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If you have been using Windows for a while, then there is a good chance that you have a lot of great utilities that run at startup. While this is OK for the most application you have installed, the truth is that there are some that would be nice to start even before you log in to the computer. To put it simply, it would be great if those apps would run as a Windows service. As the name suggests, RunAsService is a command line tool designed to help you transform any application installed on your PC to run as a service. Simply specify the name and the path to the executable You can get started by opening the preferred console and typing the RunAsService install [Name] [Display Name] PathToExecutable command. The name refers to the name of the program, but if you choose not to specify it, then the app takes the default name of the executable. As you probably hinted, the display name entails that you want to preview the service listed in the standard Windows services. The PathToExecutable implies the location of the application you want to run as a service. As you would expect, when you decide to uninstall the application, you need simply need to specify the name of the service. A straightforward CLI tool for making regular apps run as services In case you just need to move the app to another location, then it is important to note that you need to use the fixservices command, as otherwise all installed services stop working. The developer states that the tool needs to be on the same location all the time, but if you need to move it, it can be resolved via the aforementioned command. All in all,  RunAsService is a reliable tool that enables to transform some of your most useful tools into services that start running on your computer even before you log in.







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=============== “RunAsService Torrent Download is a simple command-line tool to turn installed apps into local windows services.” The tool has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8. It uses only the Windows APIs to do its work, thus it should work on all Windows versions. RunAsService Crack help: ================= RunAsService Serial Key’s Help Menu shows the help window with a few examples of what RunAsService Download With Full Crack can do. RunAsService Serial Key installation: ========================= RunAsService Serial Key can be installed using the [Web Installer]( this is an easy web-based installation where you do not need to have software. It will allow you to install or uninstall as if you were in an command-line. RunAsService will work fine on any Windows installation for the version currently supported. The developer also mentions that it is tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8. Want to support the developer in order to get more features and better help and support? Then click here to become a supporter. A: This has worked for me “ “Runs file as windows service Q: Как работать с абстрактными классами в Java? Хочу узнать как реализовать написание классов. Т.е. в статических классах хочу что-то подобное: public abstract class Abstract { public static Abstract instance = new Abstract() { public void printMe() { System.out.println(“Hello World!”); } }; } Однако не могу написать задуманн

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Write and install a service that runs the given executable before starting Windows. The Service must be started on the console the user enters when logging on. The executable must be specified in the FileName parameter. (Multi-platform version available) RunAsService Crack CLI Requirements: At least Python 2.7.4, 3.5 or higher is required (Python2.7.4+ is tested). TypeScript 2.0.2+ is required. npm 2.15.12+. ChangeLog: 2017-04-14 RunAsService Crack Mac is now a multi-platform application – Windows, Linux and macOS. Added a command line switch for the macOS version Other Interesting links: Windows Services How to get ncp.exe on Windows XP? A: As an option for Windows 7 and older you can use ncplaunch It is a small Python script providing easy launch of a windows application from the command line the script is not designed to be installed but you can get it here (small batch) and here (v2) Q: Can you take the square root of a real number? Is the following true? If $a$ is a real number and $a^2$ is the square of $a$, then $a$ must be positive. A: If $a$ is negative, then so is $a^2$. Otherwise you can write $a$ as $r\sqrt{r^2}$ and find two cases. When $r>0$ you find that $a=a^2$ only if $a=\pm1$. When $rAmt Ha-Laga Amt Ha-Laga (sometimes also spelt Amt Haga) is a former Amt of the district of Lippe, in the Free State of Lippe, Germany. It was disbanded in September 2015. History The Amt Ha-Laga was established on 1 December 2008 by merging the previously independent, autonomous municipalities Beidelstädt and Ohmbacht. Until December 2002 Ohmbacht had been the administrative seat of the Amt. With the exception of the municipal seat it is the smallest (and least populous) Amt in the district of aa67ecbc25

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RunAsService is a simple and straightforward command line tool to help you transform any application installed on your PC into a Windows service. Installation: RunAsService needs to run on the same location all the time. If you are using the KMD Console for Remote Desktop (RD Client), the installation is no different than when used from the same location. Otherwise, if the installation does not occur from the same location, then you need to manually edit the registry for RunAsService to run correctly. Requirements: RunAsService needs at least Windows XP SP2, Windows Server 2003/2008 SP1/SP2 and Windows Vista SP2. All older versions of Windows will not work. Minimum 3 GB of free disk space. How to Install: RunAsService command line tool is a standalone executable that does not depend on any other programs. Simply unzip it to a directory of your choosing then double click on the file. RunAsService installer will automatically detect and register itself with Windows services. For more information about the RunAsService command line tool and the different version of Windows it supports, please visit the official RunAsService project page: A: Windows Services have been around since Windows NT 3.0. Though it is older, windows task scheduler provides the ability to create a service for your application Create new service Add task Add new action Select your application Select Start on boot You can then use the service to start your application at a certain point during boot. The advantage with windows services is that they are persistent. If you take down the machine, the service will still be running. A: Try using application deployment manager (ADM). it could deploy apps to the local, network, or remote computer. it could deploy to multiple computer at the same time. it could run offline, online, secure, or unattended. it can be used with many types of deployment scenarios. you can use custom options. you can copy the setup script to the local computer and then you can control all. more infomation click here and also i think your command line tool is not suitable for windows service, according to the manual,you could try using windows service installer Q: How to run libgdx-game build

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Runs a specified executable as a Windows service. Syntax: runasservice /install [Name] [/DisplayName] [/Path] [/ConfigFile] [/LogFile] [/MustRunAsConsole] [/WhatIf] [/Force] [/Admin] [/DelayedAutoStart] [/Vista] [/admin] [/NoWait] [/nologo] [/Quiet] [/quiet] [/nobreak] [/nounload] [/config] [/add] [/DelayedAutoStart] [/service] [/log] [/nologo] [/quiet] [/noWait] [/nobreak] [/admin] [/mustrunasconsole] [/install] [/start] [/stagen] [/errorlevel] [/service] [/start] [/stop] [/status] [/uninstall] [/uninstall /force] Parameters: Name: Service name. Can be a filename or a text string. Required. Path: Path to the executable, e.g., c:\Program Files\blah\blah.exe. DisplayName: The name displayed when the service starts. PathToExecutable: The full path to the executable, or the relative path. ConfigFile: The name of the configuration file. LogFile: The name of the log file. MustRunAsConsole: Is the service to be a console application. WhatIf: Opens a DOS-prompt with the parameters for what will be done. Force: Starts the service even if it is already running. Admin: Runs the service with elevated privileges. DelayedAutoStart: Specifies whether the service will start immediately or after a timeout. Vista: Uses service templates that work well on Windows Vista. /admin: Specifies to start with a privileged account. /service: Specifies that the service should be enabled. /Install: Installs the specified service. /Start: Starts the specified service. /Status: Gets the status of the specified service. /Uninstall: Uninstalls the specified service. /Uninstall /force: Uninstalls the specified service without prompt. /nologo: Disables graphical output. /nounload: Disables loading of

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Apple Mac OS X 10.6.5 or later Adobe AIR 3.2 or later The original version of “Eternal S-Rank” Chrome 14+ Windows XP SP2 or later Check the version of Chrome and Flash Player you have. At least, Flash Player should be updated to the latest version. If you are using Chrome version 14 or newer, you are good to go. Firefox 3.5+ You can see in the Readme file that there is

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