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—————————————————————- EverDesk is a highly accurate and feature rich application designed to be your complete email management tool. The program is powered by an easy to use yet sophisticated framework that lets you check and organize any kind of files, manage addresses, keep organized your contacts, as well as schedule and manage your personal and professional events. You can configure multiple accounts using an organized and accessible layout that enables you to track all your emails coming from multiple accounts with ease. EverDesk has an amazing tree view for searching any type of files and folders. To sum it up, EverDesk will keep your organized and in touch with your family and friends. —————————————————————- Main features: – Configure multiple accounts using an organized and accessible layout – View and manage the address book and calendar of different accounts – View and organize various attachments – Check and send emails in your accounts – Browse and view documents, images and videos, as well as schedule and manage personal and professional events – Search and create new contacts – Use the tree view for navigating through the folders and files in the drive – Add new contacts – Import outlook contacts – Import Linux contacts – Import Windows contacts – Import vCalendar contacts – Import vCard contacts – Import ipAdress contacts – Import Yahoo contacts – Import konnect – Import ABBYY contacts – Import Bbuddy contacts – Import GoodReader contacts – Import Outlook contacts – Import Thunderbird contacts – Import Live contacts – Import Hotmail contacts – Import Yandex contacts – Import Gcfs contacts – Import hwayo contacts – Import ikonli contacts – Import eTrimmer contacts – Import Thunderbird contacts – Import twli contacts – Import Sony contacts – Import gowalla contacts – Import Ifriends contacts – Import Vkontakte contacts – Import vox contacts – Import voxen contacts – Import Live contacts – Import Live contacts – Import vCard contacts – Import Yupitu contacts – Import vCard contacts – Import Rovio contacts – Import vCard contacts – Import Tries contacts – Import vCard contacts – Import vCard contacts – Import vCard contacts

EverDesk 5.0.5

Cracked EverDesk With Keygen Standard Edition can be an efficient replacement for the Microsoft Outlook program to keep a highly organized and ready-to-view inbox, regardless if you use Gmail, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, Windows Live or anything else. It’s also a seamless method of managing all of your contacts, emails, and files, especially images and videos. Compatible with Windows OS, the program comes with a clean layout divided into five main sections, namely General, Contacts, Calendar, Tools and Documents. The interface also features a broad range of tabs to manage everything, adding, changing or removing shortcuts. Features: * Check and sort all of your email accounts using a functional layout * Add or delete contacts from anywhere you like * Looking up for specific pictures, videos and files * Look up and browse through folders, documents, images and videos * Manage future events * Add a group to organize contacts, either by name or by date * Set the sidebar to contain specific categories or just have it full screen * Set the toolbar to show or hide the necessary programs, along with the custom settings and a reminder if you need it * Change the status of contacts and create custom groups * Plan upcoming events The program uses a realistic interface that displays a tree view of folders in the main window, while the other three sections are accessed through the five tabs of the right side. [A] View Contacts : For example, you can add, delete or search for a specific contact. [B] Add or delete a contact [C] Search contacts [D] Adding new contacts [E] Opening new messages, viewing the contents and attachments [L] Link between Outlook & EverDesk [T] Tools [G] Group [P] Programs and Applications [D] Documents [A] Calendar [C] Contacts [E] Emails [E] View files [F] File Tree [L] This is a help file [G] General Settings [P] Programs [D] Documents [A] Account Settings [C] Contacts [E] Email Settings [E] New Settings [L] Remind Me [L] Add/Remove from Groups [L] Share [L] Services and Settings [L] Logs [ aa67ecbc25

EverDesk 5.0.5 PC/Windows

Take control over your data with the best version of EverDesk. This powerful free solution from EverDesk is the easiest way to store, manage, and share all your contacts, tasks, and files. Take full advantage of the advanced Calendars, Tasks, Notes, and Bookmarks features. Access important documents and presentations in one central place. Easily share, sync, view, and organize your stuff across your PCs or Mac. Easily sync information to your online account. Take control over your data with the best version of EverDesk. Use your subscription for free while we work on making this the best version. ———————————————— EverDesk is the best designed and most easy to use contact manager, task manager, notes and reminder organizer. It is one of those products which actually caught attention of its users. Best Features: * Flexible interface with multiple views: full screen, dock mode, list view * Multiple contact categories: people, organizations * Multiple lists within a category: birthday, holidays, meeting, etc. * Full control over your data: you can manage people from a single interface, add, modify, move, split, merge and delete contacts. * Multiple views of the same address: phone, e-mail, URL, comments, notes, documents, etc * Create, modify and sync contacts from your online accounts like Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live, AOL Mail, Hotmail, etc. * View and manage your tasks using categories and notes * Easily share, view, print or download your files in one tool * Search and browse documents, images, videos * Synchronize, backup, and import your contacts * Backup to other formats: CSV, Outlook, HTML, TXT, RTF * Import and export contacts from other applications with a few clicks * Access your data on multiple devices and OSs * One tool for all of your contacts, notes, tasks, documents * Customize the contact icon using our free templates * Fully customizable: user interface, colors, import your photos, you name it. * Manage up to 10 online accounts at a time * If you choose to pay for EverDesk Pro, you’ll get a 100% source code * Compatible with multiple browsers * Add, edit, delete, split, merge, export, backup, import contacts * View, share, import and export contacts * Sync, backup and sync contacts across multiple

What’s New In EverDesk?

EverDesk Standard Edition is a comprehensive yet intuitive application designed to be a replacement for Outlook and to provide an efficient method to check and organize all your emails with ease, as well as add and handle various contacts, links, programs and documents. Configure multiple accounts using an accessible layout Compared with the Google Edition it doesn’t automatically sync the contacts and calendar entries from your Google account. In order for the program to work smoothly, Internet Explorer should be present on the computer, but not mandatory. A configuration wizard is displayed when you start the tool for the first and which guides you through the necessary steps to properly set up your Gmail, Yahoo!, Windows Live or AOL Mail account. You can add as many accounts as you want. Look up for specific pictures, videos and files with the tree view help EverDesk Standard Edition is wrapped in a well-organized and user-friendly interface divided into three distinct sections, namely Folders, Calendar and Contacts at the bottom of the window and five individual tabs (General, Links, Contacts, Programs, Documents) on the upper part. Once the account is configured, your Inbox is updated to correspond with the current one and from where you can easily check new messages, view the send and draft ones, along with attachments and other files. The app lets you browse through different documents, images and multimedia files using a folder tree structure, as well as enable the categories and Windows directories for a full search in the whole hard drive. Records can be viewed, read and played using default system programs. Schedule important meetings and handle information about friends and family In addition, you have the option to plan upcoming events through the calendar by inputting the subject title, location, group (general, birthdays), start and end time, together with a reminder if it’s the case, status and optional notes. From the same panel, you can manage what applications shortcuts should be added to the toolbar, and which can be selected from the settings menu. Same goes for the links, contacts and documents tabs. If you want to insert a new contact, you need to fill in the complete name, organization, position, homepage, birthday, various addresses and phone numbers, email and profile image. Plus, you can create custom groups to help you arrange them easier. In conclusion Taking everything into account, EverDesk Standard Edition is a sophisticated yet approachable utility that helps you efficiently add and manage numerous contacts, check and send emails, as well as browse and view documents, images

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Supported OS: Windows XP and Windows Vista Supported Resolution: 1280×1024, 1024×768, 800×600, 640×480 Minimum Requirements: Minimum Resolution: 1024×768 Program Requirements: Program Name: LaptopBuddy 4 Publisher: Kalypso Media Developer: Kalypso Media Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese License: Freeware


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