials: from raw materials to delivery, from raw materials to finishing etc.
you analyze the complete previous date of work for a client and compare it with the current date and only if the actual dates (the dates with which the client paid) are greater, you submit the request. In the latter case you will get the additional payment (risk of non-payment for an earlier date of work is minimal).
you put different types of finishing materials on the plane in different colors. This is not very convenient, but you can do it: a) it is more or less easy to select different colors; b) you can arrange the materials in their thicknesses by you or the client.
you analyse the entire project (since the beginning of work until you send the project to the client) for its usability and necessity of change the initial design (

What’s New In?

Architect and Contractor is developed and programmed by me (Igor Dolgin) during 10 years and was designed to support the business activity of my interior finishing company. It is an integrated database system.
The program consists of one module and has 3 categories of tables
The main module has 44 tables, of which 4 are related to building layouts
1)Information about zoning on the project site that provides the following information:
• Name, location
• Owner and construction date of building
• Building plan description
• Geolocation of building
• Existing building on the project site
• Zoning declaration and statement of compliance with planning regulations
• Zoning regulations for the project site;
The second module is class includes 32 tables
1)Information about material and finishing materials, which are finished or not finished, that are used during building construction;
2)Information about building and interior finishes, which are finished or not finished, that are used during building finishing;
3)Information about building and interior finishes, which are necessary for fire safety, that are used during building finishing;
The third module is departmental, which contains 55 tables
1)Information about employees (including their names and the department they are employed in);
2)Information about customers that order interior work that includes the following information:
– Name of the customer
– Order date and item
– Summary
3)Information about orders (including quantity, cost, delivery date and customer from whom delivery is made)
4)Information about areas being finished (which include rooms to be finished in a building).Small-intestinal obstruction due to an intramural lipoma.
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System Requirements:

Intel i5-4590 3.6 GHz or AMD Phenom II X4 940 2.6 GHz or later
8 GB of RAM
OS: Windows 7 64 bit or Windows 10 64 bit
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390
Minimum resolution: 1024×768
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