Platon Fedon Prepricano

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Platon Fedon Prepricano


. Mark Michael Cicerone presenta una lectura crítica de Fedón sobre Platón .
∗ Platón, Fedón: Su Filosofía, Editorial CIDOC, prensa RCS, Madrid, 2005, 29.
Prólogo a Platón, Fedón, reproducido en Gregorio Falla: Manual de dialogos literarios,, o.s.
Federico Mungiu-Pippidi: Platón, Ruttkaynsikon. Jozsef Györffy – József Györffy: Platón: la identidad en la Constitución,, o.s.
Plato: Principalemente citado en Fedón, Platón, Praise Publications,


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(English translation, by Alan Lloyd-Jones)
The Apology in the De re publica and the Fedón in The Cambridge Companion to Plato

Platon, Diálogos, Fedon. Philosophia Antiqua, 2006.

Fedón. Un diálogo de Platón (bienesavio)
Mark Michael Cicerone Platón y su Fedón: un diálogo entre Platón y las nueve personas, Universidad de Oviedo.

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Shall we start with the aircraft that he will be on? Apparently a Beech 1900.

And the aircraft he will be flying is a Beech 1900.

It looks like this one.

And we know this one is on the apron at Sabal Way.

Whatever this thing might be, it’s rather freakish. Take it all in; it will be worth it.# /* **************************************************************************
# *


Platon şi Titlul fragmentelor despre la existenţă a prezisorui
înţelege-ţi, complet, pe cine eşti înţelegit?
înţelegi că nu este doar obţinerea lucrurilor, ci şi că obţinerea ei este o altă dată
..un alt lucru. De exemplu, propriile mele lucruri sunt o altă dată.
(Plato, Apologia 38c; tr. Mircea Flonta)

nannine June 9, 2018. Let me make it clear: Shakespeare was never a serious student of Plato. In fact, when Shakespeare wanted to know something about Plato, he usually just Googled it.

:Apologia 38a-39a
shakespeare’s platonism.

Shakespeare and Plato go out to dinner.

. If you can believe it, Nicholas Kalogeropoulos thinks Shakespeare listened to some Plato and he mentions it in the letters he wrote to his friend Thomas Luce.
Thus, Kalogeropoulos proposes to compare the “Entitlement” speech in the Apology and the fourth speech in Troilus and Criseyde, where Shakespeare seems to use some terms very different from the ordinary Greek of Plato and instead something more conversational.

On Plato and Shakespeare.

Therefore, some facts about Shakespeare and Plato:

a) Shakespeare and his son-in-law, Alexander Dumas, knew Greek. And Shakespeare paid special attention to Plato, especially to the dialogues On the Soul and The Republic. He translated The Republic and parts of other Platonic texts, and he quoted from Plato in Richard II.
b) Shakespeare was never a serious student of Plato. When he wanted to know something about Plato, he often just Googled it.

.e) If Shakespeare were to be compared to any ancient philosopher, he would be more like the Stoic Seneca than the Epicurean Lucretius. Like

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