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The β-lactamase TEM-1, produced by TEM-type Enterobacteriaceae, is a broad-spectrum enzyme that confers resistance to β-lactam antibiotics in the clinic. An important limitation to the current treatment of TEM-1 producing bacteria is that the enzyme activity is relatively slow compared to other acquired forms of resistance. We have used a fully integrated microfluidic device to investigate the underlying sub-second dynamics that govern the conformational changes associated with TEM-1-mediated hydrolysis of inhibitors such as imipenem. Our results show a rapid buildup of activity that appears to be governed by an isomerization of the enzyme that subsequently occurs within a sub-second time scale. The conformational changes that occur before activity can be detected also generate a significant degree of kinetic heterogeneity that appears to be responsible for the production of beta-lactamase variants within a population of bacteria. Our results provide the first example of where a protein within an intact cell undergoes major conformational changes within a sub-second time frame and that this is accompanied by a heterogeneity that may underlie the evolution of novel forms of resistance in these microorganisms.{
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