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– 256 PCM (DPCM) Sampled sounds and wavetables
– 2.7 Gb sound library
– 2 Sampled oscillators
– Hardware and software synthesizers, filters and effects
– Master and ADSR Envelope
– 12 ADSR controllers for envelopes, modulation sources and filter cutoff
– 5 LFOs
– 100+ Multiple levels and controls for each of them
– Subtractive synthesis
– Analog signal flow
– External control via MIDI_path(&l_workfile, vmpi_handle);
vmpi_source_path(&l_workfile, vmpi_handle);
vmpi_file_path(&l_workfile, vmpi_handle);
vmpi_webroot_path(&l_workfile, vmpi_handle);

/* FIXME: If there are no rows, we should probably return NULL. */
vmpi_handle_rows(&l_workfile, &vmpi_handle);

vmpi_filename(&l_workfile, vmpi_handle);
if (vmpi_filename(&l_workfile, vmpi_handle)!= NULL)


/* Test to see if the table/index/web-root vmpi nodes are present in the
* table file
bool bfd_file_exists(char *filename)
if (access(filename, F_OK) == 0)
return true;

return false;

/* Parses the virtual mutexes in the table file. This is the case for the
* Windows virtual mutexes.
void bfd_file_parse_mutexes(char *filename, bfd_mutex_ptr *mutexes, bfd_


– Using the ABSYNTH application as a multi-channel, step sequenced and time-variant synthesizer allows you to generate virtually unlimited soundscapes, as well as to set the pitch of all tracks.
– The highly flexible sound engine allows you to make full use of all the available synthesis techniques.
– Many different sounds are included in the library including Piano, Brass, Strings, Drums, Soundfonts, Synths and Leads.
– ABSYNTH keeps you in control with the powerful interface where you can add, subtract, edit and modify all audio parameters.
– You can use the presets and apply your own effects via surround sound panning and filtering by timbre.
– ABSYNTH comes with more than 2,100 presets, ranging from classics to original compositions, for a total of more than 5,000 sounds!
– All the sound parameters can be adjusted quickly, save your settings and load presets from a data file.
– The fine-tuning and distortion of all audio elements allow for high fidelity sound processing.
– ABSYNTH boasts of two additional automation options.
– Wave-morphing is used to create new, unique sounds.
– The filter feedback feature allows for a total sound distortion.
– Drum tracks can be set to beat-synchronize, while the VST input for each channel allows for instant audio feedback.
– ABSYNTH includes many sound sources, such as: piano, organ, strings, brass, pads, leads and many more.
– With the ABSYNTH application, you can now create more original, radical, and unique sounds than ever before!
– Read and change settings of other application
– Record audio from your microphone
– Record audio from other applications
– Full network functionality
– Access data on the device (including from other apps)
– Modify or delete the contents of your USB storage
– Receive data from other applications via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
– Analyze running apps to generate statistics about your usage of the device
– Access device-level diagnostic and information data
– Access Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks
– Proxy
– Don’t disturb with ads
– Use the phone’s own web browser
– Use Bluetooth and other features on the phone
– Extract audio data from recordings
– Hide app
– Do not run in the background
– Do not uninstall apps

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The perfect tool for sound designers and producers looking to achieve maximum control over their sounds. With over 2,100 presets, synthesizer has a large selection of basses, leads and pads.
Synth features:
– Powerful effects section with wavetable sample-based effects such as WET, phaser, chorus and flanger
– 8 types of filters with high filter sweeps and cutoff, lowpass, bandpass and highpass
– An oscillator with wavetable source, filters and multi-mode synthesis
– Detune function for each oscillator
– Tremolo, pitch modulation for each oscillator
– Wave-morphing for each oscillator
– Stereo FX for each channel
– Gate
– LFO with release, feedback and wave-morphing modes
– Saturation
– Delay with feedback control
– Surround sound panning for animation effects
– Looper
– Ring modulator for effects
– Macro controls for instant control over the output
– Audio modulation
– Built-in soft synth engine
– OSC with pitch, LFO and filter modulations
– Dedicated FX section with the following:
– WET: classic wet/dry effects with chorus, flanger, phaser, pitch modulation and filtered panning
– Phaser: phaser effects with configurable waveform, rate and spread
– Chorus: classic chorus with configurable depth, resonance, phase control and filtered panning
– Overdrive: classic distortion with configurable saturation and filter frequency control
– Gate: tape effect
– Feedback: feedback effect for modulation
– Supercomb: combination of several sounds for radical alteration
– VCA: variable filter controls
– Space: sample and wavetable phase shifter
– Whammy: pitch shifter
– Delay: delay effect and looping
– Ring modulator for effects
– Reverb with 6 types of reverb and chorus
– Echo: classic echo effect
– Breath: for flange effect
– Altiverb: classic altiverb effect
– Reemger: reverb and chorus with FM filter control
– Noise gate: noise gate with configurable threshold and cut-off frequency
– Exciter: modulated resonance
– Aetherizer: modulation matrix based on sound spectrum
– Waveshaper: sine/square wave distortion
– Moist
– Ring modulator for effects
– Altiverb: classic altiverb effect
– Reverb: reverb

What’s New In ABSYNTH?

· Fast and easy way to sound design and studio production.
· Synthesizer with 2,100 original and unique sounding presets.
· Advanced effects unit and equalizer.
· Wave morphing.
· Multi-channel processing.
· 841 MB. Approx.

ABSYNTH provides you with an advanced semi-modular synthesizer that features original effects and sampling techniques to help you unleash your creativity and generate innovative sounds.
Including a sophisticated effect system, the application is a powerful, yet easy to use sound design tool.
The main interface offers fast access to all the available sounds, instruments and effects. It features fine tuning tools that you can use to adjust the bass level, the resonance or the depth, the distortion level, as well as mutation options to create completely new sounds by combining characteristics of several sounds. With the ‘Sound Mutator’, you can modify all the audio elements, from the oscillator settings, envelopes, filters and more. Additional variations can be applied randomly.
ABSYNTH bundles a collection of more than expressive 2,100 presets, ranging from classic keyboard sounds to much more complex grooves. In addition to this, it comes with advanced sound generating methods, such as subtractive synthesis, granular sampling and wave-morphing. Together with the collection of modulators, unusual filters and effects (such as the ‘Aetherizer’ or the ‘Supercomb’ ) these features greatly extend the application’s sound capabilities.
Sound history can help you compare the obtained sounds, while the filter feedback feature allows much more radical sound distortion. Live input for each channel, audio modulation and macro controls are other advantages that this application comes with.
The synthesizer features a flexible signal flow, search and filter functions, tempo synchronization, envelope-step mode and enhanced surround sound panning for animation effects. It provides support for VST, audio units, ASIO, WASAPI and other interfaces.
With its instant sound tweaking capabilities and its sound potential, ABSYNTH takes sound processing and studio production to a whole new level. You can use it as a professional synthesizer and a fully functional effects unit, which makes it a must-have tool for every expert sound designer out there.

ABSYNTH provides you with an advanced semi-modular synthesizer that features original effects and sampling techniques to help you unleash your creativity and generate innovative sounds.

Including a sophisticated effect system, the application is a powerful, yet easy to use


System Requirements For ABSYNTH:

To run this mod, you must have Skyrim Ultimate installed.
There are many changes in this mod, all of which require Skyrim to be patched to version You may have to patch Skyrim yourself, or you can use our re-versioner.
This mod also requires the following DLCs to be installed: The Thalmor, Hearthfire and Legendary Edition.
(Read this before installing.)
Before installing or running this mod, make sure to back up any saves you have! (You can


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