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Aerowolf is the new project of Victoria Coren, a Los Angeles-based creative director and producer best known as the creative director of Riot Games and studio head at Midway Games.

The studio is currently developing a first-person shooter called The Dragon, which has a working title of Dragon City. It is based on a Norse mythology idea of an apocalyptic event with a cult that is attempting to resurrect a dragon. The “awakened dragon”-like character is referred to as “the Only.” Aerowolf was founded in early 2017, is currently located in Venice, Los Angeles, and is a part of an umbrella company called Layer One Gaming.

Coren, who is also the principal investor in the company, was previously head of mobile for Riot Games and Midway and was also a founding creative director of Midway. She was also a director for EA.

Daniel Howard is the executive creative director of the company. Howard is a veteran of the video games industry, having worked on a number of iconic games, including FIFA, Star Wars: Battlefront II, and Mafia II.

Erin Rosenthal is the chief operating officer of the company. She has an extensive resume working in art, photography, video games, film, and VR. She previously worked at Rovio and Sony.

The Dragon is set to be released in 2019.The most loathsome experience was certainly meeting Keegan. I felt like I had to keep moving, jumping up and down, because I just didn’t want to waste my time talking to him.

What did you think of him?

He was really wonderful. I was so honoured to meet him, too. I mean, that’s why I was there, the reasons I wanted to be there were the


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