PT Photo Editor – Free Edition 5.4.4 Crack Download [April-2022]

PT Photo Editor – Free Edition allows you to easily manipulate your images, with basic picture editing tools. It is simple to use, features a flexible interface and allows you to easily preview the modifications, by displaying the before and after stages in parallel. You can quickly access the functions from the side panels.
Comprehensive workspace
PT Photo Editor – Free Edition offers you a useful palette of image editing tools, which can be used with no effort by anyone, regardless of their graphic skills. You can access all the functions from the side panels, a convenient feature since you do not need to open secondary windows. Moreover, the photo preview space quickly adapts when you hide or display each of the panes.
You may view the navigator menu, as well as the main editing functions, namely picture rotation, cropping, red eye remover, blemish remover and clone tool. The editing menus include color adjustment, levels, curves, color map, split toning, details, effects and color correction.
View and manage modification history
PT Photo Editor – Free Edition enables you to undo your actions with multiple steps back, in case you have made a mistake and wish to start the process over. The history menu displays a large list of actions that you can view and delete.
The pane on the left, the one that includes the History menu, also features the Histogram and Info tool, as well as a collection of effect presets. The pane at the bottom of the window displays the contents of the source folder, allowing you to load or to delete the selected photo.
Parallel before and after views
PT Photo Editor – Free Edition features a double previewing mode: the simple mode and the before-and-after. The latter option splits the workspace in two parallel areas, displaying the original image and the result, respectively. You may easily zoom in or out on the picture and save it to the desired format: JPEG, PNG or TIFF.
NOTE: The Free Edition only features the basic editing tools and can only save the images in 8-bit format (sRGB).







PT Photo Editor – Free Edition Crack

Photo Editor was developed to simplify your picture editing. On one hand, it makes it easy to manipulate your images, but on the other hand it will help to save your time and effort.
With PT Photo Editor you have access to the following features:
* Free image editing functions
* Easy to use
* Supports adjustment of eight different formats
* Supports all the main aspects of image editing (crop, rotation, effects, details, adjustment of levels, details, curves, split toning, etc.)
* Transparent small image previews
* Curves
* Hue adjustment (left)
* Linear lighting (top)
* Color curves (right)
* Exposure adjustment (left)
* Light adjustment (right)
* Image details (left)
* Split toning (right)
* Red eye removal (left)
* Blemish remover (top)
* Cloning tool (right)
* Selection of image areas (crop)
* You can save your images in 8 formats
* And much more.
Free edition: PT Photo Editor is a FREE edition for home users.
Basic (sRGB) editing tools
Edited by users
If you have installed a non-commercial license version of Photo Editor or if you have activated the “Uncheck the “Show only free” checkbox of our web page with commercial license, you should probably have received the manual and a serial number for our product. If you have not, please send an email to
If you have not yet activated your license, please note that you will receive the manual and serial number when your activation request has been approved. If you have not received the manual, please send us an email:
Manual: the manual is available online at
Serial: the serial is assigned to you and will be delivered to you via email within 72h after your activation request has been approved. If you do not receive it, please send us an email to
Camera Image Editor Manual:
PT Photo Editor is distributed free of charge and may be used for both private and commercial purposes.
The PT Photo Editor is distributed free of charge and may be used for

PT Photo Editor – Free Edition Crack+

PT Photo Editor – Free Edition is a versatile photo editor that allows you to quickly perform basic photo correction, including red eye removal, crop editing, and image enhancement.
This powerful photo editor offers an intuitive user interface that lets you tweak a photo by selecting a toning range, applying one of the 50 included effects, and even plugging in third-party plugins for even more tools.
• Easy to use interface
• 50 included effects
• Image enhancement, including luminosity, contrast, brightness, color enhancement, gradation and artifacts removal
• Basic image editing: red eye removal, cropping, and color filters
• Toning using a collection of different toning modes and exposures
• One-click image split previewing for simultaneous comparative viewing before and after a modification
• History: you can undo or redo modifications and even reverse the effect of any modification
• Save picture in 8-bit (sRGB) JPEG, PNG, and TIFF formats
• Supports Batch processing
• Automatic contrast and white balance
• Plugins to expand PT Photo Editor functionality (optional)
These are some of the many features available in PT Photo Editor – Free Edition.

NOAA Photo Editor – Free Edition is free to use version of the powerful NOAA graphics software. It features a multi-purpose imagery editor for adding special effects, adjusting image saturation and color, and producing various other edits. Its straightforward interface and advanced tools make it easy to use.New Additions for the Season

I’m pleased to announce that we have several new features for this season. We’re looking at bringing in volunteers and adding new employees to go along with our partners. At the same time, we’re working on making it more easy for you to see the changes we’ve made and what we’re planning to add this year.

We are pulling requests for several categories we’ve added a few years ago. We’re aiming to pull requests for the following categories, but if we have requests for other categories (or if you’re working on a new category) then please let us know:

This is a great way to see what’s new and to help get your work in the spotlight. You should also include a copy of your post on the main Add a New Category page, or we’ll show it to you there if you post.

If you need help, or just want to offer support

PT Photo Editor – Free Edition Crack

Photo Editor – Free Edition is a powerful photo editor for Windows, which enables you to edit your photos in full comfort. It offers a rich palette of functions, which can be used without any effort, allowing you to quickly manipulate your photos, then to preview the modifications. Moreover, you can easily save them to the desired format, including TIFF, PNG, BMP, JPEG and JPG.

Hope this helps!


Use below Photoshop-CS5-compatible-free open source code. It’s a simple editor with basic functionality. You can download it here.


Snap Image (S.I) is a small, multi-platform free image editor. S.I. may be executed in Windows, Unix or Mac OS X. S.I. supports many file formats, including most of the popular graphic file formats, image formats, and audio formats. It also supports many file compression formats, including the lossless format.

S.I. is completely free, and it is released under the New BSD license, which allows the source code to be redistributed. Like many other source code packages, S.I. may be downloaded and redistributed freely. It is not required to charge for S.I., nor to limit distribution of the software.

S.I. has been developed and tested on Microsoft Windows computers, including the currently active releases for WinXP and later, and Win7 and later. It also supports Apple Mac OS X machines, including the currently active releases for OSX version 10.4 Tiger and later. It may also run on Unix. We will install it on our Debian GNU/Linux machines soon.

S.I. can be downloaded from the S.I. web site. S.I. may also be installed from a binary file. You need at least 512 KB of free space on the disk where S.I. is to be installed.

User Interface

The user interface for S.I. was developed by Julien J. Ricart, at the Centre de recherche de l’informatique et des sciences de l’ingénieur in Pessac, France. The user interface was developed using GTK+ 2.x. Like many other free software packages, S.I. is available in several different languages. The default language is English, but many other languages are available. Many of the interface features and items are accessible by using the mouse. Most of the

What’s New in the PT Photo Editor – Free Edition?

Photo Processor is a free photo editing tool, available for Windows 10 and Windows 8. PTPhoto editor is very easy to use and versatile image editing tool. It includes an extensive list of editing tools that give you a great power and control over your photos and you can also easily resize, rotate, crop, merge, flip, copy and apply multiple effects on your favorite photos.
Software Requirements:
Microsoft Windows 10/8,
Internet Explorer 11 or higher,
256MB minimum of RAM.
100MB minimum of space required for the installation.

PT Photo Editor – Free Edition

Related Software

PT Photo Editor – Free Edition



Aqua Photo Editor

Aqua Photo Editor has the most powerful image editing tools and a high performance engine that enables you to edit and process your images. You will be able to fix…

Aqua Photo Editor has the most powerful image editing tools and a high performance engine that enables you to edit and process your images. You will be able to fix photo blurriness, exposure and color balance and apply many filters; change fonts, layouts, edges, shadows, highlights and much more.

Package Contents

Aqua Photo Editor is a professional photo editing program. It includes the following features:




Color Scheme




Special Effects (New Photo Effects)

Advanced Photo Editing (Paint).

The program comes with over 130 additional effects to customize your photos. Whether you are a total beginner, or an advanced user, you will easily master the many powerful tools to make your pictures look good, including various types of tools in the «Adjustments» tools.

The Paint Tool allows you to get a real professional photo effect with adjustments on color, contrast, exposure, lighting, contrast, saturation, sharpness, blur, colors and colors.

Batch Processing

Several templates and presets are available, allowing you to apply many adjustments on a group of pictures automatically and easily.

Aura Photo Studio

Aura Photo Studio is the first release of our new software, which has been created to offer the best features of photo editing, the highest performance engine, and professional and avant-garde photo editing tools and to realize professional photo retouching.

1. It has a good performance and is capable to process large images

System Requirements:

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7
5 GB available space
1750×1080 resolution or higher
Sound card or game system speaker
To complete the first level, the player must either beat a high-score or unearth a hidden easter egg. At the end of each challenge, a new chapter will open, presenting the player with increasingly difficult obstacles to overcome.
Special thanks to
Batman: The Telltale Series is a complete game

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