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Crack !FULL! Zktime Lite Eu | Tested 🔔


Crack Zktime Lite Eu | Tested

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Timmy to get new chair

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Tennessee Titans’ running back Bishop Sankey could be using a new “carry chair” as he carries the ball this season.

Team officials said Thursday that Sankey will be using a new “home jersey carry chair,” provided by Athletic Designs of Tampa, Fla., after he suffered a broken rib in an Oct. 5 preseason game.

While the 22-year-old Sankey didn’t require surgery, it was his first substantial injury of his career and doctors didn’t allow him to return to play.

Sankey underwent surgery on his second rib that day. He has been around the team after the surgery and has been running around with a hand brace as a precaution.

”When you break ribs, you don’t really know when you’re going to be able to do certain things,” Sankey said. ”But I’ve been running around, doing my rehab, and things are going good. Hopefully, I can get back out there soon.”

Sankey is listed as a running back on the Titans’ depth chart, but he is now listed as a tailback.

Last season, Sankey had 36 carries for 142 yards and four touchdowns.

”This will let me get more used to carrying the ball, see what pain level the injury is at,” Sankey said. ”If it’s too much for me, then hopefully we’ll find something else that we think is better.

”Hopefully, I can get back on the field. That’s my goal. I’ll be more comfortable with it.”

Sankey’s goal is to avoid the surgery he underwent last season while helping Tennessee prepare for the season opener Sept. 9 against Denver.

”I really would not want surgery,” Sankey said. ”It’s surgery you just don’t want to have. It’s good to be back on the field and good to be back in pads. That’s all you really need.”

Sankey was a college basketball standout at Georgia, where he played three seasons at point guard before turning his attention to football.

The 6-foot-2, 212-pound Sankey ran for 140 yards on 12 carries against the Bears before leaving the game early in the fourth

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