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There are certain things we do that we would like to measure how long it takes us to finish them.
It can be anything from writing a text as fast as you can to arranging plastic cups. No matter the situation, Time Split Tracker is a nice tool that can count the time for you.
Incredibly small
You better be careful when you open the program, or you might miss it. Well, it won't actually run anywhere, but it is so small you may not notice when it appears, especially if you have a large screen.
It has a tiny window with a timer set at 0.00 with the message "Ready" under that. You can see 3 menu buttons above and…that's about it. Seriously, it doesn't even have a Minimize or Close button. If you wish to quit, your only option is to use the Alt+F4 combination.
So what can it do if it is so small?
Well, its main goal is to track time, so don't expect it to help you build a house or something.
But it is good at achieving its purpose. If you want to start the timer, just press Space or P. To stop and then resume, you can use the same buttons. And to reset the timer, you have to press R.
Simple, ain't it? But that's not all. If you have to track an activity that has multiple phases, you can add time splits. To do this, you need to open one of the preset splits from the program's folder.
After doing this, the commands are pretty much the same. You can start the timer by pressing either P or Space, but their role afterward will differ. If you press P, then it will pause the split. If you instead press Space, then it will stop the current one and start the next.
Further options
And if you wish to keep track of your results, the application also has a split history graph which updates every time you finish a set of splits.
And I haven't even said anything about the customization. You can right-click on pretty much every pixel from the UI and it will give you options to personalize the font style, the size, the background color and even to add or remove splits.
Final thoughts
It clearly isn't the most important program you will ever find, but it is very good at fulfilling its purpose. If you do have an activity that you want to see how fast you can do it, then Time Split Tracker would be more than useful for you.







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Time Split Tracker is a time tracker with a simple interface and customizable main options.
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Time Split Tracker 180419 Incl Product Key [Latest] 2022

Properly designed time tracker.
Manual entry of times and splitting into smaller time periods for
Minimalistic design and gorgeous presentation with
previews of the sites you visit.

*NOTE* Disclaimer: This review is based on the author’s own personal use and
is not an objective review. It simply represents the author’s experiences
with the product.


If you’re looking for a way to track your overall progress, look at My Progress first.

TimeSplit is a great time tracker and my favourite for the job.

It doesn’t look half as minimalistic as you’d expect – there are loads of chrome and rubberised bits and you can download various skins to customise it.

Unfortunately it’s not your usual grid.


If you’re looking for a tool that helps you track your time spend on any website you visit, visit trackMyTime.com. In this case I think this is better that my time.


If you’re looking for a way to track your time accurately and customize it, here’s a few that can give you some ideas for getting an insight into your habits and keep track of your work, diet, goals and whatever else you need.

TimeSplit is a good time tracker that can help you keep track of your time you spend on sites. The only requirement to start using it is to install it.


TimeSplit was well received in the review community, and it is a nice time tracker. It is good for beginners and advanced users. It has a helpful wiki to get you started.

TimeSplit is a good time tracker that can keep track of your time and activities. It does need a lot of polishing but this is great thing in life.


As for the UI, it has its positive points, but as I said, it looks too bright for my taste. The way it tells you the exact time when you need to log something makes it more helpful.

Quoted from a site:


TimeSplit is a time-tracking tool that makes tracking your time easy and accurate.

The free version is easy-to-use, but you have to purchase the premium version (i.e. TimeSplit Pro) to get additional features like percentages, automatic updates and a saved history.

The main UI

Time Split Tracker 180419 With Key

Works with up to 16 different time splits to count the time taken for each one.
Tracks the time over time-based splits (sessions), enables you to choose the recording duration, data point, and sampling interval.
Uses a combination of light and dark color coding to provide an accurate visual readout of each session.
Automatically updates the session averages for both time and value. This allows you to see the amount of time and money saved if you do split a task into smaller sessions to execute.
Option to save and edit session averages for each split.
Option to log graphically to a PDF report, via a text file, or print.
Clean UI with accurate, detailed visual data-points.
Graphs and statistics for summary statistics for each split.
and it’s free!

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It is extremely simple to use and it has a good flexibility when it comes to choosing to which device it will connect. It has many options to help

What’s New In?

• You can make new Time Split Tracker project.
• You can save your Time Split Tracker project as a new project.
• You can load Time Split Tracker project from your favorite Software Development Kit.
• You can copy the Time Split Tracker project to your hard disk.
• You can run Time Split Tracker project on your target machine.
• You can delete the Time Split Tracker project.
• You can close the Time Split Tracker project.
• You can switch between different time-split projects.
• You can exit Time Split Tracker.
• You can customize Time Split Tracker’s interface.
• You can copy the Time Split Tracker logo and time-split history.

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