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Available for all three major desktop platforms, EasyJoin is a somewhat interesting application that allows you to share files with one or multiple Android phones, as well as send text messages and links to one or more devices.
No installation required, effortless pairing procedure and simple requirements
It does this with the help of two Android apps, called EasyJoin Essential and EasyJoin Pro, both available from the Google Play Store, with the small mention that the latter is also capable of helping you manage your phone calls and even send SMS remotely.
EasyJoin is designed to be as accessible as possible and, we won't deny, it's quite simple to get started and to get along with. For starters, the Windows client does not require installation, the only requirement being the presence of .NET Framework 4.6.1 or a newer version.
If you're worried about the possible pairing procedure between your devices, you shouldn't be since the desktop app instantly provides you with a list of all your devices present on your network.
Intuitive and efficient GUI, for both desktop and mobile clients
Since we're on the subject, you might also be interested in knowing that the app is capable of connecting your devices even without an active Internet connection, as mentioned before, provided they're on the same network.
There are other advantages, as well. Both the Android and the desktop clients sport pretty much the same layout and GUI which should, at least in theory, provide a reasonably consistent user experience. They don't really impress with looks or attention to detail, nonetheless, they're quite intuitive.
All in all, a reasonably decent way to share files and info between devices
To conclude, if you're looking for a straightforward way of sharing files between your Android devices and your Windows or Linux PC, or Mac, then EasyJoin is worth a quick look.







EasyJoin Free

The EasyJoin Crack Mac Pro Mobile is a useful tool to connect Android to your PC. EasyJoin is a new way to control your PC, devices, mobile phone and tablet from a simple mobile device. Download the easyjoin, install it on your PC and your Android Device, and you are ready to control your PC as your mobile phone.
How to Use:
1: Download the Pro version from Google Play (
2: Install Easyjoin Pro on your PC and your Android Device
3: Download Easyjoin On Android
4: Open Easyjoin on your Android
5: Login to your account, connect to network and pair device
6: Select your device to connect, press connect.
Differences between EasyJoin Pro and EasyJoin Essential:
EasyJoin Essential supports only one device and has a fairly limited feature set, while the EasyJoin Pro supports multiple devices for better file transfer and convenience.
EasyJoin Pro app is downloadable from the Google Play Store and available on a multitude of devices.
Simultaneous connections:
At this time, EasyJoin on PC does not support simultaneous connections. However, EasyJoin on Android does.

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EasyJoin Crack Serial Number Full Torrent Free Download

EasyJoin, a project of Primatron Software Inc., is an excellent solution for file sharing between Windows, Android, Mac and Linux users.
EasyJoin is a free file sharing software for the Windows, Android and Mac users who wish to share a common directory between them and can do so using their phone’s Web browser or the EasyJoin Web site.
EasyJoin is also a text message and URL sharing tool for Android smartphones.
What’s new in this version:
Update the EasyJoin Pro
Version – 2017-07-01.
Fixed information error issue in some countries.
Version – 2017-06-25.
Fixed data file sharing issue on Windows 10.
Version – 2017-06-21.
Fixed data file sharing issue of EasyJoin pro in some countries.
Version – 2017-06-21.
Improved the key features of EasyJoin pro.
Version – 2017-06-21.
Fixed data file sharing issue on Windows 10 and iOS 8.
Version – 2017-05-28.
Fixed data file sharing issue on Android.
Version – 2017-05-28.
Fixed data file sharing issue on iOS.
Version – 2017-05-17.
Fixed data file sharing issue on Android and iOS.
Version – 2017-05-17.
Added remote control for easyjoin pro
Version – 2017-05-17.
Added remote control for Easyjoin pro.
Version – 2017-04-13.
Fixed iOS not working after update to latest iOS.
Version – 2017-03-30.
Fixed iOS not working after update to latest iOS.
Version – 2017-03-30.
Improved the EasyJoin Pro performance.
Version – 2017-03-30.
Simplified steps for EasyJoin pro.
Version – 2017-03-20.
Improved the EasyJoin Pro functionality.
Version – 2017-03-20.
Fixed data files copying

EasyJoin Patch With Serial Key

EasyJoin can automatically connect and share with more than one device, including smartphones, tablets, digital cameras and more. And if you are a PC user, you can use EasyJoin to get your Android and Windows or Mac devices in sync in minutes, just sign in to EasyJoin on your desktop and upload files from Android to your PC. Now you can share pictures, videos, and more.
EasyJoin Features:
1. Share files instantly. Make it easy to share files and keep them between your Android and PC, tablet or Mac. No apps or setup required, and without internet.

EasyPair is an application that allows you to quickly and easily connect to your desired device.
This application is designed and developed to overcome the problems associated with pairing a Bluetooth device with a Macbook using the Bluetooth Assistant program bundled with macOS.
It’s done using Handoff, Apple’s new technology that makes it possible to transfer things from your Mac to your iPhone without having to enter your email address (or even use iCloud), and keep in sync.
In Simple terms, the app utilizes Handoff to recognize the near devices to keep them in sync and log them on the Mac.
More features
This application has quite a lot of useful features, most of which can be found in the official website.
Handoff capabilities
One of the features you can expect to see is Handoff, which is the name given to the feature used by Apple devices to transfer, well, stuff from the Mac to the iPhone.
EasyPair supports handoff so you can use your Mac to transfer files to your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Handoff also supports logins and user configurations which means the app will automatically populate your Mac with your keys and configurations from your last login.
Keyboard typing
It also supports logins and user configurations which means the app will automatically populate your Mac with your keys and configurations from your last login. If you don’t remember your passphrase, it’ll show you a view to type it into the keyboard.
This application offers an automatic update feature. If there are updates available for the application, it will automatically install them. To do this, go to App Store and there you’ll find the button to manually upgrade the app.
Designed for macOS
Because of this, the application was designed to support the major Mac operating systems.
That means both macOS Sierra and the Mojave can use the app, and will give you the ability to

What’s New In?

EasyJoin is a Cross Platform File Sharing Tool. It was designed to share files to Android and mobile devices by using your PC as a WiFi hotspot. You can share files to multiple mobile devices simultaneously and can make file transfers to multiple devices simultaneously

Detailed EasyJoin Screenshots:


EasyJoin Screenshot:

EasyJoin Detailed Description:

This software is an important tool for several organizations and industrial world. This application make it easier and safe for business owners and managers, travel agents and tour operators or those who often need to transfer files and information to mobile devices.

Key Benefits

Made it easy for you to share files to your multiple mobile devices, your computer without installation and mobile devices
• If you don’t want to use your computer as a router, you can easily share to multiple mobile devices using WiFi or mobile network with only 3 steps of registration
• Easy and fast file transfer is one of the major benefits of sharing files
• You can manage multiple SIM or multiple phone numbers (SIM card on mobile device) simultaneously
• You can manage multiple accounts simultaneously through a single interface
• You can copy or send files to remote mobile devices and share with them
• It is simple, easy-to-use and handles no problems
• You don’t need to know how to set up a router or make sure computers are on
• It will secure your files
• You can also send or get files by using a proxy or firewall
Easyjoin Pro Accounts is the perfect tool to handle all your connection problems. You can change or reset your proxy and surf safely, without any problems. It is also an additional unlimited files transfer that can be used for business and any other need for transferring large numbers of files.
• You can manage your firewall rules and port forwards
• Unlimited file transfers or link clicks are supported
• You can also transfer files to files from specific IP address or host name
• It will give you the ability to check network connection to routers, hosts and open ports
• Manage proxy, port forward settings with your own configurations
• You will find that the latest release is coming with an enhanced user interface
• It will give you the ability to transfer files on a specified time or interval
• You will never have to worry about port opening any more
• You will no longer have any problems with third party virus that is blocking your data traffic
You will also get 100% discount with this service if you download this service.

System Requirements:

CPU: AMD FX-8350 or Intel Core i5-6500 or better
GPU: NVIDIA GTX 770 or AMD R9 270
HDD: 40 GB available space
1. Download and extract the patch for Dota 2 Update 1.14.1.
2. Go to the Dota 2 folder that you extracted and double click Dota2Update_1.14.1.exe.
3. Follow the instructions.
How to Play:
Click the “Launch Game” button


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