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wxPython (

wxPython is a set of python bindings (and extra widgets) for wxWidgets.

wxPython is an active development project (

). So if
you are using wxPython for your project, it is your responsibility to keep up with the latest version.

wxPython has its own set of python bindings.

Drag and Drop

There are 2 versions of
DrPython: free and non-free. The free version is integrated with the wxPython project,

DrPython 3.12 Crack + Torrent (Activation Code)

DrPython is an open source, feature-rich Python IDE (Integrated Development Environment) written in wxPython.
It provides:
* Windows, Mac and Linux versions of the IDE
* GUI and command line tools to complete the cross-platform development experience
* An integrated debugger
* Full Python Interpreter on the IDE and Console/Command Line
* Python IDLE type runtime environment for extending the IDE
* Python Editor for editing Python source files
* Reusable code templates for common tasks
* Multiple python interpreters
* Code snippets
* Syntax highlighting
* Debugger, Python IDLE extensions, PyQt and PyGTK plugins
* Projects, Task List and Source Control support

10-Jan-2010, version 1.4.9 Released
** Importing and Exporting from other Python Integrated Development Environments (IDE)
* DrPython supports importing Python modules from the modules directories within the other IDEs
* DrPython supports importing and exporting Python modules from and to zip archives
** New features in DrPython
* Support for GLTF Scene format
* Add Python Console
* Support for Lua scripting on code completion and function/class definition hints
* New integrated debugger
* Fixed numerous bugs and non-Python-related issues
* New code template support
* This release of DrPython has more than 150 bugfixes compared to 1.4.8
** NOTE – this release may not be backwards compatible with older version of DrPython
** NOTE – the source code for DrPython will not be released with this release

10-Jan-2010, version 1.4.8 Released
DrPython is an open source, feature-rich Python Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
DrPython is written in wxPython and supports Linux, Windows and Mac platforms.
DrPython has been released as free (libre) software by Brendan Cully.
The source code for DrPython is available under the GPL3 license.
This version of DrPython includes a number of improvements and bugfixes including:
* New python console
* New property editor (for class defintions)
* New project directory options
* New code templates (for common tasks)
* New code completion
*.rst files can be used as embedded code
* New image browser
* Ability to insert buttons into GTK2 toolbars
* Many bugfixes
* Python is now passed to the compiler when asked
* Dr

DrPython 3.12 Crack +

DrPython is a full-featured application for executing Python programs and a Python source editor.
With DrPython, it is possible to:
Create a standalone program (executable).
Translate a program from PyObject to bytecode (managed by DrPython).
Extend the program (written in Python) with new PyObject class (e.g. classes, methods, etc).
Here is a screenshot of DrPython 2.0 with an interactive prompt:

And here is a screenshot of DrPython 2.0 with Python code input:

I’m currently working on DrPython 1.9.1 (which has been released on SourceForge.net as of today) and I have encountered some problems that I’d like to fix prior to releasing version 1.9.1 on SourceForge.net
As such, I have some questions regarding the way programs are loaded into DrPython.
For example, I want to set the text editor’s “line ending” to ”

… and then find a way to load the specified code into the text editor.
I have a Python code file (.py) which can be found at the following location:
I would like DrPython to load the specified code into the text editor (i.e. I’d like DrPython to directly save the specified code file after loading it into the editor).
Also, I’d like DrPython to directly load the specified Python source file after it is saved.
I would also like DrPython to load the specified code file when the.py script file is changed (i.e. the.py file is changed and DrPython is executed in the new situation).
What are some common ways for programmatically loading programs into DrPython and programmatically loading programs from DrPython?
I’m working within the.NET framework.


Here’s an example of how you might do the loading:
#!/usr/bin/env python

import sys
import os
import builtins
import optparse
import imp
import __builtin__

class Loader(object):
def load(self):

What’s New in the?

DrPython (DRyP-It) is an unique, fully-featured editor/environment written in python, free for the use and redistribution.
DrPython allows you to create an interactive program / environment.
Your main interpreter is placed at the top left of the DrPython window, in which you can type
python commands.
To the right side of the window, you can place other environments, including modules, packages and documentation.
Next to these environments, are placed the available tools.
Just drag and drop a tool, and it will become visible in the toolbar.
All python commands are automatically converted to DrPython commands, and the resulting code will be displayed at the interpreter, if the display is turned on.
The displayed code will be automatically enhanced, so you don’t have to type every element of an instruction.
You can also type python code in the interpreter, which will be syntactically enhanced, and displayed in DrPython.
Every element of a statement (e.g. loops) can be easily indent with the plus or minus sign on the top of the window.
Each time you press ‘Enter’, the interpreter will evaluate the code and display the result.
You can compile the interpreter, and execute the resulting program as a standalone app.
You can also place the window on the desktop, as a tray icon for quick launching.
Last but not least, DrPython is complete and does not require external libraries.
There are many key bindings for all elements of the DrPython environment.
In fact, DrPython is similar to the Wing IDE.
You just need to learn how to use it.
Python 2.0.5 is required to build DrPython.
DrPython Installation:
To install DrPython, unpack it in the directory “drpython” (or elsewhere).
Change the top line of the drpython.ini file:
When you start up DrPython, you’ll see the menu:
File | Open | Run from here…
DrPython has been designed to have DrPython windows run as separate, integrated applications.
The standalone build is also available from the website (You don’t need to build DrPython from

System Requirements For DrPython:

Minimum Recommended OS:
Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016
Minimum Recommended Processor:
Intel Core2 Duo (2 GHz or faster)
Windows 7: 2.4 GHz or faster
Windows 8: 2.4 GHz or faster
Windows 10: 2.4 GHz or faster
Windows Server 2003: 2.4 GHz or faster
Windows Server 2008: 2.4 GHz or faster


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