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Concept drawing, 2006

AutoCAD’s initial version 1.0 was released in 1983, and was initially for the Apple II and IBM PC and compatibles running Microsoft Windows. Windows became the main operating system for AutoCAD with the release of AutoCAD 2000 in 1990, with most other computer operating systems relegated to providing compatibility.

With the release of AutoCAD 2010, AutoCAD released a new tablet-optimized GUI, to work on both PCs and Macs, along with Microsoft Windows and OSX operating systems.

Autodesk has also released AutoCAD LT (originally AutoCAD 2000 LT), a lightweight edition of the software designed to work on embedded devices, specifically designed to run on carputers.

Pros and Cons


Saves and repairs drawings (documents) so that you can work on them again and again, the same way you always have.


Drawings aren’t completely saved in case of computer crash.

Drawings are tied to the computer and if computer is damaged or lost, drawings are not retrievable.


From Autodesk Press Release, AutoCAD is a leading, comprehensive, integrated, 3D modeling and 2D drafting software solution. Founded in 1982, AutoCAD has been a leader in the CAD industry for nearly three decades and continues to pioneer new features, industries, and a more productive user experience.

CAD software became popular with businesses in the 1980s due to the rise in popularity of personal computers. AutoCAD became the industry standard with the release of AutoCAD LT. Although there are different levels of AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT is only the entry-level version.

The most recent version of AutoCAD is AutoCAD R14 (R14 is the next release version). AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT were both released in 2009. AutoCAD 2010, released in 2010, was a major update in the product to support a new user interface.


The most recent AutoCAD LT (or AutoCAD 2000 LT), was released in 2010. It’s also available as the AutoCAD LT – Export-to-PDF file. This allows to convert the drawing to a pdf file, and to read the drawing from a pdf file.

AutoCAD LT is an affordable, versatile,

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Type language
AutoCAD uses the UCS Type language for text, values, and comments. Type language consists of a set of commands and a set of system variables. The type language is similar to the BASIC programming language that some computer users are familiar with, but it was developed specifically for AutoCAD and has features that are not found in BASIC. Some of these features include automatic data filtering of values, a “hidden” command, and an easy command line for a “script”, which is a set of commands that are executed as a single step.

Version history

The version numbering system in AutoCAD has changed over the years. A major release is designated by either a major number or a letter followed by a minor number. These releases are followed by a series of patches and service packs that are designated by a number and a letter.

Evaluation, trial, and other versions
The current pricing structure has three tiers: Basic, Professional, and Architectural. Basic users have a perpetual license and can use all features in the software. Professional users receive a limited trial period, with a perpetual license. Architects receive a perpetual license, but have a limited feature set.

After the software license expires, it is possible to run a trial version. Such a version is run at no charge, with the option of purchasing a new license at the end of the trial.

Commonly used versions
Although not all features are available to all users, the following are the most common versions in use. This is not an exhaustive list of all versions, but an outline of the most popular versions of AutoCAD.

Only users with an AutoCAD or an AutoCAD LT license can use the Basic version. Basic is the most basic and least expensive version of AutoCAD. Features include basic drafting, drafting functions (e.g. dimensions, text, etc.), and ability to save drawings to an image format.

The Professional version, introduced in 1992, is for users who want drafting tools but need the full functionality of AutoCAD and the additional features of a professional graphics design program. This version is available for both AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. For AutoCAD the key difference between this version and the Basic version is that this version includes the CAMEO functional set.

Introduced in 2004, this version is for users who want to be able to

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Using the software

In this section you will find the instructions to
use the new Autodesk Keygen version.

1. (optional) You can download the source code of the
Autodesk software and get the Autodesk Keygen
then, when you start Autodesk Autocad, you’ll see
a “License key needed” window.

2. Press “Yes” button to open a file or register
your own license key.

3. Save your key in a text file.

4. Then, you’ll be asked if you have a
Installation license, when you press “Yes”
you’ll see a new “License key needed” window.

5. Press “Yes” button to open the source code
and save the file in “C:\my\Autodesk\Downloads”.

If you are using Autodesk Studio you can go to
“C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Student” and you’ll find
the same directory where you will find Autodesk

6. Save your key in a text file and don’t forget
the “” at the end of the file.

7. Press “Yes” button to register your key.

8. Save your key in a text file and don’t forget
the “” at the end of the file.

9. Press “Yes” button and to create a new document.

10. Make sure that the autosize box in the top right
is active.

11. Then, you’ll be asked to fill some information
like your name, email, your country,
your license and your name in the company.

12. Make sure you activate the autosize box by clicking
on it.

13. Then, you’ll be asked to select a region and a

14. Make sure you have changed the region to the one
that you want to use.

NOTE: when you use Autodesk Keygen for the first time,
you must select your country.

After that, you will never be asked to select the
country again.

15. Press “Yes” button to start.

16. Wait for the “Finished” window.

17. Then, you’ll be asked to select a topic.

18. To use the Autodes

What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Enter / exit paper space through marker or block.

Improvements to the UCAP file format:

Support for custom fonts and color.

Support for multi-line text.

UCAP can now support the built-in expression language and actions to help control how the data is displayed.

New features in Tutorials:

The Tutorials panel has been redesigned. A new feature that allows you to jump directly to the specific tutorial for the command you’re interested in has been added. In addition, the panel now shows a list of all tutorial modules available in the software, with filters to sort by tutorial level. You can navigate quickly between the tutorials by using the new Menu item, “Tutorials”.

You can now access the Help Topics by clicking on the help icon in the Quick Access toolbar.

In addition to the Help Topics in the Help menu, the Help tab in the ribbon now shows the newest version of the help topic in the Help Browser.

Faster manipulation of 3D modeling data using AutoLISP scripting:

Save drawing objects to LISP scripts. This enables the creation of scripting functions and then the reuse of scripts to reduce repetitive tasks.

LISP can be used to determine spatial relationships or to act on object properties. LISP code can also be used to modify settings or to update the drawing. LISP code can be saved as either a C++ or a.NET assembly, which can be saved to the local file system or published to a remote site.

A new User-Created Action (UA) plug-in helps you easily implement new functions, macros and automation. You can use the UA to automate drawing commands such as inserting text, running macros and more.

You can use the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+A to access a list of all your created AAs and UAs.

You can access the AAs and UAs with the ALT+F10 menu item.

You can access the ALT+F11 menu item to open the User-Created Actions dialog box.

The User-Created Action (UA) tool now has an option to create an Assembly (Assembly.asm) that compiles your code into a single.NET assembly.

Manage changes that are in the draft stage:

You can switch to the Drafting tab and view a list of all open drawings.

You can now preview the

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows Vista
Processor: Dual Core 2GHz processor or higher
Memory: 1GB RAM
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 compatible with 512MB Video RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection with 512 MB RAM, or a modem capable of receiving telephone calls
OS: Windows 7
Graphics: OpenGL 3.3 compatible with 1GB Video RAM
Network: Broadband Internet connection with 512 MB RAM

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