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Growth Strategy

Performance Management

Financial Management

Strategy Planning

Organizational Structure

Human Resources Management

Business Performance Management

Lead and Demand Management

Marketing Management

Financial Accounting


Human Resources Management

Marketing Management

Financial Management

Organizational Structures

Behavioral Strategy

Enterprise Performance Management

BigDec is a set of system programs that provide most common set of tools for Microsoft Windows. More precisely, it comprises of all basic structure and functionality of Microsoft Windows operating system, as well as for adding or modifying menu and dialogues objects. The project originates from a set of MS-DOS system programs by Microsoft. Its first version was released in 1987 for MS-DOS 5.11, known as Window 1.0. Its current version is called MS-DOS 6.22. It was developed by Jeffrey Pryor in 1987.
BigDec allows you to:

View and modify the windows and dialogues

Make your own shell

Add to it existing objects

Customize menus and dialogues

Grow it’s functionality with.XLS files

It includes a MS-DOS shell, which enables you to view and modify the windows and dialogues, make new objects, and add your own files. You may also modify menus and dialogues, or add your own without problems. It allows you to add new files, edit.XLS files, customize menu, make new dialogues, customize the shell, and much more.
The shell consists of three basic modules:

Directory: This is the shell’s root. It offers you the default directories, including the one for applications and utilities. You may add new ones from here, even if you lack root permissions.

Menu: It is the shell’s menu. It offers you a built-in help, your applications, utilities, and system directories. The tabs may be customized. You may also delete unused applications from here.

DIALOG: This is a dialog window which enables you to customize the menu.

Known Bugs:
– Build 255 – There’s no fixing this right now.

Programming Languages:
– Visual Basic for Application (VBA) for Windows



Easy to Install

It is very easy to install. It may be installed through a major software supplier

Management Models Strategy And Analysis Crack+ PC/Windows


This is only a partial view of the eLicensing product. eLicensing is a software solution that allows companies to develop, implement and maintain a licensing program. eLicensing is a web-based solution which uses a database to store software licenses.

A software license is a license agreement that restricts the rights to use licensed software. The three main parts in a license agreement are the license conditions, the licensed software and the license terms. License conditions define which activities a user or a business has the right to perform using licensed software. The licensed software is an object to be licensed. The license terms define what the users can do with the licensed software once it has been acquired. Licensing software is performed by managing and administering the license database. All this needs to be done by the customer or enterprise administrator.

Since the size of the database is big, and storage is expensive, the easiest way of storing the license data is to store the license data on a database server. With the use of a database, the license data can be securely stored, and licenses can be renewed easily.


eLicensing empowers you to:

Manage more than one enterprise license for each software program.

Support enterprise licensing for the different editions of a software program.

Support enterprise licensing for the different versions of a software program.

eLicensing allows you to:

Enforce license conditions.

Easily set and manage license terms for specific users and/or groups of users.

Collect and store administrative and user information about the licenses.

See the current activity and usage of all software licenses.

Upload software licenses to use it again as a new license.

Associate different software licenses with other licenses.

The features of this software solution are controlled by a central database. The GUI allows you to view, edit and create different licenses. Since eLicensing is a web-based software solution, you can access it over the Internet.




I never thought I would have a need for a tool like this, but this software is great! I have used all the other software, but you may forget something. The best part is that the people at LEADnet are extremely helpful and try to accommodate you.

Product description

Management models for strategy and analysis are a set of functional and analytical models used for analyzing a

Management Models Strategy And Analysis Free License Key PC/Windows

Management Models Strategy and Analysis is a complex software that enables you create and manipulate management model frameworks for your business. The software is designed to help you in project management, strategy planning, branding, establishing financial ratios or mapping of the project’s current state.
Input and result process
Management Models Strategy and Analysis offers you a multitude of models and frameworks for project monitoring or handling. Its purpose is to help you solve issues occurring in several aspects of your business, from an empirical point of view. In other words, it offers you the framework for analyzing issues, causes, circumstances, strategies, action plans or comparisons.
The software allows you to select a particular framework from those available, then insert the input data. The software applies the value chain process and returns the result, as well as the steps that lead to a particular solution. You may export the data into presentations and portfolios.
Key advantages:
– A complex software designed for those who seek strategy advice, analysis or tuning of their business
– A straight-forward interface that is easy to learn
– A collection of tools that is useful for those who deal with business and project management
– A large set of functions
Main features:
– Build, edit and run models
– Export models to documents in a variety of formats
– Share models with collaborators and stakeholders
– Project management
– Valuation
– Financial analysis
– KPIs
– Infographics
– Dashboards
Technical characteristics:
– Adjustable rules
– User-defined themes and widgets
– Property relationships
– User interfaces
– Web service
– String management
– Nested relational tables
– Appendable database
– Import Excel files
– Import file formats
– Statistics
Data management and security
With a powerful permission structure, Management Models Strategy and Analysis allows you to control the access of your data according to specific tasks, collaborators or time periods. You may set up different roles, for instance, managers, analysts, analysts, users, etc. All roles will have access to various parameters, while the others will be blocked.
The software is a totally secure solution. All the important information and data is encrypted on-site, and only authorized users may access it. In addition, the system allows you to attach a specific password or authorization key to each user, so that they cannot access your data.
Can this software assist me in my job?
While it cannot replace a professional adviser, Management Models Strategy and Analysis is designed to help you with your business issues

What’s New in the Management Models Strategy And Analysis?

Analytics-One is business applications software that makes it much easier to establish, monitor and analyze business analytics. The company offers a wide variety of applications, which cater to the needs of both enterprises and single users. Its applications are designed to support every aspect of business from growth of sales and revenue to customer service and satisfaction. The software is designed to help business owners and managers make better decisions and stay on top of their performance. It helps them with customer analytics, price analyses and personal performance.

Adopting the most advanced technologies and tools, Analytics-One enables users to create, monitor and manage business analytics. The company is able to provide professional consulting services for the business owners to help them in making the best decisions. Its applications make it much easier to analyze sales and revenue growth, develop marketing strategies, and to report the personal performance of the staff. The software supports a wide range of business processes, from customer analytics to personal growth analysis. It helps users establish customer satisfaction scores, make better pricing decisions and evaluate the workforce. It supports a wide range of business management activities, such as business forecasting, supply chain planning, and revenue and customer analytics.

Built on a unified architecture, Analytics-One provides users with an efficient toolkit to analyze market trends, develop the pricing strategies and to measure the success of their marketing activities. It also provides them with the capability to create effective customer support. The company enables users to establish effective customer service, enhance customer satisfaction and support the overall growth of your business. It provides you with a variety of essential apps that enable you to report the sales and revenue growth, develop marketing strategies, make better pricing decisions, plan the business forecasting and evaluate the workforce. The products consist of several applications to ensure the users a diverse range of tools that are specifically designed for specific business processes.

The company offers its customers a comprehensive collection of marketing analytics and business reporting tools. Analytics-One products support the following business areas:

Its products make it much easier to plan and develop marketing strategies. These tools support business owners in taking better pricing decisions and streamlining the company’s cost-effectiveness. The software enables them to measure the impact of marketing activities on the sales and revenue growth. It helps them to plan and create marketing strategies that are expected to improve customer satisfaction and overall growth of the business.

Analytics-One products support the following business areas:

Analytics-One offers its customers a wide range of applications that enable them to analyze different business areas,

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Dual Core
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 4850
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 700 MB available space
HARDWARE: Keyboard and Mouse

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